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Exodus of the Storm Queen: Valthundr


The Valthundr encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Valthundr. You will need to run close to the gate to have Valthundr come through the gate.

Auto Attack

Valthundr’s auto attack deals approximately 9-10k physical damage to the tank whenever he isn’t casting his other abilities.


Valthundr knocks all players back with Avalanche. This Air attack deals approximately 2-5k damage to each player.

To prevent yourself from getting knocked back you can stand in front of the curved table in the center of the encounter. When Valthundr uses Avalanche, you will be knocked back into the table.

Frost Bound

Exodus of the Storm Queen Valthundr 1

Immediately after casting Avalanche, Valthundr will begin to cast Frost Bound. A blue circle will appear near the center of the room. Anyone who is not in the blue circle by the time Frost Bound finishes casting will take considerable damage and you will gain stacks of a freeze debuff. If you get 5 stacks of this debuff you will become frozen and then take considerable damage shortly after.

Deep Freeze

Exodus of the Storm Queen Valthundr 2

Immediately after casting Frost Bound, Valthundr will cast Deep Freeze. This is an AoE that ticks for 2-4k damage every 3 seconds and places 1 stack of a freeze debuff on you every few seconds. If this debuff reaches 5 stacks you will become frozen and you will take considerable damage shortly after. Each stack of the debuff also slows your movement which can be dangerous thanks to the Winter’s Fury mechanic (explained below).

The debuff looks like a blue heart and each Deep Freeze channel will put 2 stacks on every player.

It is the job of the healer to cleanse this debuff. You can also use Break Free to remove the stacks of this debuff.

Deep Freeze lasts 10 seconds.

Winter’s Fury

Exodus of the Storm Queen Valthundr 3

Valthundr will perform Avalanche, Frost Bound and Deep Freeze twice before emoting “Valthundr prepares to unleash Winter’s Fury on anyone who is not behind cover” and using Winter’s Fury. Winter’s Fury is a channel that places a laser on each player. You must hide away from Valthundr’s view behind one of the bookshelves around the encounter before the channel ends or you will take considerable damage/die.

During the channel random party members will also get a pulsing AoE on them that deals approximately 2k damage per 1-sec tick to them and anyone around them. This means that if two or more players with the pulsing AoE hides behind the same bookshelf, they will take numerous ticks from both their own pulsing AoE and the pulsing AoE of other players.

If the healer is having trouble healing through this fight, it is a good idea to co-ordinate which bookshelves you will be running towards so that you keep yourselves separated.

Right after the Winter’s Fury channel ends, one of the bookshelves surrounding the encounter will be destroyed. This acts as a soft enrage because you will have fewer and fewer bookshelves to hide behind.

After Winter’s Fury he repeats the above rotation throughout the rest of the encounter: Avalanche -> Frost Bound -> Deep Freeze -> Avalanche -> Frost Bound -> Deep Freeze -> Winter’s Fury.

Strategy – Valthundr

No Interrupt Required
Cleansing is Required

  • Stand in front of the table in the middle of the room so that you won’t get knocked back. Valthundr does not have a cleave so you don’t have to worry about him facing you.
    Exodus of the Storm Queen Valthundr 4
  • If you do get knocked back, make sure to run into the blue circle when Valthundr is casting Frost Bound.
  • Use Break Free if the healer is having trouble cleansing the debuff off players.
  • Run and hide behind a bookshelf when Valthundr casts Winter’s Fury. Make sure to pay attention to which bookshelves are still up before Winter’s Fury so you don’t end up running towards an empty area.


  • There’s no interrupt required.
  • Position Valthundr so that he is directly facing the players who are stacked in front of the table in the middle. That way when Valthundr uses his knockback everyone will be knocked back into the table (i.e. they won’t move).
  • Valthundr does not cleave so you don’t have to worry about facing him away from the party.


  • A cleanse is required.
  • Using a spec with an AoE cleanse would be particularly beneficial in this fight because every player gets stacks of the debuff every 5 seconds of Deep Freeze. When there’s not much damage going around you should be spamming cleanses to get rid of the debuff on party members.
  • If a party member fails to get into the blue circle before Valthundr finishes casting Frost Bound, they will receive stacks of the freeze debuff. Make sure to prioritise cleansing them first because they are far more likely to reach 5 stacks of the freeze debuff compared to the other party members.
  • A spec with AoE heal-over-time (hots) spells is particularly effective on this fight since you can throw hots on all party members just before they run out for Winter’s Fury so that whilst they are hiding behind bookshelves they are still getting healed through any pulsing AoE. Warden is particularly effective on this fight although the tank will be taking a decent amount of damage as well.
  • If a player ends up with 5 stacks of the debuff and is in a ‘frozen’ state (they’ll turn white-ish and stop moving), throw up a shield or death-prevention ability like Sentinel’s Vigilance on them so they don’t die.


  • There’s no interrupt required.
  • Nothing DPS-specific to note.

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