Fae Yule Achievements Guide

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The Fae Yule World Event brings about a whole bunch of festive achievements, some of which rewards some nice items like the Snow Ki Rin and Nightbringer mounts.

About Equipping

Where an achievement requires you to “Equip” an item, that means you need to equip it in your armor slot. Adding it to your wardrobe collection or displaying it in your wardrobe set will not count for the achievement.

For Whom The Jingle Bell Tolls

RIFT Fae Yule Achievements For Whom The Jingle Bell Tolls

You’ll need to collect 10 companion pets that are available on the RIFT Store -> World Event for direct purchase for event currency or Credits.

Total cost to collect all the necessary companion pets is 8 Dark Icicles + 3,000 Unique Snowflakes, or 5,600 Credits (5,040 for Patrons).

Reward: Snow Ki Rin mount

“For Whom The Jingle Bell Tolls” rewards the Snow Ki Rin mount, which will appear in your in-game mail.

RIFT Fae Yule Snow Ki Rin Mount

Snow Ki Rin

The Snow Ki Rin mount matches your fastest mount speed; Land Mount; Bound to Account.


RIFT Fae Yule Achievements Snowmancer

You’ll need to collect and use all 4 Snowmen interactive items in order to get this achievement. If you already have the Snowmen collected from previous years, you can simply use them and they’ll be added to the completion of this achievement.

Snowmen can be obtained from old grab bags and the Fae Yule minion adventures. Can also drop randomly from other Fae Yule-related activities.


  • The Snowmancer makes it snow for about 15 seconds and has a 5min CD.
  • Title: The Snowmancer.

Snow Puppet Master


The Snow Puppet Master requires that you collect all the Fae Yule-related Puppet companion pets shown above. They come from the Random Discarded Puppet boxes in the World Event tab on the RIFT Store. Collect them all to get an oversized-head Grandfather Frost companion pet. (Note: the previews for all Puppets show a normal sized head).

These companion pets are Bind on Use and therefore you can potentially buy puppets you don’t have for this achievement on the Auction House or through other players.

25,000 Imported Twinkle Lights


Obtain and use all the Light of Yule companion pets to get a White Light of Yule companion pet. These are obtained from Dark Ice Bells. In previous years the Dark Ice Bells were available for purchase on the RIFT Store.

For 2015, it seems you’ll either need to rely on the 3 you get in total during the event from the Fae Yule story quests or as a random drop from Fae Yule minion adventures.

The Light of Yule companion pets are also tradeable, so you might want to check the Auction House as well.

Winter Homemaker

RIFT Fae Yule Achievements Winter Homemaker

Buy 3 of the Fae Yule Dimension Item Kits that are available to buy from RIFT Store -> World Event. No reward.

You don’t have to open the Kits and can refund to the Store. Very simple and cheap achievement to obtain as they only require Unique Snowflakes and are refundable.

The Nightmare Before Fae Yule

RIFT Fae Yule Achievements The Nightmare Before Fae Yule

This is a meta achievement for completing the Snow Puppet Master, Snowmancer, 25,000 Imported Twinkle Lights and Winter Homemaker.

Reward: Nightbringer

The Nightmare Before Fae Yule achievement rewards the Nightbringer mount.

RIFT Nightbringer Mount


This is a Vaiyuu mount with black skin and bright blue eyes. 60% or matches fastest mount speed; Land mount; Bound to Account.

Fae Yule PvP Achievements


There’s several achievements related to the “A Very Fae Yule Whitefall” warfront (default key “k“) that is only available during Fae Yule.

Victory: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Win 5 “A Very Fae Yule Whitefall” matches.

You Shouldn’t Have…No, Really, You Shouldn’t Have!

Receive the Fae Yule Cake debuff during a WS match. This is mainly luck – the person who gets chosen randomly at the start to get this Cake will either not notice it at all, or pass it on to others. Whether it gets passed on to you is luck (or you can whisper the person who has it and hope they comply).

He Knows When You’ve Been Naughty!

As per the objective, Kill the person with the Santa Claws buff (the gray werewolf with a Santa Hat).

A Wintery Winning Wonderland

Win a Very Fae Yule Whitefall match.

You Are On My List

Kill 5 players when you have the Santa Claws buff. This is a buff given to a random player when the warfront begins. The person who has this buff does 10% more damage.

