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Trion PAX Prime Party 2015 Feature Image

Trion PAX Party at 7PM August 28th 2015

Join Trion’s Party @ PAX Prime this Friday, 28th August 2015 from 7-10PM at the W Hotel (Seattle, WA). 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider Mount codes, other Trion Game codes and limited edition RIFT Raid Steins given away. Possible game announcements too! Heading to PAX Prime itself? Keep an eye out for the various panels Trion is part of.

Trion PAX East 2015 Feature Image

Trion PAX Party at 6PM March 6th 2015

Trion heads to PAX East 2015 on March 6th and invites players to join them at the Legal Harborside – mingle with the devs, ask some questions, hear some announcements for each of Trion’s games and get yourself some limited giveaways – including the Fourth Anniversary Arclight Rider Mount!

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Trion PAX Party at 7PM August 29th

Heading to PAX Prime? Or residing in Seattle (USA)? Come join Trion at their “Trion Community Party” on Friday, 29th August from 7pm to 10pm PDT at the W Hotel (Seattle). Chat and ask questions to teams from across Trion’s games and tune in for a “very special announcement” during the event!

Announcements at PAX Prime Party 2015

The latest Trion Party was at PAX Prime today. Limited Edition Devilian T-shirts, various Trion title game codes and limited RIFT Raid Steins given away! There were also a few game announcements made during the party, including that of a new game!

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Trion Worlds trademarks ‘REACTOR’

Reacting to the REACTOR. Trion files a new trademark called “REACTOR”. What could it be?

Trion PAX East Party Feature Image

RIFT Announcements at PAX East Party

Trion held their after-party at PAX East, giving away a ton of loot and announcements on some major additions to the game – a new, 5th Calling and Planetouched Wilds? IAs in old Raids and Dungeon zones? Return to Hammerknell Fortress?

News Tidbits 29th August 2014 – Trion at PAX + 3.0 Water Jumping Gif

Trion goes to PAX Prime and MikeD shows off a change to jumping out of water – improved height! RIFT News Tidbits 29th August 2014.

Trion Worlds Community Day 2014 2 Feature Image

Trion Community Day Video with New Info on 3.0

New 3.0 information revealed during Trion Worlds’ Community Day 2014 event. Seatin, Techie Will and Baramos go over the trip and what they’ve learnt. Check out a written summary here!

Tito’s Partini Party Pack + Others

Some news tidbits: “Tito’s Partini Party Pack: 100 Partinis” is up on the Public Test Shard at Rift Store -> World Event section for 300 Prize Tickets. These are used with the Tito companion pet summoned to force a group of players to /victory dance and spawn fireworks under their feet. 2nd row being added […]

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RIFT News Tidbits 25th August 2015

Planned Shard Downtime; Further Shielding information; PTS Datamining with Planetouched Wilds map revealed; interviews Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman; and Trion Party @ PAX Prime starting time pushed back to 7pm PDT.