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Reminder: Opt-in to Trion E-mails

Just a quick reminder. Trion have stated that they ‘might’ do a giveaway this week that will be provided via e-mail (so likely a unique code per e-mail). [r] You can opt-in to Trion e-mails here. You can always unsubscribe after the giveaway if you’re not interested in receiving announcements and promo messages from Trion […]

Weekly Caps Removed Next Week + Newsletter Opt-In Giveaway

Trion have announced that they are doing a test starting with next week’s hotfix to see what the impact to the game would be by removing the weekly caps on currencies. [r] Also, CM Ocho has hinted that Trion will be providing a giveaway in a newsletter to be sent next week. In order to […]

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RIFT News Tidbits 4th September 2015

3.4 Open Testing announced for 11th Sept; RIFT Store 25% sale on equipment; Trion advises you to opt-in to receive RIFT newsletters; Livestream Summary: Planetouched Wilds Preview; Livestream Summary: Rift Reforged Anniversary; Mage Harbinger changes on PTS; 1.46GB PTS Update.

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Notice: Subscribe for RIFT E-mails

CM Ocho announces a possible gift code being sent out at some point in the near future. Be sure to opt-in to RIFT newsletters/promos or else you will not have a chance to receive this code.

Trion gives Free 750 Credits

As indicated before, Trion suggested recently that players should opt-in to RIFT e-mails because there would be a ‘possible’ give-away. They’ve now sent out e-mails with the following: 750 RIFT Credits added to our accounts for those who opt-in to RIFT e-mails by Friday morning (11th April). These Credits expire at 11:59PM Pacific Time on […]