Extra Life 2014

Extra Life 2014 Compilation Image

Extra Life 2014 was held between Oct 25th-27th 2014 and Trion Worlds was ready with a whole bunch of activities and goodies to give away for the annual 24hr gaming charity event! For 2014, Trion raised over $95,000! [final amount: $101,451.05]

For those who don’t know, Extra Life is a charity event that is held each year where gamers play games for 24hrs to raise money for local kids via Children’s Miracle Hospitals Network. Trion’s Extra Life 2014 event began at 8am PDT on Saturday, Oct 25th and ended at 8am PDT on Monday, Oct 27th.

Check out a summary of the Trion Worlds Extra Life 2014 Charity Event below!

Table of Contents:

  • Trion Worlds Participation
  • Prizes/Loot
  • Contests
  • Extra Life 2013
  • Fundraising

Trion Worlds Participation

Trion Worlds has participated in the Extra Life Charity ever since the first year of RIFT’s launch. With each subsequent year they have added their new titles to the list of games participating in the 24hr charity event. In 2014, Trion added Trove and ArcheAge to the list on top of RIFT and Defiance.

For the main Extra Life 2014 in-game title reward, hours were counted over three days so you didn’t need to play a full 24hrs non-stop. It started at 8AM PDT on Saturday, 25th October (TC)(CD) and ended at 8AM PDT on Monday, 27th October (TC)(CD) [r].  “The Benefactor” title was rewarded for spending a total of 24hrs over the 3-day weekend across any of Trion’s games.

It was a great time to dedicate a weekend to RIFT for the event, with the Nightmare Tide expansion having come out on 22nd Oct.


Trion held a 24hr livestream with Community Managers playing various Trion titles over those 24hrs. The yearly tradition is held on their Twitch channel here. Streamers were Community Managers Morgana, Ocho, Scapes and Kiwibird!

During the livestream a whole heap of codes were given away! More on that later.


The Extra Life Charity Event is filled with additional loot for participating and 2014 was no different.

General Fundraising Milestones

Extra Life has some special stuff for those who reach certain fundraising milestones. Codes were sent via e-mail from either support@cmnhospitals.org or support@extra-life.org. Make sure to whitelist them so they don’t end up in your spam folder for future Extra Life events!

  • $5 Milestone – Free month of OnLive Games Bundle.
  • $10 Milestone – Exclusive character and character skin in the MOBA, Dawngate.
  • $20 Milestone – Exclusive ‘Claw of Bahamut’ in-game item for Neverwinter MMO.
  • $25 Milestone – Free month of XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster.
  • $50 Milestone – $10 gift card for Looney Labs online store.
  • $200 Milestone – Extra Life 2014 Game Day t-shirt. (Must be Platinum member; costs $15)
  • $500/$1,000 Milestones – Extra Life Hero medals. (Must be Platinum member; costs $15)
  • $2,500 Milestone – Three lucky Platinum members got a PS4 and a library of PS4 games.
  • $5,000 Milestone – 1 lucky Platinum member (and their friend) got an invitation to E3 2015 and Sony’s press event. Airfare and hotel costs included.

Trion Fundraising Milestones

Each year, Trion Worlds also has their own fundraising milestones for players who link their fundraising page to Team Trion Worlds. Note: The amounts below were for money fundraised – you didn’t have to donate those amounts personally. Reaching the following fundraising milestones got you rewards with codes sent to your e-mail.

$15 Fundraised

$25 Fundraised

  • RIFT Night Owl Pet
  • Defiance Extra Life Lockbox
  • Trove Joystick Pet “James Joystick”. Gives 6 Jump.

Extra Life 2014 25 dollar Fundraising

$75 Fundraised

  • RIFT Ice Strider Mount & Extra Life Portrait Frame
  • Defiance Blue Streak Dodge Challenger
  • Trove Arcade Helm

Extra Life 2014 75 dollar Fundraising

Extra Life 2014 75 dollar Fundraising RIFT Philanthropist's Portrait

RIFT Extra Life “Philanthropist’s” Portrait Frame.

