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PTS Update Rune Stat Changes Feature Image

PTS Update: Rune Stat Changes

New tier of runes have had their stats adjusted down; Tooltip adjustments; Dancing Yeti; Primalist’s Maul wardrobe item and Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials for Poison, Burning and Nightmare artifacts available on PTS RIFT Store.

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PTS Update for 4th Sept 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update for 4th Sept 2015

Latest 1.46GB PTS Update makes shielding abilities only absorb 85% of incoming damage; Mage Harbinger changes; Primalist crafted weapons, Rune Amender cost adjustment; New set of weapon models; Planetouched Wilds achievements expanded, Rhaza’de Canyon achievements up; Planetouched Wilds artifact set rewards added; and further UI improvements.

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PTS Update: Shielding Change

Shielding changes (50% cap) are up on PTS; Planetouched Wilds updated, wall pushed back, teleport, testing; Planetouched Wilds weapons and armor models viewable in-game; Achievements updated with some Legacy, movement and PTW text updates; Lucky Fortune Cookie Bundle added; Character Select Screen expanded to fit 13 and more!

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PTS Update for 30th July 2015

PTS received 1.9GB Update: Planetouched Wilds models updated; New Runecrafter/Apothecary/Dream Weaver/Survivalist recipes with upgraded rune tier, craftable earring runes, new seals, pots, feast, food and 4 tiers of Dream Orbs for belt, gloves and earrings. There’s also new PTW and Assault achievements as well as 3 new artifact types: Poison, Burning and Nightmare!

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PTS Update + Datamining for 17th July 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update + Datamining for 17th July 2015

New Warfront: Assault on Bronze Tomb; new Dimension building block tiles icons and a couple of interesting text: ‘heirloom’ rarity, ‘repair_item’ and the dream hive dimension key.

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PTS Update + Datamining for 11th July 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update + Datamining for 11th July 2015

Planar Crafted gear stats adjusted + weapon procs added. Cost changes. Tier 1 Store-bought Necklaces are up; Crafted Wardrobe Bundle recipe costs increased; Level 60 Character Pack added; Random Chronicle rewards halved; new Rarity: Ascended; Dimension Item: Sheep and other tidbits in latest PTS Update. Possible new race: Tenebrian Deity.

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PTS Update + Datamining for 7th July 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update + Datamining for 7th July 2015

Latest PTS Update has a stat overhaul for Planar Crafted gear – a lot more variety in tertiary stats, and the armor bonuses have changed to Main Stat + 250. There’s also a new Power Pack with ‘Magenta’-rarity, auto-scaling, +10% exp Ascended Cape; Nightmare Saga + Planetouched Wilds Intro quests can be continued; Dream Weaving Test Box up; Nightmare Thresher Mount icon and Account Vault renamed to Shard Vault.

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PTS Update 1st July 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update for 1st July 2015

Large 1.9GB PTS Update! Nightmare Saga and Planetouched Wilds quests are now available! Silver Tier loyalty is now up with information on each reward; a couple of new achievements; Appearance Sets increased from 76 to 365; Random Chronicle Queue; Tarken Glacier IAs; Account Vault; New Warfront Announcers and other half of planar crafting dimension items are now populated! Check out the massive “The Sea Strider” ship!

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PTS Update for 29th June 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update for 29th June 2015

PTS Update adds planar crafted trinket procs; dimension items populated; Tier 3 test gear available in Master Mode Dummy Foundry; New Dreambreaker (PvP) Upgrade Path “Frenetic”; and Intrepid: Gilded Prophecy portal is now up in Shimmersand.

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PTS Update for 26th June 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update for 26th June 2015

NPCs back up in open world on PTS. Planar Crafting Rifts and Weekly Planar Crafting NPC are now available; Easy and Hard Mode toggles for Rhen of Fate; and a whole slew of new Sky Projectors in RIFT Store and Notoriety vendors!

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