Hydal Ithral

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Nightmare Coast: Hydal Ithral (The Dream Eater)

Mini-Events before Hydal Ithral

There are four quests you can complete prior to starting the Hydal Ithral (The Dream Eater) boss encounter. You need to complete two of them before you can engage the first boss, Hydal Ithral.

You can pick up ‘Unfortunate Shore’, ‘The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of’ and ‘Sleeping On The Job’ from the Faceless Man who is at the top of the stairs at the start of the encounter once the Sinister Presence has finished his monologue.

Note: If you kill the Sinister Presence before he finishes his opening monologue, you will get the achieve “Excuse Me, I’m Trying To Look AT The Water!”. However, note that the Faceless Man won’t immediately spawn until after the Sinister Presence’s monologue is supposed to end, even if you kill the Sinister Presence early.

The other quest is a carnage quest that you pick up automatically as soon as you kill a Murderous Harlequin or Spectre of Ruin add that appears throughout the area prior to the Hydal Ithral boss.

Unfortunate Shore

Nightmare Coast Mini Event Unfortunate Shore Mindshapers

– Kill Mindshapers 0/4.

This quest involves killing the Mindshapers that appear marked on your mini-map with a blue dot. They stand outside in-between ritual stones. The only thing the Mindshapers do hroughout the fight is channel Waking Nightmare, which summons three Nascent Horror adds at a time.

Fairly simple – just concentrate on DPSing the Mindshaper as each Nascent Horrors don’t deal a lot of damage. Any Area-of-Effect (‘AoE’) that increases your Single Target (ST) can help out too.

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Nightmare Coast Mini Event Dreamscrapers

– Dispel the Dreamscrapers 0/3.

This quest involves killing the Dreamscrapers (that look like Matron Zamira) the are inside some of the houses in the area, again marked with a blue dot on your mini-map.

  • To defeat them, you need to use the reactive “Waning Shadows” that you get when you approach them until all 10 stacks of her buff drop.
  • Each time you remove a buff using the reactive, a small add will spawn.
  • Once the Dreamscraper has 0 stacks of the buff you can then attack her.

Depending on your tank/heals, you might want to slow down on using the reactive instead of spamming it and having 10 adds + a Dreamscraper to deal with.

Sleeping On The Job

– Awaken Sleeping Unseen Agents 0/5.

This quest is optional as you will be able to get through the barrier to Hydal Ithral with just the first two quests above completed. For this, you will need to find sleeping Unseen Agents throughout Fortune’s Shore – target them, then use the quest item that appears next to the quest in your quest tracker.

To find the Unseen Agents, simply use a target macro. They appear in buildings and other areas.

Carnage: Denizens Of The Dream

– Kill Murderous Harlequins and Spectres of Ruin 0/12.

Simple carnage quest you automatically receive the first time you kill a Murderous Harlequin or Spectre of Ruin. Harlequins are nothing to worry about, but the Spectres of Ruin can be annoying if players fail to interrupt.

Spectres of Ruin

Nightmare Coast Mini Event Spectre of Ruin

The Spectres of Ruin are adds that appear prior to the first boss of Nightmare Coast, The Dream Eater. There’s two abilities that they mainly do – Whirling Death and Hangman’s Noose. Both are interruptible.

Whirling Death is what you want to aim for as Hangman’s Noose doesn’t deal a lot of damage. Whirling Death will deal ~5k damage to every party member every 2 seconds whilst it is channeling. This can be a pain for healers so it is important that the tank and dps interrupts this channel as soon as it starts.

Hangman’s Noose has an uninterruptible (yellow) cast before it begins an interruptible (blue) channel. It pulls a random player towards the Spectre of Ruin and deals approximately 9-10k damage to that player. Save your interrupts for Whirling Death.

Hydal Ithral

Nightmare Coast The Dream Eater 1

Hydal Ithral (referred in the objectives as “The Dream Eater”) is the first boss of the Nightmare Coast dungeon. His encounter area is only accessible once you kill 4x Mindshapers and 3x Dreamscrapers in the area prior.


Hydal Ithral does a physical auto-attack that hits the tank for anywhere between 11-20k damage. This occurs every 3-4 seconds, interrupted by any abilities he is casting.

