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Tarken Glacier Feature Image

Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Tarken Glacier

Tarken Glacier – one of the three known zones, and the largest yet. “Prison of the Old Gods”? “Tenebrean Craters”? Let’s take Another Look!

Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Draumheim

Draumheim – the zone with a massive city in the middle and likely the home of both the Tribulation Soldiers and the opposing Dream Guard. Let’s take a look at each location – what we know thus far, and some speculation as to what each area contains and where they may be located.

Goboro Reef Concept Art Feature Image

Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Goboro Reef

There are quite a few locations in the open world in RIFT 3.0. Let us take a look at each location and speculate on what we will find. First up, the zone of Goboro Reef – said to be the guiding path to the Plane of Water and is the first zone you will stumble upon.

Nightmare Tide Infinity Gate Feature Image

Nightmare Tide Release Date Announced: Oct 8th!

RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide Release Date announced! Coming Oct 8th!

News Tidbits 29th August 2014 – Trion at PAX + 3.0 Water Jumping Gif

Trion goes to PAX Prime and MikeD shows off a change to jumping out of water – improved height! RIFT News Tidbits 29th August 2014.