Fae Yule Farming Event Currency Guide

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Are you interested in snagging yourself one of the plethora of amazing Fae Yule items available in the RIFT Store -> World Event this year? This guide will point out all known sources of Fae Yule currencies!

There are two event currencies for RIFT Store items for Fae Yule: Unique Snowflakes and Dark Icicles. Unique Snowflakes are plentiful whilst Dark Icicles are more limited.

There’s also the Faelight Sparkles quest item, which is used to complete the Faelight Sparkles Returns quest that rewards a Tier 3 armor/accessory.

Bonus Currency

Token bonuses work on Unique Snowflakes, so get out your +10% token boost gear on before turning in quests! Boosts/Bonuses don’t work for Dark Icicles.

Obtaining Unique Snowflakes

Below is a list of all known sources of Unique Snowflakes to help with your farming needs.

Fae Yule Daily Quests

All Fae Yule daily quests give 25 Unique Snowflakes and a Jingling Bell that gives another 1-3 Unique Snowflakes. You can read up on all the quests here.

Farming Rift Creatures

  • Closing Rifts. Must be mentored to around the level of the Rift or else you won’t get any currency. Gives ~20 Unique Snowflakes for full clear.
  • Completing Zone Events. Zone events will also give some Unique Snowflakes. Must be around/mentored to appropriate level range.

Fae Yule Instant Adventures

During Fae Yule, you can join the Fae Yule Instant Adventures by going to the Instant Adventure window (default key “.“) and choosing “Featured: Fae Yule in Iron Pine Peak”.

Each adventure rewards 1 Jingling Bell (contains 1-3 Snowflakes). Each boss grants 10-20 Snowflakes. [r]

Fae Yule Minion Adventures

These give 10-25 Unique Snowflakes and have a rare chance of dropping Dark Icicles. The 2015 adventure chain also has a chance of dropping Fae Yule weapon skins, dimension items, food and pets.

Once you complete the 2015 adventure chain, there’s a 1min Fae Yule repeatable adventure that you can get every ~20min or so when farming 1min adventures.

You can learn more about the Fae Yule Minion Adventures and their patterns here.

Fae Yule Trees

Fae Yule Trees spawn in all Mathosia zones with a zone announcement “Fae Yule Pilgrims have spread the spirit of the season by erecting Fae Yule Trees across *zone*!”

They are shown on the main map by a snowflake icon.

Fae Yule Farming Event Currency Fae Yule Trees

Clicking on the Giftpiles that spawn around the tree will gain you Unique Snowflakes. Each time you pick up a gift, the Tree’s hp drops. When it reaches 0, the tree will despawn. You also get a chance at a Lump of Coal (more on that below).

You can usually claim 20-25 gift piles before the Tree dies. That results in ~20-25 Unique Snowflakes per tree. 2-3 more if they drop Lumps of Coal.

Note: Only the “Fae Yule Gift” (giftpiles) around the tree count. The other shiny gifts further away from the tree by themselves are simply temporarily buffs and do not give you Unique Snowflakes.

Bug: If you are picking up a Giftpile and the Fae Yule Tree despawns mid-way, you’ll encounter a bug where you are unable to use any abilities. Just log out and back in and it should work again.

Lumps of Coal


Lumps of Coal are gained as a chance drop from completing/destroying Fae Yule Trees through the collection of the Gifts underneath the Fae Yule Trees scattered across the zones. There is a “Naughty, Definitely Naughty” achievement to burn 10 lumps of coal.

Take these Lumps of Coal to a Greatfather Frost’s Hut located outside Sanctum and Meridian. When you have Lumps of Coal in your inventory, Greatfather Frost’s Hearth will be interact-able. Interact with it to gain 2-5 Unique Snowflakes and Fae Yule Food items per Lump of Coal.


Given how low the Unique Snowflake currency gain is from the Lumps of Coal, it would be best to store them up and turn them in all at once.

A Very Fae Yule Whitefall Warfront

During Fae Yule, you can participate in the “A Very Fae Yule Whitefall” warfront. You can join it via the warfront window (default key “k“).

  • Winning gives 25 Unique Snowflakes.
  • Losing gives 10 Unique Snowflakes.

In-game Mail Reward

Occasionally whilst you’re in one of the cities, Greatfather Frost (NPC) might send you in-game mail with a “Fae Yule Gift”.

