Guide: Senbora the Devourer

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Senbora the Devourer (“Senbora”) is the first of the Weekly Open Raid Dendrome Bosses that most raid groups will attempt each reset week. The following is a guide on the Senbora fight, part of the Guide: Dendrome Raid Weeklies.

Table of Contents:

  • Location
  • How to Summon
  • Mechanics
  • Strategy


Dendrome Weekly Boss Map 1

Senbora is found in Greenscale’s Crater. Port to the Achyati village porticulum in the top-right of the map and then drop down to Greenscale’s Crater. Once you get to the ground floor, move to the north-most part and you should see a whole bunch of Level 62 Deadly Parasite eggs with Raid Frame portraits.

How to Summon

Senbora Summon Deadly Parasite

To summon Senbora you need to kill all the Deadly Parasites located on the ground floor of Greenscale’s Crater at nearly the same time. If any are alive or respawned, Senbora will not spawn.

There’s 9 Deadly Parasite eggs at the north-most point of the ground floor of Greenscale’s Crater. Approaching them will aggro them – once aggro’d, a 15s buff will tick down indicating that they are hatching. Once it ends, a Deadly Parasite will appear from each aggro’d egg.

  • Once a Deadly Parasite is killed, a Deadly Parasite egg will respawn shortly after.
  • The Deadly Parasites must be all killed within a short space of time to summon Senbora.
  • If there’s any Deadly Parasite or Deadly Parasite egg still up, Senbora will not spawn.


Below are the mechanics of the Senbora fight. Senbora has 100m+ hp. The exact amount seems to depend on player population on the shard that he spawns in (may also be zone population-based).

Damage done by each of Senbora’s abilities varies greatly as some are maxHP%-based whilst others are affected by some of his buffs that increases his damage.

Senbora Phase 1

Senbora Life Phase

Senbora Phase 1 starts as soon as you summon him. He is Life-based and does mostly Life-based attacks.

Auto-attack (Physical)
Senbora’s auto-attack does between 13-35k damage on average. He doesn’t do it often though because he’s usually using his other abilities. Damage is likely maxHP%-based.

(Averages around 10-12 auto-attacks per fight.)

Gushing Wound (Physical)

His main single-target attack on his target when he isn’t using other abilities. Does anywhere from 5k to 20k damage depending on the player. Gushing Wound will mainly be dealt to the tanks unless they lose aggro.

Rampage (Life)
Senbora will emote “Senbora the Devourer begins a rampage!” and gains a 1min buff called “Rampage”. He will begin to target players at random and attack them with Rampage – one Rampage per target. During this time the tanks cannot taunt him off of random targets that he picks.

Rampage does an average of 13k damage.

Pounce (Life)
Senbora will target a random player and leap to them with Pounce. Does approximately 12k damage. He’ll then switch back to the player with the highest threat on him.

Enraged Slam (Life)
AoE knock-back indicated by a red AoE in melee range of Senbora. Does between 3.5k to 18k damage and knocks players back a fair distance. Damage is likely maxHP%-based.

Venomous Cloud (Life)
An AoE cone-like breath attack that Senbora channels in front of him. Does approximately 5-6k damage per tick.

Caustic Venom (Life)
Those who get hit by Venomous Cloud get a hard-hitting DoT on them called Caustic Venom that deals approx 8-14k damage every 2 seconds.

Unstoppable Hunger
Senbora emotes “The beast begins to salivate…” and then he will cast Unstoppable Hunger. A buff will go up called “Unstoppable Hunger” that makes him immune to interrupt. The buff cannot be purged. A shield will be placed on him.

The buff is removed when his shield is DPS’d down.

When he emotes “The beast begins to salivate…” and uses Unstoppable Hunger, he will also use Devour, which does an insane amount of damage to a random player he has targeted. DPS/Heals will likely die within a second and tanks will likely die in 2-3 seconds if not properly healed. Devour is interruptible (although if the Unstoppable Hunger buff is up, it cannot be interrupted).

Devour heals him for every tick so it is vital to interrupt him. The player under the effect of Devour cannot use abilities (it’s usually fatal, even to tanks).

If his Devour casts are interrupted, he can gain an Infuriated buff that reduces damage taken by 10% per stack and lasts 30secs.

If you do not interrupt a Devour channel in time or if he has been able to use Devour for a certain amount of ticks he will gain stacks of the “Grow” buff that increases his melee attacks by 3% per stack. Senbora will also physically grow in size.

If you allow him to reach max stacks and kill him you will receive the “A Bad Idea” achievement found under Achieves -> Zones -> The Dendrome.

Senbora Phase 2 – Under 50% HP

Senbora Fiery Mutation Phase

Senbora Phase 2 begins when he is under 50% HP. He will channel Fiery Mutation for a few seconds before being converted to a Fire-based version of himself with new mechanics.

The phase-change may occur at a lower hp if he still has certain abilities queued – for instance if his Rampage buff (that lasts 1min) hasn’t dropped off yet. He’ll finish his Rampage before he uses Fiery Mutation.

Molten Venom (Fire)

Senbora Molten Venom

Senbora will emote “Senbora the Devourer is going to erupt!” and he will start channeling Molten Venom. A large number of huge red AoEs will appear all over the place.

During the channel he will start spouting large fireballs from his mouth that – when they land in the red AoE – will deal anywhere from 8-12k damage to those inside the AoEs.

Consumed by Fire (Fire)
Senbora will emote “[Player] has been swallowed whole”.  He will consume a player (usually the active tank). Senbora will deal 4-5k damage per second to the target he has consumed. The target cannot use abilities.

This cast is interruptible.

Buff on Senbora that is gained after using Consumed by Fire. It greatly increases his fire-based attacks. (Might also trigger with a successful Devour).

Inferno (Fire)
The fire-based version of Venomous Cloud. Frontal AoE cone-like Breath attack that does approximately 2-5k damage per tick.

Sweltering Heat (Fire)
Senbora casts a shield on himself called Sweltering Heat. It absorbs damage and burns enemies within 35m of Senbora every 3s.

Sweltering Heat does approx 1-3k damage every 3 seconds to those within 35m of him. It ends when you completely DPS down his shield.

Fiery Slam (Physical)
The Fire-based version of Enraged Slam from Phase 1. Does a large amount of damage but rarely used amidst all of his other abilities.

Add – Deadly Parasites

Throughout the fight Deadly Parasite eggs will spawn and a whole slew of Deadly Parasites will spawn. There can be quite a large number of Deadly Parasites that end up being in the encounter.

5-6k damage auto-attack.

Like Senbora, Pounce is used on a random player and makes the Deadly Parasite leap to them before they go straight back to the player with the highest threat on them. Does approx. 2k damage.

Ravenous Parasite
Small AoE on a random player that does approximately 1k damage every 3 seconds. Ticks 4-5 times.



  • Use the [Mysterious Talisman] quest item you received from Lady Nessie whilst you are in the encounter to get a +200 HIT and +200 TOUGHNESS buff for 15min.
  • Have at least 2 tanks on Senbora just in case one gets devoured.
  • Have at least 1 tank take care of adds.
  • Interrupt Devour.


  • Use the [Mysterious Talisman] quest item you received from Lady Nessie whilst you are in the encounter to get a +200 HIT and +200 TOUGHNESS buff for 15min.
  • Don’t be in front of Senbora.
  • If you can help it, don’t be in melee range of Senbora.
  • Get out of any Red AoEs that spawn.
  • Interrupt Devour.
  • Pewpew.


You can check out further information on the Dendrome Raid Weeklies below:

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