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Extra Life 2015 is shortly upon us again and this year the event is slated to be bigger than ever! Be sure to join Trion Worlds as they team up with Extra Life to raise funds to save and improve the lives of kids across the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

[Another year of Extra Life is over! Check out the Extra Life 2015 Trion Livestream Summary for information on how it all went!]

24hr Gaming Weekend

This year, the Extra Life 24hr gaming charity event will be held on the weekend of November 7th-8th 2015. For participation necessary to receive Trion’s in-game title rewards, you’ll need:

  • 24hrs played across the full list of any Trion Worlds game for “The Altruist” title.
  • 1hr played across the full list of any Trion Worlds game for “The Charitable” title.

The count for the title rewards starts at 8am PST on Saturday, 7th Nov 2015 until 8am PST on Monday, 9th Nov 2015.

Trion has since extended the participation period. Data will be pulled starting from 8PM PST on Friday, 6th Nov 2015 until 8am PST on Monday, 9th Nov 2015!

Be sure to mark your calendars!

Table of Contents

  • What is Extra Life?
  • Trion Worlds Participation
    • Extra Life 2014
    • Team Trion Worlds 2015
    • 24hr Livestream
  • Fundraising Milestone Rewards
    • General Fundraising Milestones
    • Trion Fundraising Milestones
  • Event Participation
  • Extra Life Contests
    • Trion Contests
    • Player Contests
  • Fundraising for Extra Life

What is Extra Life?

For those new to the event, Extra Life is a charity run to support children through raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Although the charity accepts donations and holds events throughout the year, its main fundraiser is the annual 24hr gaming weekend where gamers play games for 24hrs to raise funds for the kids.

So why does the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals need your support?

CMN Hospitals_2015 Info Graphic

Every bit helps to support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with funds often being used to purchase equipment and pay for uncompensated care, all to help save and improve the lives of as many children as possible.

Please consider a monthly pledge or one-time, tax-deductible donation that will directly benefit children in need. Click the “Support Me” button on RiftGrate’s fundraising page for Extra Life to get started.  Thank you so much for your support!

Trion Worlds Participation

Trion Worlds has participated in Extra Life since the year prior (2010) to the launch of their maiden game, RIFT in 2011, adding in-game events, community contests and awesome fundraising milestone rewards for the 24hr gaming charity event.

Now with six games under their belt, you can be sure Trion’s 5th year of participation in the Extra Life charity event will be as fun-filled and jam-packed as ever!

Extra Life 2014

Last year Team Trion had a fundraising goal of $65,000 and managed to raise over $100,000 for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital with the Extra Life charity raising over $6 million in total.

Extra Life 2014 Team Trion Fundraising

Trion Worlds 2014 was ranked 5th amongst all fundraising teams for 2014 with $101,751.82 raised, almost edging past Reddit!

Interested in last year’s event? Check out all that happened here!

Team Trion Worlds 2015

This year Trion Worlds is back at it, raising the fundraising goal to $100,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

In 2014, ArcheAge had only just released a month prior to the Extra Life charity event and Trove was about to go Open Beta a week later. This year with a mature ArcheAge community, Trove’s release and the introduction of two new titles in alpha, Devilian and Atlas Reactor; let’s break through to a new fundraising milestone!

Come join Team Trion Worlds 2015 and fundraise for the kids or consider donating to Extra Life and make the weekend of Nov 7-8th 2015 an epic 24hrs of charity-filled gaming!

24hr Livestream

Each year Trion holds a 24hr livestream with Community Managers playing various Trion titles over those 24hrs. The yearly tradition is held on their Twitch channel here.

During the stream, a whole bunch of loot and prizes will be given away!

