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Archive of Flesh: Filth Gorger Vorka

Mini-Event Prior to Filth Gorger Vorka – Mercy Killing

The mini-event prior to Filth Gorger Vorka (‘Vorka’), “Mercy Killing” involves killing off 30 adds that spawn continuously from Vorka’s encounter room (the right-most room on the top floor).

You can completely ignore them if you want as there’s no consequence to failing this bonus objective.

Archive of Flesh Vorka 1

There’s two types of adds; the Partially Devoured Abomination and the Unshaped Mass. The Partially Devoured Abomination has a buff that increases their movement speed the longer they are up whilst the Unshaped Mass occasionally puts up a reflect that will reflect your ability (so be a little bit careful of using any hard-hitting abilities).

Simply put a ground-targetted AoE or just AoE in general at the entrance to Vorka’s encounter and you should be able to kill off all the adds that way.

Filth Gorger Vorka

The Filth Gorger Vorka (‘Vorka’) encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Vorka after the mini-event is over.

Auto Attack

Vorka’s auto attack does approximately 7-10k physical damage to the tank and is his main attack.


Archive of Flesh Vorka 2

You will notice 4 Levers are positioned in each corner of the room. A random lever will glow with a green AoE and become interactable. A player must click on the lever to close the hole that is slowly opening above it.

The longer you take to click on the lever, the more green poisonous gas will spew out from the hole above. Wait long enough and this gas will start dealing damage to the entire party continuously until the hole is re-closed.

Therefore – besides the tank – each player must be responsible for one lever.

Enfeebling Cloud

Vorka casts this every now and then. This is an AoE ability that does approx. 4-5k damage to each player and gives them a stacking debuff called ‘Enfeebling Cloud’ that reduces your maximum health by 5% per stack. Not cleansable.

Frightened Experiment

This is an add that spawns fairly often throughout the fight. You’ll know it has spawned because the encounter emotes “A frightened experiment emerges from the pile of corpses”. The Frightened Experiment moves around at random and cannot be aggroed. You need to DPS it down or else Vorka will use ‘Devour the Weak’ on it and gain ‘Gorged’ buff stacks.

When a Frightened Experiment add dies, it leaves behind a green AoE pool on the ground. Just avoid it to avoid taking damage.

Devour the Weak

If you don’t kill the Frightened Experiment add fast enough, Vorka will teleport to the add and begin channeling ‘Devour the Weak’. This heals him and gives him stacks of the ‘Gorged’ buff.

Gorged (Buff)

Whilst using ‘Devour the Weak’ on a Frightened Experiment Add, Vorka will gain stacks of ‘Gorged’ which is a buff that increases the damage he deals by 3% per stack.

Strategy – Filth Gorger Vorka

Interrupt Not Required
Cleansing Not Required

  • Everyone take a corner and be responsible for clicking one of the Levers in the four corners of the room (other than the Tank).
  • DPS Frightened Experiment add whenever it spawns.


  • Interrupt not required.
  • Tank around the middle of the room.
  • You can’t aggro the Frightened Experiment add so don’t bother; just help dps it down.
  • Move the boss if there’s Melee DPS and a Frightened Experiment’s AoE drops in an inconvenient position (like right on top or behind Vorka).


  • Cleansing is not required.
  • Pay attention to Levers – if it looks like someone isn’t paying attention to their Lever, run to it to close the pipe and prepare to AoE heal the party.


  • Interrupt not required.
  • If you are Melee DPS, pay attention so you are not standing in the AoE that Frightened Experiment adds drop when they die.

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