Lord Arak

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Nightmare Coast: Lord Arak (Ritual)

Mini-Event before Lord Arak (Ritual)

After defeating Dalraak the Shadowlord, walk across the bridge. At the end some trash mobs will spawn.These will mainly be Dream Coven Fanatics and Dream Coven Reverends. Just watch out for the three white swirling AoEs as well as the bright orange AoE that spawns on top of the Reverends and you’ll be fine.

Defeat the trash packs and proceed to the middle of the fort to start the next encounter.

Lord Arak (Ritual)

Lord Arak is the fourth and last boss of the Nightmare Coast dungeon. Do not be afraid of how many abilities are listed below in this guide. This fight is harder than it looks mainly because a failed interrupt on a Manifest Terror add’s Horrific Transformation will cause this fight to become a lot harder than it actually is. If you can interrupt Horrific Transformation properly, this fight will be easy.

Main thing to note is that you don’t need to fight the Manifestation of Lord Arak himself; just kill off the Manifest Terror adds that spawn one by one throughout the fight and you’re done.

It is not advised to go melee dps in this fight.

Phase 1 (before 1st Manifest Terror dies)

Before the first Manifest Terror dies, the fight will simply involve dpsing down the first Manifest Terror, dpsing the Nightmare Fracture portal that he summons and interrupting Horrific Tranformations.

Phase 2 (Manifestation of Lord Arak)

When the first Manifest Terror dies, the Manifestation of Lord Arak will appear and your camera will change so that it moves in the direction that Lord Arak moves in. This may take some getting used to and some players might experience immense lag after the first Manifest Terror dies.

There’s no need to dps Lord Arak. Continue killing Manifest Terrors. Once all Manifest Terrors are dead, the fight ends.

Manifest Terror (Add)

There are 4 Dream Coven Nightbringers who are constantly channeling a laser to the Infinity Gate above the encounter. These adds are not targetable, but will spawn a Manifest Terror one by one from a random Nightbringer. The Nightbringer dies when the Manifest Terror dies.

  • The Manifest Terror does an auto-attack of about 9k damage.
  • He casts Shadow Cleave which is a cleave. Does 7.5k to tanks and about 12k to others.
  • He casts Numbing Cold which is interruptible. This puts a debuff on all players. Cleansable. It’s better to save your interrupt for Horrific Transformation.
  • It will emote “Manifest Terror creates a fracture in reality!”, cast Rend the Ward and summon a portal called Nightmare Fracture. Nightmare Fracture will summon adds one by one until it is destroyed.
  • He will cast “Horrific Transformation” and a large blue glow will surround him. This MUST be interrupted if you want the fight to be easy. If you fail this interrupt, he will transform into a new NPC with far more punishing abilities. It’s random when he casts this and sometimes it will cast right after Numbing Cold, so it is best to save your interrupt for Horrific Transformation.
    Also note that each additional time the Manifest Terror tries to cast Horrific Transformation, the cast time decreases by 1s so you will need to dps him down quickly. (thanks to Nerokerubina for the info on his decreasing cast times!)

Nightmare Coast Lord Arak 1

DPS down the Manifest Terror asap, DPS down the Nightmare Fracture (portal) when it spawns asap and interrupt his Horrific Transformation.

Nightmare Fracture (Portal)

This is the portal that Manifest Terrors spawn. When the portal is spawned, adds called Shadowgate Sapper will spawn one by one until the portal closes. DPS down the portal asap.

Shadowgate Sapper (Add)

Shadowgate Sappers spawn from Nightmare Fractures (portals). The adds don’t do a lot of damage (approx 300 dps each). They will explode and deal considerable damage to the tank. It’s important to kill them one by one instead of in an AoE.

Manifest Terror Transformations (Add)

If you happen to fail to interrupt a Manifest Terror add’s Horrific Transformation, they will transform into a new add and restore 100% of their HP. There’s a few different adds, all maintaining the ‘Manifest Terror’ name. If this happens the fight will become a lot harder.

The Manifest Terror will gain new abilities as well as maintain their old (like summoning portals).