Saturday, 7th Nov

  • 9AM PST – RIFT
  • 11AM PST – Defiance: Game Developers
  • 12PM PST – Defiance: CM Kiwibird
  • 1PM PST – Atlas Reactor: Dev Team
  • 2PM PST – Trove: Scythe
  • 3PM PST – Trove: Game Designer Kumar
  • 4PM PST – ArcheAge: Producer Amanda
  • 5PM PST – ArcheAge: Alex Connect
  • 6PM PST – Devilian
  • 8PM PST – RIFT: Game Lead Chris (Archonix)
  • 10PM PST – Defiance: Game Lead Carble

Sunday, 8th Nov

  • 12AM PST – Trove: CM Ocho
  • 1AM PST – Trove: Tyrynn
  • 2AM PST – ArcheAge: GM Marcos
  • 4AM PST – Devilian
  • 6AM PST – Trove: Dunmire
  • 7AM PST – Devilian
  • 8AM PST – RIFT: Corgi Run with Design Lead Darkmoon and CM Morgana

Tune in here!

Fundraising Milestone Rewards

The Extra Life Charity Event encourages gamers to get together each year for a mighty, good cause! As part of the event, fundraisers receive various rewards for reaching fundraising milestones. Both Extra Life and Trion Worlds have their own fundraising milestones.

General Fundraising Milestones

Extra Life has some special stuff for those who reach certain fundraising milestones.

  • $5 Milestone – Free month of Twitch Turbo. (for new subscribers only).
  • $10 Milestone – Free 3 months of XSplit Premium License.
  • $15 Milestone – Free gelatinous cube companion in Neverwinter + exclusive ‘Dagger of Venom’ in Sword Coast Legends.
  • $20 Milestone – 25% off your first order at Inked Gaming.
  • $50 Milestone – $10 gift card for Looney Labs store.
  • $75 Milestone – Extra Life wooden phone case for $10 from Carved.
  • $200 Milestone – Extra Life 2015 T-shirt! (Platinum members only*)
  • $500 Milestone – 2015 Extra Life Silver Hero medal! (Platinum members only*)
  • $1000 Milestone – 2015 Extra Life Gold Hero medal! (Platinum members only*)
  • $1001 Milestone – First 1,000 Extra Lifers who raise $1,001 by 7th Nov will get to play an early build of Fat Princess Adventures.

*Platinum membership costs $15 and you can purchase it either via the initial Extra Life sign-up, or by upgrading your account.

Codes are usually sent out shortly after you hit the fundraising milestone/s. In previous years they’ve been sent out via e-mail from either support@cmnhospitals.org or support@extra-life.org. Make sure to whitelist them so they don’t end up in your spam folder!

Trion Fundraising Milestones

Each year, Trion Worlds also has their own fundraising milestones for players who link their fundraising page to Team Trion Worlds. This year they’re including some sweet loot from all their titles!

$15 Milestone:

  • Trove: Dr. Qubesly pet

$25 Milestone:

  • RIFT: The Night Owl Companion Pet + Extra Life Portrait Frame.
  • Defiance: Updated Extra Life Lockbox with new rewards.
  • Trove: Joystick pet.

$75 Milestone:

  • RIFT: New Extra Life Portrait Badge + Extra Life Cape.
  • Defiance: Dodge Challenger RT Sublime Pearl Coat Black Stripe vehicle.
  • Trove: An Arcade Helm.

$150 Milestone:

  • RIFT: 2nd Extra Life Portrait Badge + 2nd Extra Life Portrait Frame. (different from the lower-tier ones).
  • Defiance: Early access to the Medic Outfit.
  • ArcheAge: ArcheAge Silver Awakening Pack.
  • Trove: A Chaos Coin.
  • Devilian: Silver Founder’s Pack.
  • Atlas Reactor: First 250 people to reach $150 raised get guaranteed Alpha Access.

$500 Milestone:

  • RIFT: 2x 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider mounts.

$500 Milestone Draws: 25 random winners will get to pick one of the below prizes:

*on the Trion Team page, they’ve written the reward as “Devilian: Archeum Founder’s Pack”, which is a typo since ‘Archeum’ is ArcheAge’s founder’s pack. The Devilian blog post about Extra Life has the correct ‘Obsidian’ pack.

$800 Milestone:

That’s quite a lot of stuff! And yes, rewards are tier-based so say you get to $150 milestone, you’ll get all the rewards from the milestones before it too. It also doesn’t matter if you don’t play some of Trion’s games, you get all the rewards as codes sent to you via mail.

