Guide: Ahkane the Eternal

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Ahkane the Eternal (“Ahkane”) is the second of the Weekly Open Raid Dendrome Bosses that most raid groups will attempt each reset week (the first being Senbora). The following is a guide on the Ahkane fight, part of the Guide: Dendrome Raid Weeklies.

Table of Contents:

  • Location
  • How to Summon
  • Mechanics
  • Strategy


Dendrome Weekly Boss Map 1Ahkane is found in Venific Locus to the East in the Dendrome. Port to the Azcu’azg Oasis porticulum in the top-left corner of the Dendrome and follow the path up. Ahkane spawns on the 1st/top floor inside the Venific Locus.

How to Summon

Ahkane Summon

There’s 4 Worn Stone Tablets that you need to click in order to summon Ahkane. They will become interactable after a while so if you’ve clicked on all four and Ahkane still hasn’t spawned then you’ll need to re-check them.

Ahkane Summon Map

  1. Found outside on the 1st level of the Venific Locus building. The Tablet is on top of a wall. It is adjacent and behind the 2nd Tablet.
  2. Found outside on the 1st level of the Venific Locus building. The Tablet is on the main platform – fairly easy to spot.
  3. The 3rd Tablet is found inside the Venific Locus building on the ground floor. It’s right in front of the entrance – can’t miss it.
  4. The 4th Tablet is found where Ahkane spawns in the middle of the 1st/Upper floor inside the Venific Locus building. Can’t miss it. It is guarded by two adds.


Below are the mechanics of the Ahkane fight. Ahkane has 100m+ hp. The exact amount seems to depend on player population on the shard that he spawns in (may also be zone population-based).

Ahkane – Normal Phase

The Normal phase is when he is not immune. He changes to the Eternal Wrath Phase at 75% hp and the Eternal Sacrifice Phase at 50% hp.

After you complete the conditions required to progress past the Eternal Phases, he will go back to his Normal Phase.

Auto-attack (Physical)
Ahkane rarely does an auto-attack, putting out 2-3 in total during a fight. However when he does manage to get an auto-attack in in-between all his queued-up abilities it does ~30k to tanks.

The lower the raid’s DPS the more auto-attacks he will likely be able to dish out (since he won’t be brute-forced into his next phase, preventing him from auto-attacking).

Ahkane’s Curse of Unity (Death)

Ahkane Curse of Unity

Throughout the fight Ahkane will cast Curse of Unity which will place a large yellow AoE at the location of random players. These yellow AoEs also have a blue AoE in the middle.

For Players in the Blue Circle when the AoE spawns:

  • Players in the blue, inner circle get a red, glowing debuff.
  • Those who are within the blue, inner circle will take damage if they touch the outer, yellow circle of a different Curse of Unity AoE.
  • You can leave the circle you are in and cross past the yellow circle that belongs to the Curse of Unity AoE you were in as long as you don’t run into a region that crosses a Blue Circle with a Yellow Circle.
  • See the guy marked in the image above? He is in a blue circle of the AoE that spawned on him (thus he received the debuff) and he is also in the yellow circle of a different Curse of Unity AoE. He dies.
  • Running out of the yellow ring in your circle will remove the debuff.

For Players in the Yellow Circle when the AoE spawns:

  • Players who are in the yellow circle when the AoE spawns will not get a debuff and can continue standing there with no issues.
  • However you may want to go out just to be safe. If a new AoE spawns and you end up in the blue circle of this new AoE whilst you are standing in the yellow circle of the previous AoE – you will take damage.

Ahkane’s Curse of Unity averages 8k damage per tick with some players taking 10k ticks. Won’t instantly kill you, but if you remain in an overlap area – you will die in short order.

Eternal Mourning (Death)
Random player will get a small, red AoE on them and receive a 25sec debuff called “Eternal Mourning”. The debuff will cause you to be silenced and cause damage to other players.

The damage to other players is approx 3k every 2-3 seconds. The damage range is greater than the red AoE on the player.

Prisoner of the Void (Death)

Ahkane Prison

Throughout the fight, an emote “[Player] has become a conduit of the void!” will appear and a random player will be silenced and stunned. An add called Ahkane’s Prison will also appear. The player will ‘disappear’ (they will look like they are stealthed).

You must kill the Ahkane’s Prison add that spawns next to the emoted player to free that player.

Ahkane’s Prison
Ahkane’s Prison is the add that spawns next to whoever gets Prisoner of the Void. You must kill this add to free the player. It has approx. 439k HP.

You can get rid of Ahkane’s Prison either by:

  • DPSing Ahkane Prison down to 0 HP; or
  • When the person with the Prisoner of the Void debuff dies.

Screaming Agony (Death)
Throughout Prisoner of the Void, Ahkane’s Prison will cast Screaming Agony which deals between 1.5-3.5k damage every 2 seconds to the player who has the Prisoner of the Void debuff.

Ahkane will emote “You fools! It must not be allowed to escape!”. He will then receive a 30sec Rampage buff. During this period his damage is increased.

Ahkane’s Command (Death)
Ahkane’s Command pulls random players into him. This does approx. 8k damage.

Radiance of Ahkane (Earth)
Radiance of Ahkane is his melee AoE knockback. Does approx 7-12k damage.

