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Archive of Flesh: Emphalea

Mini-Event Prior to Emphalea

Archive of Flesh Emphalea 1

The Mini-Event Prior to Emphalea involves clicking on three Light Pads located on the bottom floor (same area as the Mini-Event prior to Tzul, the first boss). Once all three pads are successfully clicked on, any remaining adds despawn and Emphalea (3rd boss) becomes active.

You should start off by going around the room and picking up and killing the Shaper adds. They are located at random as one of the statues in each corner of the room (just like the mini-event for the first boss, Tzul).

Once you’ve killed the four Shaper adds, click on the Light Pad at the entrance to the encounter. Doing so will activate small, white AoEs that will spawn every few seconds from the left, rotating around the room. Follow and stay in these lights or else you will start taking ticks of damage that increase with every tick.

Throughout a small add will also appear at the end of the room that the tank picks up.

The second Light Pad is in the top-left hand corner and the last one is at the end in the bottom-right location.


The Emphalea encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Emphalea after the mini-event is over.

Emphalea has a fairly large hitbox so melee should be able to stand on the very edge of the middle circular platform and still hit her with melee abilities. This should make going on Pedestals during Flood the Halls easier.

Javelin Barrage

This is Emphalea’s default attack when she isn’t doing anything else. A ranged physical attack, it hits the tank for approx. 8k damage.

Barnacle Encrusted Trident

Emphalea will cast Barnacle Encrusted Trident on random players. At their location, a blue AoE will spawn with a trident in the middle; avoid it or you will take approx. 8k damage and get knocked back.

Aquatic Evocation

This hits a random player for about 9-10k damage.

Depth Charge

Archive of Flesh Emphalea 2

Depth Charge are orbs that spawn from around Emphalea and then moves outwards, increasing in size as it moves.

Standing inside an orb will hit you for approx. 8-10k damage per tick.

The ground below Emphalea will have Red ‘segment’ AoE to indicate where the AoE will spawn and move out from. The fight starts with 2 segments and then as the fight goes on it will increase until she covers all directions.

You can completely avoid the Depth Charges by being right on top of Emphalea. If you happen to not be under her and an orb is coming your way, make sure to run right through a single orb (not in an area where two orbs overlap). Just run right through and hopefully you will only take one or two ticks of damage.

Flood the Halls

Archive of Flesh Emphalea 3

Emphalea casts this every now and then emoting “Emphalea prepares to flood the Archive. Get on the pedestals!” and fills the entire room with a whirlpool. To avoid taking considerable damage you must stand on one of the pedestals (where the statues used to stand).

Make sure to be in the middle of the pedestal as standing on the side or one of the ‘petals’ will make you still take damage from Flood the Halls.

For Melee and Tanks, standing on the edge of the circular platform with your back to a Pedestal will make it easier to get to a Pedestal during Flood the Halls because you simply need to jump backwards to land squarely in the middle of a Pedestal.

Strategy – Emphalea

Interrupt Not Required
Cleansing Not Required

  • Stand near a Pedestal, but not close enough that Barnacle Encrusted Trident’s AoE will cover it (so you don’t get knocked back due to the AoE when trying to run to a Pedestal).
  • When Emphalea begins casting Flood the Halls, run on top of a Pedestal and stand in the middle area (not the ‘petals’ or the ‘ramp’ of the Pedestal) until her channel ends.
  • When Emphalea casts Depth Charge, watch the area below her for a red indicator and avoid the area that the red indicator is aimed at.
  • If you happen to be in the way of Depth Charge, run right through one of the orbs (in an area that doesn’t overlap more than one orb) as fast as possible. The longer you wait, the larger the orb gets and the more ticks of damage you will take when trying to run through them.
  • If she uses a 360 degree Depth Charge (usually under 15% hp) you should stand right below her to completely avoid the orbs.


  • Interrupt is not required.
  • Stand on the edge of the inner circle platform with your back to a Pedestal. You should be able to still be within melee range of Emphalea but with this positioning you are able to simply jump backwards to be right in the middle of a Pedestal when Flood the Halls starts.


  • Cleansing is not required.
  • Thanks to the Pedestals you may end up line of sighting some of the party members. Being in the inner circle where Emphalea is will make it easier for you to be in range/sight of all players.


  • Interrupt is not required.
  • If you are melee DPS, stand on the edge of the inner circle platform with your back to a Pedestal. You should be able to still be within melee range of Emphalea but with this positioning you are able to simply jump backwards to be right in the middle of a Pedestal when Flood the Halls starts.

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