Trion’s fundraising milestone rewards also stack with Extra Life’s own rewards! That’s a lot of stuff!

Note: Trion Fundraising Milestone Rewards can take some time to reach players. Expect 2-4 weeks after Extra Life event is over before these codes start popping up in your e-mail.

Milestone Reward Gallery

Below you can check out a preview of some of the item rewards:

Quite a few of the fundraising milestone rewards for this year are new and therefore have no preview available. Check the links in the rewards list for information about the various Packs.

Event Participation

Trion Worlds also gives various rewards for general participation in the event, from game titles for clocking 24hrs of gaming across any Trion Worlds games over a 3-day period, to a variety of in-game events like special Corgi rifts in RIFT and more!

Title Rewards

Trion has in-game titles for playing their list of games during Extra Life. The clock starts ticking when you play any of Trion’s titles: RIFT, Defiance, Trove, ArcheAge, Devilian or Atlas Reactor!

1 Hour Played

  • RIFT: “The Charitable” title.
  • Defiance: “The Charitable” title.

24 Hours Played

  • RIFT: “The Altruist” title.
  • Defiance: “The Altruist” title.
  • Trove: Non-tradeable Flask Coin + non-tradeable Inventory Expander (+5 adventure inventory slots, +5 build inventory slots).

The count for the participation rewards starts at 8am PST on Saturday, 7th Nov 2015 and ends at 8am PST on Monday, 9th Nov 2015.

Trion has since extended the participation period. Data will be pulled starting from 8PM PST on Friday, 6th Nov 2015 until 8am PST on Monday, 9th Nov 2015!

In-Game Activities

Various in-game activities pop up during the Extra Life weekend.

  • RIFT: Corgi Rifts pop up starting at 12am PST on Nov 7th until 12am PST on Nov 8th. Get your “of House Fluffington” title from the “Suddenly, Corgis” achievement!
  • RIFT: Dev Kerilar has mentioned that there will be some “ExtraLife craziness” happening in the Planetouched Wilds starting on Saturday Nov 7th at 9am PST. The exact shard this is happening on is unknown at this time.
  • RIFT: Seshatar’s Stronghold Ball Arena: The Thunderdome Cup (Player-run). Seshatar is holding a stronghold ball arena over in EU in Chulia@Brutwacht’s “The Thunderdome Cup” dimension with some sweet prizes. Register your team here!
  • Defiance: “Extra Lively Hellbugs” Minor Arkfalls and “Extra Hellbugs, Extra Life!” Major Arkfalls are back throughout the weekend, giving you a chance at obtaining the Halo headgear!
  • Trove: Game Designer Kumar will be spending the 24hr weekend creating stuff for Trove. Donate to his fundraising page to not only have him create items based on your suggestions, but also immortalize your in-game name via item tooltip + 25x codes for said item (based on donation amount). Full details here!

Check out the Extra Life 2014 summary article for information on what happened last year!

Extra Life Contests

Various contests are usually held during Extra Life, usually as fundraising drives for the charity.

Trion Contests

Contests run by Trion or Trion Staff.

  • RIFT: Minion Card: Rough Raptors by SupermanSocks. 15 random donators ($10+) to Ryan Copeland’s fundraising page will receive the very rare Minion Card: Rough Raptors. another 15 random donators ($10+) will receive a Primal Khadlig mount. Overall top donator (cumulative) and the donator with the single highest donation will both receive an RR minion card and the yet-to-be-determined item.
    • If SupermanSocks manages to raise $10k, he’ll shave off his hair (which hasn’t been cut in 18 months).
    • The Minion Card: Rough Raptors has only ever been given away during select Trion livestreams as well as Extra Life 2014 (of which ~10 were given away). Probably the rarest minion in the game.

