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Mage Stormcaller is Live + Guides

The large Mage Stormcaller changes are Live! Check out all the details and some guides to some of the new specs the changes have made viable!

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News Tidbits: Stormcaller next week; Chat cut-off bug fix

News Tidbits for 10th July 2014: Mage Stormcaller changes to hit Live next week; Chat Cut-off Bug fix in next week; Trion RIFT Livestream on Friday, 11th July at 1:30PM PDT.

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Further Mage Stormcaller Changes

Kervik has posted information on Mage Stormcaller changes that are up on the most recent PTS update as well as further changes incoming.

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Very Large Mage Stormcaller Changes

Mage and Cleric Class Dev “Kervik” has announced that with Patch 2.7 now live he will be concentrating on other souls, the first of which will be the Mage Stormcaller soul. A first pass on the new soul tree and root for the soul will be made available either this week on the Public Test […]

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RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #7

Earring Slots, Planewalker: Water, Bag of Innumerable Pockets and Crafter’s Energy Infusion are now Credits-only; REX is no longer available for Referral Coins; Level 65 lock box gear has new tier of upgrades, and Intrepid IA cache gear has new upgrade path to Tier 1; Various Mage purge-related bug fixes; You can now use weapon vfx items on off-hand weapon slot, as long as the weapon type is listed as being usable in the vfx items’ tooltip; and various other bug fixes.

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RIFT 3.3 – Waking Nightmares Launches

RIFT 3.3 Waking Nightmares has launched! Check out full patch notes + additional useful information (like waypoints, new mage guides/etc).

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RIFT News Tidbits 13-14th July 2015

RIFT will have planned downtime tomorrow for Patch 3.3: Waking Nightmares; Red Hawk confirms Mage adjustments will hit with 3.3 (SC hybrids dead); Morticus states Planar Crafted 2pc bonus supposed to be Main Stat +150, not +250; Tenebrian Deity not new race, just an error.

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RIFT News Tidbits 8th June 2015

There’s a new PTS Update with 65 Rings/Essences and Mage Harbinger/Stormcaller changes. Morticus also teases more stuff coming with RIFT 3.3 including a new Crafting Weekly which gives you your choice of various Planar Crafting Rift Lures. There’s also new craftable gear with some interesting set gear bonuses (like ‘Electrocution 0/2’ which increases your Attack Power by 250!). Gordi@Zaviel finds a new Minion Card in the discovery logs called “Keavy”!

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PTS Update for 8th June 2015

Level 65 Summerfest Rings and Essences added to PTS; Nightmare Squirrel Mount for Summerfest; 6 new Minion Cards; NPCs in open world temporarily disabled for testing purposes; Various Mage Harbinger Changes, and Storm Locus in Stormcaller changed.

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RIFT News Tidbits 28th April 2015

Vladd updates PTS with third pass on HK drops; Tacitus works on IA fixes and on the community side: Grim uploads “The Ultimate Crafting Guide” to his youtube channel. Check them out!