$150 Fundraised

  • RIFT Extra Life 2014 Cape
  • Defiance Dodge Challenger in Detonator Yellow
  • Trove Primal Starter Pack: Unlocks Storage Tab 1, 500 of each Primal Block, 750 Credits and 2 Classes: the Neon Ninja and Fae Trickster
  • ArcheAge Silver Starter Pack: 30 days of Patron Status, 5x Inventory Expansion Scrolls, 2x Worker’s Comp potions, 1x Crest Brainstor mReagent, 1x Vocation Expertise Tonic, 1x Immortal XP Tonic, 1x Limited Edition: Skybound Housewarming Gift and a Corrupt Ally Wings Glider.

Extra Life 2014 150 dollar Fundraising

$500 Fundraised

Every HERO who raised an incredible $500 in donations received:

  • For Trove: An ultimate Trove Voxstar Pack. Pack included 4 Classes plus a vault full of Credits & Primal Blocks, a Fun Police Mag Rider, and a Troveblade weapon costume!
  • For RIFT: 25 Heroes (selected at random) received a Nightmare Tide: Ultimate Nightmare Edition OR 1 Year of Patron Time of their choice. In addition, everyone who reached the tier received a special Extra Life Portrait Frame. (Different from the $75 tier portrait!)
  • For ArcheAge: 25 Heroes (selected at random) received an Archeum Starter Pack holding a Mirage Elk, 90 days of Patron Status, Purestar Attire, and a Storage Chest full of incredible tonics, crates, and gifts.
  • For Defiance: 25 Heroes (selected at random) received a 1-year Patron Pass OR a Recruit Pack + Season Pass combo of their choice.
Extra Life 2014 500 dollar Fundraising RIFT Benevolent Portrait

RIFT Extra Life “Benevolent” Portrait Frame.

Quite a lot of sweet loot for the charitable player/s! These were fundraising milestone rewards, so you didn’t have to donate all the money yourself – just fundraise enough on your own fundraising page. Note that you had to link your fundraising page to Team Trion Worlds 2014 otherwise you wouldn’t received the Trion-specific fundraising rewards.

Event Participation

Unique Titles

All RIFT and Defiance participants received “The Charitable” title and those who clocked 24hrs of gaming in across any Trion Worlds titles (RIFT, Archeage, Defiance, Trove) received the unique title, “The Benefactor” (RIFT and Defiance).

For those interested, past years’ titles were as follows:

  • “The Insomniac” suffix title.
  • “Sleepless” prefix title.
  • “The Committed” suffix title.

In 2013 these titles were awarded in order based on how many times you’ve participated in Extra Life with RIFT. I.e. first-timers got “The Insomniac” whilst third-timers got “The Committed”.

Game Events

A few in-game events also occurred during Extra Life 2014.

  • The RIFT guild for the event was “Extra Life 2014”. Set up on Greybriar, just like in 2013. There was also a special chat channel “ExtraLife2014@Greybriar” that was set up for players who didn’t want to transfer over to Greybriar.
  • Corgi Rifts popped up in RIFT during the Extra Life charity weekend. Giving treats to 10 Corgis from the Corgi Rifts gave the title “of House Fluffington”.


  • Herding Sheep Rifts and Lures began dropping in RIFT during the weekend where players turned into Corgis to herd sheep. At the final hour the yearly sheep/corgi transmog race across Mathosia was also held.


  • Defiance had special Extra Life Hellbug Arkfalls. Completing them gave you a chance at special Angelic Halo headgear as well as Extra Life weapons.

(There was probably a whole heap of other player-run events that I missed here).

Other Events/Tidbits

A few other event-related tidbits during Extra Life 2014:

  • Dev SupermanSocks got shot on Trion livestream with Nerf darts for every $1 donated to his fundraising page. [r]
  • CM Kiwibird sang “Let it Go!” during the Trion livestream to much applause.

Livestream Giveaways

Trion gave a whole bunch of in-game codes away during their 24hr Extra Life livestream. Some of these giveaways included:

  • Defiance Extra Life Lockboxes.
  • Defiance Patron Passes.
  • Trove Carpet Codes.
  • RIFT Ducklar Companion Pets.
  • RIFT Hellbug Mounts.
  • RIFT Dream Soul Pack.
  • RIFT Ultimate Nightmare Edition.
  • RIFT 30-day Patron Pass.

Some players also shared in the festivities by giving patron, mounts and storm/dream soul packs away during the livestream on top of Trion’s giveaways.


Various contests were run in relation to the Extra Life 2014 Charity Event.

Trion-run Contests

Contests run by Trion or Trion Staff.

