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PTS Update + Datamining: Rodent, Snail, Heart Mounts

Latest PTS Update brings: New ‘Reactor’ weapon skins; Dimension Decoration Scratchers; Patron Bonus Info; ‘Snail’ mount; ‘Rodent’ mount; ‘Heart’ Levitate mount; Glass/water building blocks; and Celestial Wings.

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A Look Back: Datamining the Future – Dec 2015 Edition

In December edition of ‘A Look Back – Datamining the Future’, let’s take a look at the data files that have yet to appear on Live (or even PTS) to figure out some of the content we can expect in 2016.

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PTS Update + Datamining: New Dimensions

Latest PTS datamining and another update. A whole heap of new dimensions including Ovog Shrine, Landquarium and Haunted Terminal; Fae Yule skins added with 21st update – check out the Holly Corgi!; Nightmare Budgie mount skin added; Help Tips for Primalist & Affinity; Level Cache image; four Puzzle icons; and Price Tag images.

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Live Datamining: New Icons #2

Latest update on Live adds more icons to files: More Fae Yule icons including dimension items, pets & mounts; Trove dimension items; and Planetouched Wilds dimension items.

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PTS Datamining: New Icons

Small PTS Update. Some MoM additions for the last four bosses as well as various icons: Fae Yule, three new mounts, and the Trove dimension key icon.

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LIVE Datamining for 11th Nov 2015 Feature Image

Live Datamining: New Mounts

Some new mounts in latest hotfix files: Gold Arclight Rider Mount skin; Red/White/Grey Greathound Mounts skins; and a “horse_storm_wings”.

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PTS Update + Datamining T2 Store Weapons Feature Image

PTS Update + Datamining: T2 Store Weapons

Tier 2 bundles; Tier 2 Store Weapons with relic upgrades up; Tier 3 test gear “Enslaved God’s”; Dimension Key Bundle Icons; Forgemaster’s Inferno Feature Image; and a Red Fire-based Ash Strider Mount skin in the data files.

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PTS Update + Datamining: MoM Weapons

Autumn Harvest 7x Signets quest; Mind of Madness weapon skins up; Abyssal Thresher Mount Credit Promo; new Feature Images; Mind of Madness Achievements and more mount types get swimming animations!

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PTS Datamining: Autumn Harvest 2015

PTS has been updated with Autumn Harvest 2015 files: New costumes; Bat wings; ‘Spinderella’ mount; Fall Cape; Masks; Dimension Items; and 3 new Fall/Halloween-themed backpacks! There’s also a new Gold/Red Armored Razorback Mount!

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PTS Update Currency Conversion Feature Image

PTS Update: Currency Conversion

Latest PTS Updates (3 in last 3 days): Storm Legion currency converted to plat; Old world gear/rewards now Void Stones; Rogue Riftstalker Rift Guard reverted to old %-mitigation; Jolt Mount added; Pet Skin: Khadlig; Underwater Mount Training plat option; 3 new 155% Crabnarok mounts (plat-only); New Regulos and Usukhel Warfront Announcers; Credit Pack Patron Bonus Sale; The Wilds NPCs re-population program successful; Ice Zerker Proc adjusted; 9th Bank Vault; Primal Leather wardrobe set.

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