If you kill the player with the Santa Claws buff, the buff will transfer to you.

A Bloody Fae Yule

Meta achievement for completing all 5 of the above achievements. You gain the Santa Claws companion pet, which is a werewolf with a santa hat.


Other Achievements

Below are other Fae Yule achievements that either don’t have any significant rewards (i.e. title-only) or aren’t related to any meta achievements that give rewards.

Fae Yule Grand Cape

Equipping the Fae Yule Grand Cape from the RIFT Store -> World Event will get you this achieve and reward you with Title: The Icy.

Note: You have to actually equip the item, not just add it to your wardrobe collection.

Stocking Stuffers

You need to loot 50 Fae Yule items from the open world. This does not include stat-gaining giftboxes, or the gift piles from Fae Yule Trees. Instead this refers to the items you get from places like Sanctum and Meridian as well as quest hubs such as Krom’s Fortress in Ashora. They are the interactive Candy Canes, Bogling Soups, Jugs of Mead and other similar items that randomly spawn at quest hubs in the world.

Fae Yule Feasting

You gain this from eating the Fae Yule food items. There’s 7 in total, although you get your first 5-pt achieve from eating 3. The other 5-pt achieve is for eating all 7. These Fae Yule food items are all available from the Rift Store -> World Events under Consumables category. You also gain them from Jingling Bells, looting Fae Yule Items and the Rift Loot bag.

Sled Race 2000

You need to run over 200 Snowmen in Iron Pine Peak. A teleporter is located in the giant portal amongst the Fae Yule NPCs in Sanctum and Meridian. In order to run them over you need to accept the Repeatable Quest ‘Snowmen Snowpocalypse’ from Merry near the portal and Sled launch pad in Iron Pine Peak.

This effectively means you need to do the repeatable quest 20 times (since each quest makes you destroy 10 Snowmen and they can only be destroyed when you are on the quest.)

Naughty, Definitely Naughty

You need to burn 10 Lumps of Coal that you get at random from looting Fae Yule Gifts from Fae Yule Trees that spawn in zones (Marked by a Snowflake icon on your main map). To burn them, you’ll need to find Greatfather Frost’s hut (located right outside Sanctum/Meridian) and click on the brazer in the middle.

Now Silent Night

Complete the “There Arose Such a Clatter” Fae Yule Zone Event that randomly appears in the zones. Use a Rift Event Tracker to keep watch of all zones across shards.

Inappropriate Gifts

Collect all 6 Fae Yule Artifact sets related to the dragon cults.

Artifact Sets for this achievement are:

  • Gifts Among the Storm Legion
  • Gifts Among the Endless Court
  • Gifts Among the Golden Maw
  • Gifts Among the Wanton
  • Gifts Among the Aelfwar
  • Gifts Among the Abyssal

These can be obtained during special Fae Yule Gift zone events, which act like Unstable zone events, except with Fae Yule Gifts (artifacts) spawning instead of the blue Unstable artifacts. Use a Rift Event Tracker to keep watch of all zones across shards.

Sometimes The Thought Is Not All That Counts

Collect all 6 Fae Yule Artifact sets related to Nightmare Tide/Planetouched Wilds.

Artifact Sets for this achievement are:

  • Gifts from the Ghar
  • Nightmarish Gifts from Lord Arak
  • Gifts at Marlge Palace
  • Gifts Fit for a Khan
  • Gifts from the Cosmic Rhinoceros
  • Gifts Among the Tormented Fleet

These can be obtained during special Fae Yule Gift zone events, which act like Unstable zone events, except with Fae Yule Gifts (artifacts) spawning instead of the blue Unstable artifacts. Use a Rift Event Tracker to keep watch of all zones across shards.

Making a List, Checking it Twice

This achieve is rewarded for completing a whole bunch of other Fae Yule achievements. You are rewarded with a 100,000 PA XP crystal that is automatically consumed.

Seasonal Work

You need to complete 20 Fae Yule dailies.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Complete 30 Fae Yule Instant Adventures in Iron Pine Peak. During Fae Yule, the Instant Adventures window (default key “.”) will have a “Featured: Fae Yule in Iron Pine Peak” option.

You can check out the main Fae Yule Guide here.

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