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PTS Update + Datamining: Rodent, Snail, Heart Mounts

Latest PTS Update brings: New ‘Reactor’ weapon skins; Dimension Decoration Scratchers; Patron Bonus Info; ‘Snail’ mount; ‘Rodent’ mount; ‘Heart’ Levitate mount; Glass/water building blocks; and Celestial Wings.

PTS Update Upcoming Class Changes 14th Dec 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update: Multiple Class Changes

Latest PTS Update has Tank DPS buffs; Void Knight Threat Fix; Cleric Inquisitor, Shaman and Defiler DPS buffs; and Primalist Dervish nerfs. Some of these changes only have a one-day feedback window (like the Tank changes) before hitting Live in this week’s hotfix. Be sure to send in your feedback asap via the threads linked!

PTS Update for 23rd Nov 2015

PTS Updated again, this time with new Affinity rewards (dimension key, dream orb, fishing poles, notoriety); Fae Yule-related updates including Midnight Mink, Faelight Sparkle weapon wardrobes and achievements; Underwater Mount Training applies to all mounts now; and Frosty Levitation Supply Crate!

PTS Update + Datamining: New Dimensions

Latest PTS datamining and another update. A whole heap of new dimensions including Ovog Shrine, Landquarium and Haunted Terminal; Fae Yule skins added with 21st update – check out the Holly Corgi!; Nightmare Budgie mount skin added; Help Tips for Primalist & Affinity; Level Cache image; four Puzzle icons; and Price Tag images.

PTS Update: Patch 3.5 Content

Large 2.92GB PTS Update today: Some really messed up graphics issues; Fae Yule items including Lvl 65 T2 neck; PvP T2 armor, accessories and T2 weapons with procs are up; Affinity System added in and Affinity Rewards now on RIFT Store with a whole bunch of mounts, including a new Tarken Lifter mount; new Trove Dimension Item Promo Bundle and Shal Korva Dimension Key Grab Bag with chance at the new Shal Korva dimension key; and one new achievement related to a “Soaring Over Shal Korva” quest.

PTS Update: T3 Relic Procs

PTS updated with Tier 3 Relic Weapon Procs; Tier 3 Trinkets with new “On Use” abilities; Fragments of Darkness added to quest rewards; Fragments of Horror removed from quest rewards; T3 DPS/Tank sidegrade costs Fragments of the Broken Pantheon; new Speed Demon title achieve.

PTS Update Tier 3 Upgrade System Feature Image

PTS Update: Tier 3 Upgrade System

Tier 3 Upgrade System differs from existing ones: Free tank side-grade & three levels; Tier 1 store gear cost changed from Fragments of Horror to Abyssal Crusader’s Marks; Tier 3 armor models up on PTS; and Forgemaster’s Inferno is revealed to be gained from a new $20 Credit Pack Promo.

PTS Update + Datamining T2 Store Weapons Feature Image

PTS Update + Datamining: T2 Store Weapons

Tier 2 bundles; Tier 2 Store Weapons with relic upgrades up; Tier 3 test gear “Enslaved God’s”; Dimension Key Bundle Icons; Forgemaster’s Inferno Feature Image; and a Red Fire-based Ash Strider Mount skin in the data files.

PTS Update + Datamining: MoM Weapons

Autumn Harvest 7x Signets quest; Mind of Madness weapon skins up; Abyssal Thresher Mount Credit Promo; new Feature Images; Mind of Madness Achievements and more mount types get swimming animations!

PTS Update The Wilds Celebration Pack Feature Image

PTS Update: The Wilds Celebration Pack

New “The Wilds Celebration Pack” gift available in Claim window for everyone on the PTS – includes mount, weapon wardrobe, Trove of Boosts, 1mil PA XP and Trinket; The 5th Wilds wardrobe set is now viewable on the PTS; Seer’s Stone available via Artifact Vendor; Planetouched Wilds 4x Weeklies including an open world Raid boss! 15-day Patron Bonus for $5 Credit Pack removed from PTS.