‘Mage’ Manifest Terror (bottom-left) (Add) – The ‘mage’ add (carrying a staff and wearing a cloak) spawns when you fail to interrupt Horrific Transformation on the bottom-left Manifest Terror.

Nightmare Coast Lord Arak 2

  • Dark Water Bolt creates a red pulsing AoE on a random player before a water bolt shoots at them. Getting hit by it deals approximately 35k damage. This is not interruptible. Either you need to hide behind the middle area before the cast is finished or players need to stack to share damage (unsure, will confirm and update).
    Nightmare Coast Lord Arak 3
  • Raging Tide is a yellow rectangular AoE with a wave that goes out from the ‘Mage’ Manifest Terror add. It does approximately 10-15k damage and knocks the player back.
    Nightmare Coast Lord Arak 4
  • Soul Anchor is a small water foothold that is summoned by the ‘Mage’ Manifest Terror add. It puts a blue laser on every player and deals 4k damage every 3 seconds until the Soul Anchor is destroyed.

‘Emu Turtle’ Manifest Terror (middle) (Add) – The double-headed ’emu turtle’ add spawns when you fail to interrupt Horrific Transformation on the middle Manifest Terror.

Nightmare Coast Lord Arak 5

  • Shell Shock. The ‘Emu Turtle’ Manifest Terror add will become immobile whilst he casts Shell Shock and aim at the tank. It will then charge a very short distance towards the tank and generate a small yellow AoE burst, dealing 60k damage to anyone nearby. (the ‘short distance’ might just be his animation and his actual hitbox might not move).
    Nightmare Coast Lord Arak 6
  • Double Dragon Turtle. The ‘Emu Turtle’ basically does a one-two head-butt attack. First hit is 30-40k and the second is 7.5k damage to the tank in quick succession.
  • Toxic Spit is an interruptible cast. Deals approx 30k to the tank. Ranged attack.

‘Sobek’ Manifest Terror (top-left) (Add) – The ‘Sobek’ add spawns when you fail to interrupt Horrific Transformation on the top-left Manifest Terror.

Nightmare Coast Lord Arak 7

  • Poisoned Spear. Cast that hits tank for 12k damage and puts a dot that ticks for 1.2k every 2 seconds for 5 ticks.
  • Roar from the Depths. (unsure, will update when more info present).
  • He probably has a 3rd ability but I have yet to be in a group that has either not wiped by this point or managed to last long enough to see all his abilities. Will update when more info present.

 Manifestation of Lord Arak (Add)

Nightmare Coast Lord Arak 8

The Manifestation of Lord Arak (“Lord Arak”) is just an add who you don’t fight. It’s the job of the tank to tank and kite this guy whilst avoiding his mechanics. He has 3 abilities: Smash, Slash and Circle of Terror.


Nightmare Coast Lord Arak 9

Smash is a very large red AoE that Lord Arak summons. Those near him will be knocked back. Run out asap or else even the tank will take about 50-60k damage.


This is a yellow conal AoE that follows the tank. There is a gap between when the AoE stops following the tank and when the attack hits and that will give the tank the opportunity to dodge it. Being close to Lord Arak, the tank should be able to easily side-step this ability. Make sure it is not facing the party.

This attack does 50k damage to tanks and about 70k to non-tanks.

Circle of Terror

An AoE that he spawns in melee range. Deals approximately 18k damage to tanks, 30k on non-tanks.

As you can see, the fight is exceptionally easy if you manage to interrupt Horrible Transformation on each Manifest Terror, but increasingly harder if you do not manage to do this.

Strategy – Lord Arak (Ritual)

Note: Bug – Camera Bug. There’s currently a camera bug that can cause your game to freeze for a few seconds or even crash after the first Manifest Terror dies due to the camera change that occurs. Try lowering your graphics settings or kill the Manifest Terror and be positioned in the lower-half of the encounter (facing the entrance to the fort). It is possible that the freeze is caused by being too close to where Lord Arak spawns when the camera change occurs.