Minion Card Rough Raptor

  • Trove: Design Items. Donate at least $5 to Trove Game Designer Kumar Daryanani’s fundraising page and include what you want Kumar to make in Trove in your donation message along with your in-game name. Kumar will make the item based on your suggestion as well as add your in-game name to the item’s tooltip!
    • Min. $5 = Kumar makes equipment style based on your suggestion.
    • $25 = Kumar creates a companion pet based on your suggestion.
    • $100 = Kumar creates a mighty steed based on your suggestion. He will also give you 25 codes for your mount!
    • $100* = Kumar will create a costume for any existing class in the game based on your suggestion. Once the costume goes live, he gives you 25 codes for it!
    • $500 = Kumar creates a DRAGON based on your suggestion AND gives you 25 codes for it!
    • *The costume donation amount might be a typo: could be $250, since there’s two $100 donation goals listed..

Player Contests

Contests run by players in relation to Extra Life.

  • Nogardgib’s Fundraiser. Nogardgib is giving away a ton of in-game items via random draw with minimum donations of $5+ to his fundraising page until Sunday, 8th November 2015 at 11AM EST. Giveaway includes 20 REX, various Mounts, 20k Plat and more!
  • Seshatar’s Fundraiser. Seshatar has a huge donation fundraising drive going on with forum giveaways, forum contests, an in-game contest, fundraising giveaway and more. Lots of 30-day Patron Passes, REX, and life-time access to the <Skins on Farm> wardrobe bank.
  • Xol’s Fundraiser. Xol is giving away a variety of REX, lockboxes and mounts via random draw with minimum donations of $5+ to his fundraising page. Also doing a forum giveaway with various wardrobe bundles.
  • Wibble’s Fundraiser. MisterWibble is giving away 30-day Patron, Nightmare Tide Ultimate Edition, Soul Pack and the Wilds Pack to donators (tier-based). He will also be livestreaming with more giveaways to come!
  • Seshatar’s Stronghold Ball Arena: The Thunderdome Cup. An in-game (EU) event being held during Extra Life; come enter this awesome stronghold ball-based tournament that will be featured on Trion’s livestream! Prize pool includes 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider mounts and Power Packs.
    • Be sure to register your team and check out full details to the event here!

Got an Extra Life contest? Send Khortish a message through the Contact form or send a PM to Jonus on the RIFT Forums!

RiftGrate Contest

Extra Life 2015 Khortish RiftGrate Banner

I’ve been participating in the Extra Life charity event since the launch of RIFT in 2011 with over $400 donated for the kids. After launching RiftGrate back in 2013, the site has been a yearly participant as a fundraiser for Extra Life with over $600 raised!

This year’s goal for RiftGrate’s Fundraiser is $500!

To help shore up donations and get the word out, RiftGrate has multiple giveaways lined up for Extra Life this year including multiple Collector’s Packs, Soul Packs and REX!

You can check out full details at my fundraising page here!

Fundraising for Extra Life

You can fundraise and donate by either starting your own page and joining the Trion Worlds 2015 team or by donating to a player who has joined the Trion Worlds 2015 team. Your donation counts to both their personal fundraising goal as well as to the Trion Worlds 2015 team’s overall fundraising goal of $100,000 this year!

Ways to help raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

There’s a variety of ways to help raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Here’s a few things you can try out:

  • Start your own fundraising page and join the Trion Worlds 2015 Team.
  • Donate to Extra Life via other people’s fundraising page. (Need a page to donate to? Make it RiftGrate’s!)
  • Start a fundraising contest with in-game giveaways encouraging people to donate to your Fundraising Page.
  • Run in-game contests during the 24hr Extra Life event to raise awareness of the charity.
  • Promote the charity via social media and sending out fundraising e-mails to your contacts!
  • Livestream your 24hr gaming session and encourage viewers to donate!

Promotional Material

You can find various promotional materials for Extra Life including logos, videos, facebook images and livestream frames here. There’s also some files you can use to customize your message, but be sure read the Brand Guidelines document!

Best of luck in your fundraising efforts!

Get ready for Extra Life 2015 on Saturday 7th November to Sunday 8th November 2015!
Lets help Trion Worlds reach their $100,000 goal together, gaming and raising funds for the kids!

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