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Exodus of the Storm Queen: Dominax

Mini-Event Prior to Dominax (Hot Lead, Cold Steel)

Prior to fighting the first boss in Exodus of the Storm Queen, Dominax, you will need to complete a mini-event involving killing a whole bunch of adds. This mini-event is called “Hot Lead, Cold Steel”.

Exodus of the Storm Queen Dominax 2

To start the mini-event, click on the Targeting Control in front of the Assault Frame. You will receive two reactives: Red Mist Support and Metal Storm Support.

Red Mist Support

Puts a laser on your target dealing approx. 40k damage after a few seconds. 35sec CD.

Metal Storm Support

An AoE on all adds that deals 18,537 damage ticks continuously on all adds.


Metal Storm Support only seems to work once per wave. It also only hits adds that are already ‘active’, not the ones which are immune whilst they break through the gates.

As such, it is best to hold off on using Metal Storm Support until all 3 add packs per wave have broken through their gates. Metal Storm Support does a huge amount of overall damage.

Exodus of the Storm Queen Dominax 1

The Blackstorm Sorceress (blue add) in each add pack will cast Razor Wind, a large-range, blue, swirling AoE, after a while of being active. This is interruptible. Tanks and DPS should pay attention to this and CC/Interrupt the add.

After two waves this mini-event should end and Dominax will be active shortly after.


The Dominax encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Dominax after the mini-event is over. This fight has 2 phases – He starts off in the Assault Frame. Once you dps him down to 0 hp he will appear near the forge as his normal Air Elemental self.

Phase 1 – Assault Frame

At the start of the fight Dominax will take over control of the Assault Frame. He has the following abilities whilst in this form:

Auto Attack

Dominax’ auto attack hits the tank for about 7-8k physical damage.

Crushing Blow

Crushing Blow is a physical attack on the tank that deals about 10k damage per hit. He doesn’t use this very often.

Razor Slash

Exodus of the Storm Queen Dominax 4

A short-range but wide cleave that does about 8-10k to the tank and about 16k to other players. The Tank needs to face Dominax away from the party. Those players hit by Razor Slash receive a debuff that drops your max HP. This stacks.

The debuff is cleansable.

Metal Storm

An AoE attack similar to the Metal Storm Support ability you use in the mini-event prior to Dominax. Does a few ticks of 600-1.2k damage throughout the fight whilst the buff is up on him.


Exodus of the Storm Queen Dominax 3

Dominax will emote “Dominax is about to decimate [playername]” and lift up one of his legs. He will begin to cast ‘Decimator’ on the tank. Whilst he casts the ability the tank will be stunned and unable to do anything. Other players will need to interrupt this cast.

The player who interrupts the cast also receives an out-going damage buff so if you want to boost your dps on this fight, be sure to interrupt this cast.

If Dominax manages to finish his cast, the tank will take approx 70-80k damage. Unless your tank is heavily overgeared or has placed a defensive shield on themselves prior to Decimator, they will probably die.

Red Mist

Exodus of the Storm Queen Dominax 5

Dominax will emote “Dominax aims at [playername]’s head. Take cover!” and cast a red laser and every player. You must all line of sight (hide) from the boss by the time his Red Mist channel ends otherwise you will take approx 100k damage.

Phase 2: Air Elemental

When Dominax reaches 0 hp in his Phase 1 form, he will emote “As the Assault Frame falls, Dominax leaps from its body and gathers his fury”. He will then appear at the forge at the back of the room as an Air Elemental.

Auto Attack

Dominax deals approx 12-17k physical damage per auto attack to the tank.

Storm Lash

Storm Lash is a physical cleave attack by Dominax in front of him. Deals approx 12-22k damage per hit. The Tank needs to make sure that nobody is in front of him. DPS should stay away whilst the tank moves him into position (more info about this under ‘Capturing Dominax’ below).

Raging Tempest

Exodus of the Storm Queen Dominax 8

Dominax’ AoE ability that hits all players every 3 seconds for 2-5k damage per tick.

As time goes by he will gain more stacks of Blizzard’s Touch stacks which increases his damage per stack.

He also has a Legion’s Resolve buff that prevents him from dropping below 10% hp. You will need to Capture Dominax using the mechanics below:

Capturing Dominax – Capture Pad & Capture Device Mechanic

Exodus of the Storm Queen Dominax 6

In order to defeat Dominax in this phase, the tank will need to drag his body right over the Capture Pad near the Icewatch NPC indicated by an orange circle. Attached to this Capture Pad right outside the orange circle is a telescope-like device called the Capture Device that will become click-able after Dominax drops to 20% hp or less.

Someone will need to click on the Capture Device when Dominax drops to 20% hp or less. After a few seconds Dominax will disappear and be replaced by a stone called the Capture Crystal.

Capture Crystal

Exodus of the Storm Queen Dominax 7

Click on the Capture Crystal that spawns when you use the Capture Device on Dominax when he is under 20% hp or less and run it towards the blue AoE located right outside the Forge to complete this encounter.

If you aren’t fast enough in picking up the Capture Crystal and running it to the blue AoE right in front of the Forge, the encounter will fail and you will have to repeat the fight all over again.

Strategy – Dominax

Interrupt is Required
Cleansing is Optional

  • Phase 1: Assault Frame
    • Run behind a pillar and hide from sight of Dominax when he casts Red Mist.
    • Interrupt Decimator.
    • Stay near a pillar (unless you’re the tank) so it takes less time to hide during Red Mist.
    • Do not be in front of Dominax (unless you’re the tank).
  • Phase 2: Air Elemental
    • Stay away from Dominax whilst the tank gets him into position over the Capture Pad or else you may get cleaved.
    • At 20% hp or less, click on the Capture Device.
    • Once Dominax turns into a Capture Crystal, click on the crystal and run it over the blue AoE in front of the Forge at the back of the room.


  • Phase 1: Assault Frame
    • Face Dominax away from the party.
    • Be aware of how far it is between yourself and the nearest pillar so that you have plenty of time to run behind one when Red Mist is cast.
    • Try to time a CD prior to him casting Decimator just in case the rest of your party doesn’t interrupt the cast.
  • Phase 2: Air Elemental
    • Aggro Dominax (who is at the Forge) and kite him on top of the Capture Pad. Make sure the red target indicator below him is over the Capture Pad. If a player tries to use the Capture Device when Dominax is at 20% hp or less and it doesn’t work (there’s no laser between the Capture Device and Dominax), it is likely because he isn’t right on top of the Capture Pad.
    • He hits the tank a lot harder during this phase so depending on your gear and the healer’s healing output, you may want to save CDs for this phase.


  • Phase 1: Assault Frame
    • Cleansing is Optional. Razor Slash (Dominax’ cleave in Phase 1) will put a debuff on those hit, reducing their maximum HP. It isn’t necessary to cleanse this but it doesn’t hurt to do so anyway.
    • When Decimator is being cast, you may wish to put a large shield or death-prevention ability like Sentinel’s Vigilance on the tank just in case the other party members don’t interrupt Decimator. If all else fails, have Battle Rez ready.
  • Phase 2: Air Elemental
    • The tank takes significantly more damage during this phase than the previous. Also, if your party’s DPS is low, Dominatrix can gain a high number of Blizzard’s Touch outgoing damage stacks that may put a strain on AoE healing the party.


  • Phase 1: Assault Frame
    • An interrupt is required. Make sure to interrupt Decimator when it occurs.
  • Phase 2: Air Elemental
    • Make sure to click the Capture Device when Dominax is below 20% hp during this phase.

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