Flowing Horror

Nightmare Coast The Dream Eater 3

A buff on Hydal Ithral that damages players who get hit by the laser between the boss and any Nightmare Orbs that spawn. Does about 600 damage per tick. He will throw a trident behind a random player. Once it hits the ground, a Nightmare Orb will spawn.

Touch of the Dream Eater

Deals 1k damage to the tank every 3 seconds. Doesn’t seem to do or be affected by anything else. No. of Nightmare Orbs doesn’t increase it’s damage so it’s kind of an odd ability given how low damage it does.

Devour Fear (Shield)

Hydal Ithral will emote “Embrace the nightmare!” and put up a shield. DPS it down (or purge it) to damage him again. The shield will provide him with a buff ‘Devour Fear’ that increases his outgoing damage by 100% and decrease his movement speed by 40%.

The tank should kite the boss for a few seconds even after his shield has disappeared as the damage buff seems to continue on for a few seconds even after the shield drops. (thanks to Takame for the info on the buff)


An AoE damage-over-time (‘DoT’) ability that is cast on all players. This does approximately 3-4k damage per tick. Cleansable.

Mark of Atrophy

Nightmare Coast The Dream Eater 2

Hydal Ithral casts a debuff called “Mark of Atrophy” to a random player who will get a pulsing purple AoE on them that lasts for 8secs. Once the debuff drops off, the AoE will drop onto the ground and become a red AoE with a totem in the middle. Avoid being inside this red AoE and avoid two AoE’s overlapping each other’s totem. The red AoE will disappear after a few seconds.

It’s advised to place these Marks of Atrophy along the edge of the encounter so as to not run out of room if your group’s DPS is low.

Strategy – Hydal Ithral

Interrupt Not Required
Cleansing Required

  • Avoid the laser between the boss and Nightmare Orbs.
  • When you get the Mark of Atrophy purple pulsing AoE, run to the edge of the encounter and wait for the debuff to drop to ‘drop’ a red AoE. Avoid the red AoE touching another red AoE’s ‘totem/spike’.
    Nightmare Coast The Dream Eater 4You should have more than enough space so that you don’t need to ever have to put the Mark of Atrophy AoEs close to each other.
  • DPS the Nightmare Orbs.


  • No interrupt required.
  • The Tank can also get Mark of Atrophy so watch out for that and don’t let two AoEs touch the middle totem/spike of another Mark of Atrophy AoE.
  • Tank should kite Hydal when he puts his shield up since he does 100% more damage and his movement speed drops by 40%. Even when the shield is down, his dmg buff seems to last a few more seconds.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to kite him throughout the entire fight.


  • Cleansing Required. Hydal will cast Nightshade, a debuff on all players that does 3-4k damage per tick. Cleanse it off. Easiest if you have an AoE cleanse in your spec.
  • You should use a Single-Target healing spec because the tank can take a decent chunk of damage from Hydal’s auto-attack (10-20k per hit).
  • DPS down Hydal’s shield when it comes up (or purge it).


  • No interrupt required.
  • DPS Nightmare Orbs if your DPS is low or your tank/melee dps has trouble avoiding lasers.

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3 Comments on “Hydal Ithral”

  1. Takame
    August 29, 2014 at 5:34 am #

    Even if you tell us to avoid making the spike in the red AoE overlap… I just don’t understand why. I’m merely told not to do something but I don’t get the idea behind it. Even if I screwed up and make them overlap, would it be the end of the world?

    About the shield… it increases the boss’s damage done massively but also slows him down. This is where the auto-attacks hit HARD. The tank has no reason to take that damage so they can just kite the boss at that part.

    DPSing the shield down is one option but it can also be purged. However, last time I was there, the effects of the shield (+DMG, -MOV) won’t go away even after it’s gone. The boss still hits like a truck but is also still slowed down. Our group found it easier just to keep kiting the boss. The boss couldn’t touch the tank for the rest of the encounter.

    • August 29, 2014 at 5:52 am #

      Good point on the shield. Devour Fear: It says it increases damage by 100% and reduces movement speed by 40%. As for the effects lasting through the shield – is that when purged or DPSed down, or both? Wondering if that’s a bug.

  2. Takame
    August 29, 2014 at 12:09 pm #

    Yes, it’s the shield that’s either purged or DPSed.I haven’t been to Nightmare Coast for a while but I don’t recall patch notes saying it’s been fixed. As long as boss gets that +100% dmg buff, he might as well be kited.

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