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There’s two main types of Autumn Harvest minion adventures: a chain from the RIFT Store and the 10hr Promo adventures.

Autumn Harvest 2015 Chain Adventure

The chain starts with purchasing Taskmaster Atrophinius with Credits from the RIFT Store -> World Event tab during Autumn Harvest. Once you have collected the card, you’ll start seeing special Autumn Harvest ‘chain’ adventures in the 5/15min and 8hr slots.

RIFT Autumn Harvest 2015 Minion Chain Taskmaster Atrophinius

Note: Attributes currently incorrect.

To follow the chain pattern below, each time you discover a new minion card with a ‘chain’ icon, send a minion on the adventure, complete the adventure and then move to the next step. It does not matter what star rating you get for each adventure.

Chain Pattern:

  1. 5/15min
  2. 5/15min
  3. 5/15min
  4. 8hr which rewards Minion Card: The Hag of Gloamwood.
  5. 5/15min
  6. 8hr which rewards Minion Card: Qu’ella the Wretched.
  7. 5/15min
  8. 5/15min
  9. 8hr which rewards Minion Card: Haligan the Pyretouched.
  10. 5/15min
  11. 8hr which rewards Minion Card: The Nightstalker
  12. 5/15min
  13. 5/15min
  14. 5/15min
  15. 5/15min
  16. 8hr which rewards Minion Card: Athelan the Fallen Paladin.

(Credit to Raine for putting together a guide for the chain on the RIFT Forums)

You will get a few Autumn Harvest adventures after getting Athelan the Fallen Paladin, but they seem to only give currency and won’t give you any additional cards.

The Minion Card Database has been updated with the six new minion cards that have appeared with Autumn Harvest 2015.

Note: At present the attributes are wrong on the cards – they are the same as Summerfest. This will be corrected in a future hotfix. [r]

Note2: You must finish the previous adventure in the chain in order to progress through the chain. You will not find any new chain adventures related to Autumn Harvest whilst one of the chain adventures is still on-going.

10hr Autumn Harvest Promotional Adventures

The 10hr adventure slot will contain 6 Autumn Harvest promo adventures in its deck. These will reward event currency and may also drop event-related items.

Autumn Harvest 10hr Promotional Minion Adventures

As they are 10hr adventures, they cost 250 Aventurine to send out.

Autumn Harvest 10hr Promo Loot

Loot gained depends on the star rating (1-6) from your adventure, which is in turn determined by how well your minion’s attributes match the adventure as well as a dice roll value. (You can learn more about how rewards are determined here).

Loot includes Autumn Harvest Ambersap & Autumn Harvest Signet currency, food, dimension items, masks and weapons.

It’s not 100% confirmed yet, but if Autumn Harvest 2015 is similar to previous World Events when it comes to the 10hr promo adventures, there should be a chance at an Autumn Harvest-related lockbox when you get 6-star rating on the adventure.

You can check out the main Autumn Harvest Guide here.

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