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Trion gives Free 750 Credits

As indicated before, Trion suggested recently that players should opt-in to RIFT e-mails because there would be a ‘possible’ give-away. They’ve now sent out e-mails with the following: 750 RIFT Credits added to our accounts for those who opt-in to RIFT e-mails by Friday morning (11th April). These Credits expire at 11:59PM Pacific Time on […]

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Free Patron Time July 17-19th

Trion is giving all players 3 days of free Patron Time. Simply log in to RIFT at any point between July 17th 2015 at 12:01AM PDT and 11:59PM PDT July 19th 2015!

Further clarification on Promo Credits/Budgie Trove E-mails

CM Morgana has posted an FAQ with further clarification in regards to the e-mails that have been sent out about the 750 Free Credits and the Budgie Trove giveaway. Anyone who opted in to receive RIFT e-mails by Friday morning should have received the Promotional Credits (750 Free Credits). It may take up to 7PM […]

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Notice: Subscribe for RIFT E-mails

CM Ocho announces a possible gift code being sent out at some point in the near future. Be sure to opt-in to RIFT newsletters/promos or else you will not have a chance to receive this code.

Giveaway: Umbral Budgie Trove

7:30PM PDT – ENTRIES HAVE CLOSED!!! Winners announced.   The Budgie Madness Promo Week is running this reset week and some players who have opted-in for e-mails received codes for Limited Edition: Budgie Troves which contains a rare chance at a Frosty Budgie Mount. “But what about the Umbral Budgies?” you ask. Indeed, it looks […]

News: Rift celebrates PC Gaming Week

TRION is celebrating Rift’s return to Steam with a “PC Gaming Week” celebration. Various goodies abound. Players received 400 free Store Credits that expire on Nov 1st today. Those who got the free credits would have received an e-mail about it. There’s also a weekend Celebration bonus applied to experience and currency of +20%. The […]

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RIFT News Tidbits 15th February 2016

Last week’s RIFT Livestream gives more info on multicore, soul change teasers and more; Snedhepl explains ‘rare’ minion adventure payouts; Archonix confirmed 3.6 pack is separate from the next Primalist pack; Arisen Arak Shadow of C’zyth exploit; and PTS gets updated with the Patron UI changes, purchasable artifact slots and a new ‘Dimensioneer Test Box’ with almost 100 new items. Reminder that Wardrobe Wednesday’s wardrobe contest ends 12pm PST on Feb 21st and DTC’s Crazy Cottages 2 dimension contest ends in just over a month’s time. Also check out ChamberDown’s new video with a quick summary of every single soul currently in the game!

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RIFT News Tidbits 12th February 2016

Lots of news today: Call to Arms event launches with free 3-day patron for logging in over 12-14th Feb; Call to Arms v2 will launch next weekend, with patron-exclusive quests being open to all; Lovely Levitation mount has appeared as rare chance from associated trove – available until Feb 17th; PTS Update + Datamining with ‘reactor’ weapon skins and both Rodent and Snail mount skins; Conquest Premade group limit testing (5 max in group for queue) starting up again this weekend; RIFT Livestream held on Multithreading; another RIFT livestream on 3.6 content planned for next week; Reverse Wedding costumes; potential new Rare Minion adventure chain; upcoming Patron UI changes hitting PTS ‘soon’; and more.

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RIFT News Tidbits 10th February 2016

Latest RIFT news includes RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #9 that has brought in a bunch of changes to Patron/F2P players; RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #10 tomorrow to fix bugs; Artifact-related info including purchasable slots and new Artifact Wings; and Dimension Scratchies coming next week. Also, be sure to check out some awesome dimension tours and the latest Wardrobe Wednesday – be sure to enter before it’s too late!

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RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #9

Additional benefits to Patron, and some features removed for F2P players; Mayhem in Mathosia running Feb 12-14th in Silverwood/Freemarch with exclusive daily/weeklies for Patron; Rare adventures added to Minions; +20 wardrobe slots, +4 Bank vaults; Chat channel merges; New Dream Reaver supply cache with upgradable essences; Dimension grab bags; Craft 1p to 1p 50g; some Craft recipe cost reductions; IA HK bosses have chance to drop unstable caches with guaranteed loot; Imperishable motes to Imperishable Prismatic Motes; and Large changes to Arisen Arak.