Dalraak the Shadowlord

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Nightmare Coast: Dalraak the Shadowlord

Mini-Event before Dalraak the Shadowlord

When you kill the Shade of Akylios (second boss), run into the portal that spawns behind him and you will be teleported to a new location. Prior to Dalraak the Shadowlord, there’s a ton of adds to deal with.

The large groups of Dream Coven Cultist adds do hardly anything. What you want to pay attention to are the larger adds: The Dream Coven Fanatics and the Dream Coven Reverends.

Dream Coven Fanatics

Nightmare Coast Mini Event Dalraak 1

Dream Coven Fanatics are the larger adds with a carnival mask on them. Their auto-attack does approx 2k damage so hardly anything to worry about. At approx 65% hp they will transform into a translucent horror. It’s mainly the swirling AoE ‘Storm of Insanity’ they spawn on the ground that is a concern. These AoEs will spawn 3 at a time and move slowly around the room.

They deal approximately 4.5k water damage (2.5k to tanks) per tick and can overlap. If you’re ranged it is best to spread out to make the healer’s job easier.

Dream Coven Reverends

Nightmare Coast Mini Event Dalraak 2

Dream Coven Reverends are the larger adds with a Kelari/Ember Isle outfit. They cast Field of Decay which is a bright orange AoE at their feet. Those standing within take considerable damage. It is not advised to go melee for these trash packs thanks to the Reverends. Their Field of Decay AoE can hit about 1.2-1.8k damage 20 times every second if you don’t run out (so a good 20k+ damage).

Non-tank’s health will melt if they stay in it. Healers should pay extra attention to any melee dps in your group – pre-shielding or placing CDs on them can help if they still choose to dps in melee.

Trash Pack Before Dalraak

There’s a whole heap of Dream Coven Cultists just prior to Dalraak’s platform. They don’t deal much damage so you can take on a large swathe of them at a time. The tank will have to determine whether your healer can survive pulling the entire trash pack surrounding Dalraak’s platform (and also take into consideration how many adds you can hold threat on).

Dalraak the Shadowlord

Nightmare Coast Dalraak the Shadowlord 1

Dalraak the Shadowlord is the third boss of the Nightmare Coast dungeon. Make sure to get inside the platform or you will be locked out.


Dalraak’s auto-attacks deal approx. 12k physical damage per hit. He auto-attacks when he isn’t using any of his other abilities.

Blade of Tyranny

Dalraak casts Blade of Tyranny which does approx. 8k death damage to the tank. He does this once every 10 or so seconds when he isn’t using other abilities.

Shadow Stitch

Dalraak casts Shadow Stitch which is an interruptible cast. It is a dot that goes on a random player that does approximately 6k damage per tick (3k for tanks). It roots players (thanks to Takame for the info!). Cleansable.

Mass Shadow Stitch

A more powerful version of Shadow Stitch that can hit more players and deal more damage.

The Demon Within

Nightmare Coast Dalraak the Shadowlord 3

Dalraak emotes “Join me in the nightmare!” and casts a channel with a red laser on each player. Each player will receive a purple AoE around them. Shortly afterwards, you will all begin pulsing. Make sure that you do not touch anyone else’s circle by the time the pulses begin. Circles can overlap, but they can’t overlap a player or else they will take 9-10k damage per tick/pulse.

Easiest way to avoid taking damage from this mechanic is if everyone is ranged and spreads out.

Mass Shadoweave

Nightmare Coast Dalraak the Shadowlord 2

Dalraak emotes “You are powerless against this!” and rises into the air and puts a laser on up to 10 adds that are alive, greatly increasing the minions’ out-going damage (according to the tooltip). This channel lasts 9 seconds. If he successfully channels long enough, Gathering Darkness adds will transform into Shadowfiends. They are supposed to be more powerful than Gathering Darkness adds but they seem to deal the same damage.

Shadoweave is an interruptible cast that does the same thing, but for a single add.

If Dalraak starts channeling Mass Shadoweave before any adds appear, it won’t do anything even if the adds appear mid-way through his channel.


Every now and then, portals will appear and spawn 2 Gathering Darkness adds every 10 seconds. These deal 3k damage per tick. As the fight progresses, more and more portals will appear at a time. You can DPS these portals to destroy them. This is highly recommended as the more adds are up, the more damage Dalraak can inflict.

Once you destroy a portal, the adds the Gathering Darkness adds that spawn from it will despawn. The portal will also despawn after 1 minute although the adds will still remain.

Warped Reality

Nightmare Coast Dalraak the Shadowlord 4

Dalraak will cast “Warped Reality”. This is an interruptible cast. If you fail to interrupt this cast, he gains 20 stacks of Warped Reality which he places in quick succession on players. The Warped Reality debuff increases damage received by 5% per stack.

This ability is cast at random regardless of his hp. You MUST prioritize interrupting this ability. You can generally ignore all the other interruptible abilities as there’s other ways to deal with them.

The debuff stacks seems to be applied based on the number of adds still up and who they are attacking. i.e. our tank received 14 stacks and the only other player to be hit by adds whilst Dalraak had Warped Reality buff up received 4 stacks of the debuff.

Regardless, if Warped Reality isn’t interrupted, the healer needs to prepare to heal the tank for a lot.

Strategy – Dalraak the Shadowlord

Interrupt is Required
Cleansing is Required

  • DPS Portals.
  • DPS adds if they don’t despawn when a portal dies.
  • Spread out for The Demon Within. Don’t let your purple AoE overlap another player (circles can overlap).
  • Boss cleaves every now and then, don’t be in front of him.
  • Interrupt Shadow Stitch, Shadoweave and especially, Warped Reality. Prioritize Warped Reality. Healer can cleanse Shadow Stitch and Shadoweave is only an issue if your group isn’t good at DPSing portals.
  • Heal and DPS hard if Warped Reality goes through.


  • Interrupt Shadow Stitch, Shadoweave and Warped Reality with priority going to Warped Reality.
  • Make sure you have CDs for the final 15% or so of HP if Dalraak manages to use Warped Reality because you will take considerably more damage than before.


  • Cleanse Shadow Stitch from random players who get it. It’s a purple-icon dot, can’t miss it.
  • Make sure you have CDs ready for approx. under 15% HP since Warped Reality will cause damage to increase significantly. A lot more adds will spawn the lower Dalraak’s HP is because more portals will appear so make sure to have enough mana as well.


  • Interrupt Shadow Stich, Shadoweave and Warped Reality with priority going to Warped Reality.
  • Kill portals asap. DPS adds with AoE that increases your Single Target damage.

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2 Comments on “Dalraak the Shadowlord”

  1. Takame
    August 29, 2014 at 5:48 am #

    I didn’t know shadow stitch is a dot as well. The only thing I noticed was that it roots the player in place. Very annoying if you have to spread out but you’re stuck in place.

    • August 29, 2014 at 5:55 am #

      Ah, I didn’t realise it roots you since we cleansed it off pretty fast. I’ll add that in! Thanks for the info Takame!

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