Fae Yule Farming Event Currency Joyous Fae Yule Mail

This acts like a Jingling bell, giving you ~1-5 Unique snowflakes and some Fae Yule food. Can’t really farm this, but it’s a nice little surprise bonus.

City Interactables

Sanctum and Meridian have interactable candy canes, wreaths, candles and wassail bowls that are not related to any quests.

RIFT Fae Yule Farming Event Currency City Gifts

These spawn at random across the cities. Clicking on them gives you ~1-3 Unique Snowflakes as well as some Fae Yule food. They will also turn you into a random Fae Yule creature for a few seconds.

These don’t spawn often, and there aren’t enough of them up at any one time to warrant farming them. However, you might want to keep an eye out and just interact with one if you run across one whilst you are doing your Fae Yule dailies.

Obtaining Dark Icicles

Dark Icicles are the limited currency for Fae Yule. There’s no real way to ‘farm’ them, but there’s some major sources you can look at:

Fae Yule Story Quests

One story quest is obtainable at Sanctum/Meridian with each phase that gives 10x Dark Icicles and a Dark Ice Bell. There are 3 phases in total for Fae Yule:

  • Phase 1 (12/10/15 – 12/16/15) – Quest: Season’s Greetings!
  • Phase 2 (12/17/15 – 12/23/15) – Quest: Surly Sober Satyr.
  • Phase 3 (12/24/15 – 1/7/16) – Quest: Gift for a Bogling.

You can read up on all the quests here.

Fae Yule Minion Adventures

The Fae Yule Minion chain adventures has a chance of dropping Dark Icicles. They seem to have a decent chance of dropping during the 8hr adventures that reward the minion cards in the chain.

This year you can obtain both the 2014 and 2015 chain adventures (unless you’ve already done the 2014 one). You can learn more about the Fae Yule Minion Adventures and their patterns here.

The 10hr Fae Yule Promo adventures might also have a chance of dropping Dark Icicles (unconfirmed).

Farming Faelight Sparkles

You can get the Faelight Sparkles Returns quest that gives you Tier 3 armor/accessory from Stuttk Fyrirthig in Flargle Plaza, Draumheim at /setwaypoint 5623 5453 (he is also in Tempest Bay with the other Nightmare Tide questgivers). This quest requires that you farm 500 Faelight Sparkles.

Here’s where to obtain them:

  • 6x from Random Level 65 Warfront Win if you used up a daily Random charge.
  • 2x from Random Level 65 Warfront Win if don’t have any Random charges left.
  • 6x from Random Level 65 Expert Dungeon if you used up a daily Random charge.
  • 2x from Random Level 65 Expert Dungeon if don’t have any Random charges left.
  • 4x from certain Nightmare Tide Dailies/Weeklies:
    • “Spirit of Adventure” Weekly Instant Adventure quest.
    • “Five If By Sea” Weekly NT Zone Event quest.
    • “Cerebral Catharsis” Weekly Raid Rift quest.
    • “Sea of Ladon” Daily Raid Rift quest.
  • 10x from a Conquest win when looting Conquest Chest.
  • 1x from Zone Events.

The Faelight Sparkle appears in your Rift Loot Bag and then in your Quest Log item slots (press “l“), or Inventory if your Quest Log item slots are full.

Tip: If you are going to zone event farm, consider using a Rift Event Tracker. Nightmare Tide zone events tend to be the most likely to be completed, and Unstable/Fae Yule Gift zone events will never fail, completing after lasting 30min.

Farming Fae Yule Currency Tips

  • Be sure to pick up the Fae Yule minion adventure chains from RIFT Store -> World Event. Starts with Minion Card: Grish for 2015, and Minion Card: Rudy for 2014. Pattern info here.
  • Bonus token gear/boosts work on Unique Snowflakes. They don’t work on Dark Icicles.
  • Since you’ll probably be tagging Nightmare Tide zone events for the Faelight Sparkles Returns quest, you should consider completing Rifts (if they are related to the zone event objectives) to get Unique Snowflakes as well.
  • Use your alts to complete the story/daily quests and purchase account-wide (wardrobe) or Bound to Account items to send to your main character. Since the Level 65 Tier 2-upgraded Necklaces are Bind on Pickup, you probably want to spend your main char’s Dark Icicles on that.


  • Some wardrobe items aren’t auto-consumed. Those without the auto-consume text in their tooltip can be returned!

You can check out the main Fae Yule Guide here.

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