Autumn Harvest Achievements Guide

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There’s some achievements related to Autumn Harvest that you can complete that come with some nice rewards.

About Equipping

Where an achievement requires you to “Equip” an item, that means you need to equip it in your armor slot. Adding it to your wardrobe collection or displaying it in your wardrobe set will not count for the achievement.

Reaping What You Sow

The ‘Reaping What You Sow’ achievement involves equipping all of the Autumn Harvest masks that were added in 2013.


Obtaining the Masks

You can obtain the various masks from either the RIFT Store -> World Event during Autumn Harvest, as a random chance drop from the Autumn Harvest Grab Bags, or via trading/Auction House with other players.

Besides the Jack o’ Lantern Masks which are Bind on Account, all the other masks are Bind on Equip so you can probably find them on the Action House. This means you can trade/buy masks you are missing off the Auction House/other players!

Note: The achievement spells the Jack masks as “Jack-O-Lantern”, but they are actually spelled “Jack o’ Lantern”.

Reward: The Armored Reaper

The Armored Reaper mount is Bound to Account, but not an account-wide unlock (so single-use only).

RIFT The Armored Reaper Mount

The Armored Reaper Mount

It matches your fastest mount speed and is a Land mount.

Fae/Noble Puppet Master and Jack of All Lanterns


Collect all Fae Puppets obtainable from the “Random Discarded Puppet: Fae” chest to get Puppet: Twyl. Likewise, collect all Noble Puppets obtainable from the “Random Discarded Puppet: Noble” chest to get Puppet: Salvarola.

Equip all the Jack o’Lantern Masks to complete “Jack of All Lanterns” and obtain 10x Random Autumn Harvest Potions (which provide 5min illusion/disguise potion consumables).

You can obtain these items from Cash Shop -> World Event for either Autumn Harvest currency, or Credits.

Monster Mash


You obtain this by typing “/dance” into your chat window (minus the quotation marks) whilst in the special, temporary “Monster Mash: The Black Garden” warfront instance that is available throughout the duration of the Autumn Harvest World Event.

To access this warfront, press K (default key) and choose “Monster Mash: The Black Garden” from the list of Warfronts available.

Note: You have to be on the Defiant team during this special warfront and /dance to get this achieve. It is random whether you end up on the Guardian or Defiant team when you enter the warfront, regardless of your actual faction.

Go Forth, My Minions!

Autumn Harvest Go Forth My Minions

You’ll need to complete one of the Autumn Harvest Promotional Adventures. These can only be found by chance in the 10hr minion slot. You can access your Minions via default key “v“.

A Spooktacular Harvest

Autumn Harvest A Spooktacular Harvest

You will need to complete 6 achievements related to the Autumn Harvest to complete the “A Spooktacular Harvest” achievement:

  • Monster Mash involving the temporary alternate Black Garden Warfront;
  • Reaping What You Sow involving equipping all Autumn Harvest 2013 masks;
  • Noble Puppet: Master for collecting all Noble Puppet companion pets from RIFT Store -> World Event. (or Auction House)
  • Fae Puppet: Master for collecting all Fae Puppet companion pets from RIFT Store -> World Event. (or Auction House)
  • Go Forth, My Minion!, doing all 6 Autumn Harvest Promo (10hr) Adventures.

Mask-A-Raid: 2015

Autumn Harvest Mask-A-Raid 2015

To get the “Mask-A-Raid: 2015” achievement, you need to equip all of the 2015 Autumn Harvest Masks:

  • Skeleton Knight Mask
  • Feral Bat Mask
  • Scary Scarecrow Mask

Doing so gets you the “Creepy Crawler” Portrait Badge, which is a spider that appears at the top of your portrait. Occasionally it will drop down and wiggle its legs in front of your portrait.

RIFT Autumn Harvest 2015 Creepy Crawler Portrait Badge by Slipmat

(Thanks to Slipmat for the screenshots!)

You can check out the main Autumn Harvest Guide here.

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