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Archive of Flesh: Animator Cahail

Mini-Event Prior to Animator Cahail

Archive of Flesh Animator Cahail 1

Prior to Animator Cahail there are 6 Horrific Creation adds. The tank pulls these adds and takes them to the side wall with his back to the wall because the Horrific Creation constantly casts Unreal Burst that knocks everyone in around a 10m or so range  backwards, damaging them for approximately 2k damage (although it may one-shot non-tanks if it happens to crit).

For the two Horrific Creation adds inside Animator Cahail’s encounter room, make sure you don’t accidentally tab-target or throw an AoE threat ability at the boss whilst picking up the adds.

Animator Cahail

The Animator Cahail encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Animator Cahail after the mini-event is over. His encounter is in the left-most room on the top floor.

Animator Cahail does not cleave.

Auto Attack

Animator Cahail’s auto attack does between 5-6k Physical damage.

Stygian Fissure

Every now and then Animator Cahail will cast Stygian Fissure which is a bowling-alley, rectangular AoE attack aimed at his current target. Simply avoid it before the cast/channel begins to not get damaged by it. Does approximately 5k damage.

Reform Anatomy

Every now and then Animator Cahail will use Reform Anatomy which targets a random player and damages the targeted player and anyone near them for approximately 5k damage. This ability also puts a Snare debuff on the targeted player and anyone near them that slows their movement by 50%.

It is important to cleanse the Snare debuff otherwise it becomes more difficult to escape the AoEs that spawn during the encounter.

Frenzied Embrace (AoE)

Archive of Flesh Animator Cahail 3

Frenzied Embrace is the main mechanic for this fight. It is the damage that the AoE in the encounter does to the player.

Archive of Flesh Animator Cahail 2

The Frenzied Embrace AoE spawns throughout the fight, covering portions of the encounter room. There’s 5 areas where it can spawn – North, East, West, South and the Middle area. The areas where it is about to become active will pulse before the AoE starts to deal damage.

The AoEs will disappear after a few seconds and a new set of AoE in random locations will pop up. As the fight goes on, more and more AoEs will appear at any one time until finally, the entire room becomes filled with AoE (acting as a soft enrage).


  • The AoE damage is slightly larger than the graphic.
  • When all 4 sides has AoE with the middle area being the ‘safe area’, make sure to be right in the middle or else you’ll clip the AoE rings from the sides.

Horrific Construct Add

Throughout the fight Horrific Construct adds will spawn one by one. The tank will need to pick up threat on them. They spawn from one of the 4 corners of the room as shown in the above image where the green lights are.

Monster Remodelling

Animator Cahail will cast Monster Remodelling every now and then. This is an interruptible attack. If you do not interrupt this cast, all adds will get an 100% out-going damage buff and it will allow them to use a new melee AoE ability, Unreal Burst that does approximately 1.5k-2k damage in melee range of the adds.

Strategy – Animator Cahail

Interrupt is Optional
Cleansing Is Required

  • Pay very close attention to the Frenzied Embrace AoE that appears in the North, East, West, South and Middle areas of the room – that’s the main mechanic of the fight. The lower Animator Cahail’s HP is, the more AoEs will appear at any one time.
  • Frenzied Embrace AoE’s damage is slightly larger than the graphic so make sure to be as far away as possible from it, especially if you are going after the “Don’t Get Handsy” achieve.
  • Interrupt is optional when Animator Cahail casts Monster Remodelling – but it is preferred to interrupt this to make life easier for the healer since a successful Monster Remodelling cast increases the damage the Horrific Construct Adds do.
  • Avoid the rectangular AoE that Cahail casts at his current target (the tank).


  • An interrupt is optional on Monster Remodelling to prevent Adds from doing more damage.
  • Make sure to pick up Horrific Construct adds when they spawn.
  • Tank Animator Cahail so he is facing away from other players – this makes it less likely for them to get hit by Stygian Fissure.


  • Cleansing is required. Make sure to cleanse off Reform Anatomy from any players as soon as they get it so they aren’t snared for long.
  • This fight can turn into a heavy AoE fight if players are constantly failing to run out of the Frenzied Embrace AoEs. Healing specs that rely heavily on standing still to cast may have difficulty in this fight (unless you’re overgeared).


  • An interrupt is optional on Monster Remodelling to prevent Adds from doing more damage.
  • DPSing the Horrific Construct adds is optional and all depends on the gear of the Tank and Healer.

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