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Exodus of the Storm Queen: Chekaroth

Add Packs Prior to Mini-Event Prior to Chekaroth

Exodus of the Storm Queen Chekaroth 1

Between Valthundr and Chekaroth’s encounter areas there are a bunch of adds all over the place. Follow the route below to avoid all these adds and head straight for the Chekaroth encounter area where a Mini-Event will begin prior to fighting the final boss of Exodus of the Storm Queen, Chekaroth.

You start off by exiting the Chancel of Labors building right after killing Valthundr. Turn right and move in-between the building and the right pillar. Then move around the encounter in such as way as to avoid being close to any of the adds.

Make sure not to go too far into the encounter area, but just past the red encounter line so you don’t start the mini-event prematurely and lock players outside.

Mini-Event Prior to Chekaroth

Prior to Chekaroth a whole bunch of add waves will spawn. Interrupt the ranged adds’ Razor Wind AoE attack and kill the adds.

Each time you kill an add you will get a buff that increases your outgoing damage. Once you receive enough stacks (about 15) you will receive a reactive ability that will kill every mob within a large range at your location.

After the timer ends for this mini-event the adds will despawn and Chekaroth will become attackable.


The Chekaroth encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Chekaroth after the mini-event prior to Chekaroth ends.

Auto Attack

Chekaroth’s auto attack is used fairly often, dealing approximately 9.5-10k damage to the tank.

Thunder Strike

This is a melee ability that hits 360 around Chekaroth in a short range. It will usually hit the tank for approximately 8-9k damage and other players for approximately 4k damage. It crits for about 15k+.

Flash Freeze

Exodus of the Storm Queen Chekaroth 2

Chekaroth casts Flash Freeze every now and then on a random player dealing 4k damage per tick. This is an interruptible ability. For each tick of Flash Freeze the target gains a stack of the Freeze debuff. This debuff – like with the 3rd boss Valthundr encounter – will slow your movement and at 10 stacks will freeze you. Once frozen, you will take considerable damage after a few seconds.

Storm Blade

Chekaroth will cast Storm Blade at some point during the encounter. Like the 2nd Boss General Grim’s Reaper’s Touch scythes, the Storm Blade is a large swirling blade that move around the encounter. Getting hit by the Storm Blade deals approximately 9.5k damage per tick.

You can DPS the Storm Blade down. Once it is destroyed it will drop a red AoE – the first person to go over the red AoE will get an out-going damage buff.

Exodus of the Storm Queen Chekaroth 4

To avoid Storm Blade, you can stand on the ice protrusion to the south of the encounter.

Foul Wind

Exodus of the Storm Queen Chekaroth 3

Foul Wind is an AoE ability that Chekaroth channels that does approximately 700-2k Air damage to each player. Each tick also increases your stacks of the Freeze debuff.

Right after Foul Wind is cast, orange orbs called Unyielding Warmth will appear around the encounter. Going over an orange orb will remove all stacks of the Freeze debuff. Since the Freeze debuff in the Chekaroth fight cannot be cleansed, it is important that all party members run over an orb.

Strategy – Chekaroth

An Interrupt is Required
No Cleansing Required

  • Interrupt Flash Freeze asap. The longer it lasts the more stacks of the Freeze debuff the targeted player will receive.
  • Avoid or DPS down Storm Blade.
  • Run to an orange orb after Chekaroth finishes channeling Foul Wind to remove stacks of the Freeze debuff. If you don’t and you reach 10 stacks of Freeze you will become frozen and take considerable damage shortly afterwards.
  • It is preferable to stay away from Chekaroth unless you are the tank as an unlucky Thunder Strike crit could kill a non-tank player.


  • An interrupt is required. Interrupt Flash Freeze asap.
  • Face Chekaroth away from other players.


  • There’s no cleansing required.
  • If a player is frozen due to having too many stacks of the Freeze debuff, throw a large shield or death-prevention ability such as Cleric Sentinel’s Vigilance on them to prevent them from dying.


  • An interrupt is required. Interrupt Flash Freeze asap.
  • DPSing the Storm Blade is optional. If you choose to do so, run over the red AoE that drops to get an out-going damage buff.

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