  • Item or Title Named After Your Character by Archonix. Top donator + 2 random donators to Archonix’ page had an item or title named after them.
  • Artifact Named After Your Character by Dead Simon. Top two donators + 3 random donators to Dead Simon’s page got artifacts named after them. One specific donator also received an entire set after their name due to their very large and generous donation (search in Artifact window for “Puzzle Master Noshei”).
  • NPC Named After You by MikeD. Top two donators + 8 random donators to MikeD’s page got their character names put into the world.
  • Discovery Quest Named After You by Morticus. Top donator to Morticus’ page had their name added to a discovery quest in the zone and area of their choice.
  • Lore Book Contest by Captain Cursor. Top two donators + 3 random donators to Captain Cursor’s page worked with him to create in-game lore books on the subject of their choice.
  • Minion Card: Rough Raptors by SupermanSocks. Top donator + 8 random donators to Rough Raptors’ page received the very rare Minion Card: Rough Raptors.

Minion Card Rough Raptor

Unfortunately Trion removed all their past year fundraising pages, so you can no longer see the pages to each contest.

Player-run Contests

A variety of contests were run by the community. Here’s just a few from the RIFT side of things.

  • Up to 2x REX Contest by RiftRaidGuides.com.
  • 3 REX + Various Codes by Llwellyn.
  • RIFT Ultimate Edition Packs + 5x REX Contest by Seshatar.
  • Large Contest with Patron, Infinity Edition, Dream Soul Pack, Mounts and more! by Nogardgib.


Useful links for reference purposes:

  • Extra Life 2014 Fundraiser Rewards by CM Morgana. Just talking about when various rewards would be sent out to players. However, also includes info that Trion raised over $95,000 in 2014.

Extra Life 2013


Last year was a blast for Extra Life with various Community Managers livestreaming over the full 24hrs, giving away codes on the Livestream for Patron Passes, companion pets, mounts and wardrobe items. Game-wide bonuses were also ramped up throughout the 24hrs, starting at 20% and reaching 80% in the final hour.

An Extra Life guild was created on Greybriar (US) with over 100 players online at once running amok through RIFT. The folks over at Defiance also participated and fundraising/donation milestone rewards included both RIFT and Defiance loot.

Kiwidream held a variety of Dimension-related contests throughout the 24hr period with various prizes as well including scavenger hunts, a morphing contest, guessing item count and a jumping puzzle competition.

You can check out a full round-up of Extra Life 2013 here.

Fundraising (Archive)

(Leaving the fundraising info below unchanged from prior to the event for archival/reference purposes).

You can fundraise and donate by either starting your own page and joining the Trion Worlds 2014 team here or by donating to a player who has joined the Trion Worlds 2014 team. Your donation counts to both their personal fundraising goal as well as to the Trion Worlds 2014 team’s overall fundraising goal of $65,000 this year!

Ways to help raise funds for Children’s Miracle Hospitals

  • Start your own Fundraising Page and join the Trion Worlds 2014 Team.
  • Donate to Extra Life via other people’s Fundraising Page.
  • Start a Fundraising Contest with in-game prize giveaways encouraging people to donate to your Fundraising Page.
  • Run in-game contests during the 24hr Extra Life event to raise awareness of the charity.
  • Livestream your 24hr gaming session and encourage viewers to donate!

You can find various resources including logos, videos, facebook images and livestream frames here.

RiftGrate’s Fundraising Page

Last year I was able to raise $270 for my fundraising page (and donated $285 total), contributing to the Trion Worlds team raising over $62,000 and to Extra Life reaching a record of over $3.8mil! Come donate to a good cause, help me reach my goal of $300 raised and contribute to this year’s Trion Worlds’ fundraising goal of $65,000 together!

Extra Life Donate to Charity Quest

Take the “Donate to Charity!” ‘quest’ today!

Interested in donating to a variety of team members? Check out the full list of fundraisers who are part of the Trion Worlds 2014 team here and click on the ‘Roster’ tab. Every bit counts!

See you all on October 25th 2014 for Extra Life 2014 and lets help Trion Worlds reach their $65,000 goal together!

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  1. October 15, 2014 at 6:15 am #

    I can’t find any official page about Trion’s fundraising mileage rewards.Any link where we can see them?

    • October 15, 2014 at 7:19 am #

      Hey Giorgos, CM Morgana added them here. I’ll add that link to the page as well. 😀

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