Enraged Frenzy (Earth)
A single-target attack where he performs multiple attacks in short order. Usually the active tank will take the damage. Attacks approximately twice every second for 5-6 seconds. Does approx 6k to tanks, 10-12k to non-tanks per hit.

Ahkane – Eternal Wrath Phase (75% HP)

Ahkane Portal to the Abyss

At 75% HP, Ahkane will emote “Fools! I shall show you the horror you so desire!”, become immune to damage, turn ghost-like and spawn a portal called “Portal to the Abyss”. He will also have a long-channel called Eternal Wrath.

This phase will start later then 75% HP if he is still using another ability such as the 30sec Rampage buff.

To end this phase:

  • Wait for his long channel to end. (the ‘dps-doesn’t-know-what-they-are-doing’ method).

During this phase he will not cast Ahkane’s Curse of Unity and any Curse of Unity that happens to be still up when he goes into this phase will not place the Curse of Unity debuff on you.

When the Eternal Wrath Phase ends Ahkane will return to his Normal Phase.

Portal to the Abyss

During Ahkane’s Eternal Wrath Phase a Portal to the Abyss will spawn above his head with approx 6.1m hp. DPS it down to stop the Orb of Entropies from being cast.

The Portal to the Abyss will cast Orb of Entropy and Prisoner of the Void. Prisoner of the Void is the same ability as what Ahkane usually casts.

Orb of Entropy (Death)

Ahkane Orb of Entropy

The Portal to the Abyss will continuously cast Portal to the Abyss that creates a pulsing red AoE on the ground in the location of random players. A purple orb will shoot out from the Portal and once it hits the pulsing red AoE it will turn into a pulsing, black ring/AoE.

The black rings deals approx 10k damage per second to anyone standing inside. They can stack.

Ahkane – Eternal Sacrifice Phase (50% HP)

Ahkane Eternal Sacrifice Phase

At 50% HP Ahkane will emote “No…I will not allow myself to fail!” and channel a long “Eternal Sacrifice” channel. During this phase he has an approx 3mil hp shield on him.

To end this phase you need to DPS his shield down. You should also purge his Reconstruct buff after his shield is down.

He will also have 3 buffs on him:

Eternal Sacrifice Buffs

Eternal Sacrifice (Death)
Ahkane summons Sentries of the Abyss adds and does an AoE attack  that does 9-12k damage. He does this every 10 seconds.

Each time the damage component of Eternal Sacrifice is triggered, he also summons an additional Sentry of the Abyss.

Sentry of the Abyss
A Sentry of the Abyss add is summoned every 10 seconds as long as Eternal Sacrifice is up. They have 3.7m HP each. The adds have two abilities: Aura of Suffering and Cleave.

  • Aura of Suffering (Death) – a Single Target ability on the highest threat target (usually a tank). Does 2.5-3k damage every 5 seconds.
  • Cleave (Physical) – A cleave that does approx 4k damage every 5 seconds.

DPS can completely ignore the Sentries since they have more HP then Ahkane’s shield and they despawn once you interrupt Eternal Sacrifice. More info on how to interrupt Eternal Sacrifice below.

Reconstruct is a buff on Ahkane that heals him. The tooltip says it heals him every second but parse logs shows it heals him every 5 seconds for 100,696HP per tick.

You need to purge this buff to remove it.

Ahkane’s Bulwark
Another buff on Ahkane during the Eternal Sacrifice Phase. This buff makes Ahkane immune to interrupts and purges.

You will therefore need to dps down his shield so that it removes his Ahkane’s Bulwark buff, then interrupt his Eternal Sacrifice channel, then purge his Reconstruct buff so that he stops healing himself.



  • Use the [Mysterious Talisman] quest item you received from Lady Nessie whilst you are in the encounter to get a +200 HIT and +200 TOUGHNESS buff for 15min.
  • Have at least 2 tanks on Ahkane just in case one of them dies.
  • Tank Ahkane against a wall and position him in such a way that he is adjacent to the wall and yourself. He does knockbacks every now and then so it’s better to not have him move all over the place.
  • Interrupt Eternal Sacrifice after Ahkane loses his shield during the Eternal Sacrifice Phase.
  • Purge Reconstruct after Ahkane loses his shield during the Eternal Sacrifice Phase.
  • Keep aggro on Sentry of the Abyss adds during the Eternal Sacrifice Phase and face them away from the raid.
  • If a Curse of Unity AoE spawns, make sure you don’t run in an area where one AoE’s Yellow Circle overlaps another AoE’s Blue Circle.


  • Use the [Mysterious Talisman] quest item you received from Lady Nessie whilst you are in the encounter to get a +200 HIT and +200 TOUGHNESS buff for 15min.
  • If a Curse of Unity AoE spawns, make sure you don’t run in an area where one AoE’s Yellow Circle overlaps another AoE’s Blue Circle.
  • Get out of any Red AoEs that spawn. Avoid all Black AoEs.
  • DPS down Ahkane’s Prison.
  • At 75% during Eternal Wrath Phase, DPS down the Portal to the Abyss.
  • At 50% during Eternal Sacrifice Phase, DPS down the shield. Ignore the adds. Once shield is down, purge Reconstruct and interrupt Eternal Sacrifice.


You can check out further information on the Dendrome Raid Weeklies below:

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