Interrupt is Required
Cleansing is Required

  • When a Manifest Terror spawns make sure you interrupt the Horrible Transformation cast. It can come at a random time so pay attention. Do not interrupt Numbing Cold as this can be easily cleansed by the healer.
  • Destroy Nightmare Fracture (portal) when it spawns. Only kill the small Shadowgate Sapper adds one by one so melee doesn’t take too much damage from their self-destruct all at once.
  • Ignore the Manifestation of Lord Arak unless you are the tank.
  • Avoid all AoE. Best not to use a melee dps spec.


  • Interrupt Manifest Terror’s Horrible Transformation. Putting him on focus target and using an @focus interrupt macro helps.
  • Interrupt Toxic Spit if the ‘Emu Turtle’ version of the Manifest Terror spawns.
  • Ran out of melee range of the ‘Emu Turtle’ before it finishes casting Shell Shock.
  • Kite the Manifestation of Lord Arak and pick up all adds. Make sure you don’t aim his Slash conal AoE at the party.
  • Both you and the healer needs to be aware of positioning because the middle ‘coral’ will make you line-of-sight. Also, if you run away from Lord Arak’s Smash (large red AoE) in the opposite direction of where your healer is, you may end up out of range of the healer.


  • Cleanse Numbing Cold that is put on everyone by the Manifest Terror every now and then.
  • Cleanse Poisoned Spear if it goes on the tank from the ‘Sobek’ Manifest Terror, if it spawns.
  • Keep a close eye on your tank and positioning. The middle ‘coral’ will make you line-of-sight from the tank, and if the tank or yourself runs in opposite directions to avoid Lord Arak’s Smash (large red AoE), the tank might be out of range of your heals.


  • Interrupt Manifest Terror’s Horrible Transformation cast. THIS IS VITAL for a smooth and easy fight. Make the Manifest Terror your focus target and use an @focus interrupt macro to make this easier when you switch to other adds.
  • DPS down the Manifest Terrors when they spawn asap. Each time you interrupt their Horrible Transformation, the next cast will be 1 second faster. If you take too long to kill the Manifest Terror it will end up inevitably transforming.
  • Switch and DPS down the Nightmare Fractures (portals) when they spawn. Keep an eye on the Manifest Terror though so you can interrupt Horrible Transformation.
  • DPS down the Shadowgate Sapper adds that spawn from the Nightmare Fracture (portal) one by one (not AoE) so that the tank and any melee don’t blow up from too many self-destructs.
  • Avoid AoEs of all sorts.
  • Best not to go Melee DPS for this fight because a lot of abilities are anti-melee.
  • If you fail to interrupt Horrible Transformation:
    • Interrupt Toxic Spit if the ‘Emu Turtle’ spawns.
    • Avoid being near the ‘Emu Turtle’ when it finishes casting Shell Shock.
    • Avoid the yellow rectangle AoE if the ‘Mage’ spawns.
    • Stack on other players if they get the small red AoE if the ‘Mage’ casts Dark Water Bolt.

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4 Comments on “Lord Arak”

  1. Takame
    August 29, 2014 at 5:51 am #

    The lag was the toughest part to deal with here, and it made my group fall apart. Maybe I’ll try again today. 😛

    • August 29, 2014 at 5:59 am #

      Didn’t notice any lag myself but I’ve had several players in groups mention it so it might have something to do with certain graphics settings or computer specs. If the group can interrupt Horrible Transformation the fight becomes kind of boring/a breeze. It’s funny cause each group seems to have one guy with a unique way to do the fight (like standing on a sea shell in the bottom-right corner of the encounter) but they just led to wipe after wipe because players were out of range for interrupt or out of range of the footholds/etc.

    • Nerokerubina
      August 30, 2014 at 12:17 am #

      About the lag when killing a Manifest Terror, on a guild run, everyone with high graphics settings was freezing to death while other did not. When they changed for the lowest setting, everything went right.

      About the Horrible Transformation, you may want to add its cast time decrease by 1s every time the Manifest Terror try to use it, starting at 4s. I’ve seen it reach 1s, leading to a wipe usually :/

    • August 30, 2014 at 12:22 am #

      Makes sense on the higher graphics. I just use Ultra (not max) with slight changes like no cloak vfx.
      Thanks for the information on the Horrible Transformations! Never even thought of checking that when going over and over my recorded vids with ACT! 😀

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