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Realm of Twisted Dreams: Frozen Terror

Mini-Event Prior to Frozen Terror –

After killing Grandmaster Atrophinius (3rd boss) you will head into a ‘Winter’ area of the Realm of Twisted Dreams instance.

Bonfire AoE

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Terror 1

You’ll first notice a bonfire with an orange AoE around it. Standing in the Bonfire AoE will protect you against Blizzard Winds damage and reset the DoT damage on Blizzard Winds.

Blizzard Winds

Whilst you are in the Winter area, if you aren’t in the orange AoE of a Bonfire, you will have a debuff called Blizzard Winds that deals damage to you every 4 seconds. Each party member gets their own Blizzard Winds debuff.

The longer you are away from a Bonfire AoE, the more damage you will take per tick. Going into a Bonfire AoE will reset the debuff so it starts from its initial damage amount again. The Bonfire AoE also protects you against Blizzard Winds damage.

Start 3 Bonfires

The Mini-Event prior to Frozen Terror involves starting 3 bonfires that surround the Frozen Terror (4th boss) encounter.

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Terror 2

  1. Kill Frozen Treants (the tall tree mobs) in the area. These mobs throw down a large blue AoE that deals a small amount of damage per tick. Also, once they drop to 10% hp they will cast “Self Destruct” and produce a large red AoE. If Self Destruct cast ends, your party will take a huge amount of damage (some players may die). DPS the Frozen Treant down to 0% hp before the Self Destruct cast ends.
  2. Collect Bundle of Firewood. This is an item that drops close to where a Frozen Treant dies. Click on the item on the ground whilst near it to pick it up.
  3. Channel Bundle of Firewood at a Frozen Bonfire. Channel Bundle of Firewood on a Frozen Bonfire by either using the reactive ability you get or clicking on the upgrade button to the right of the Frozen Bonfire portrait. There’s 3 Frozen Bonfires in the area. Use two fully-charged Bundles of Firewood on a Frozen Bonfire to fully activate it. When it is active, the Bonfire will have a fire going and there will be an orange AoE around it.

Once all 3 Bonfires have become active, Frozen Terror (4th boss) in the middle of the encounter will break out of his ice prison and become targetable.

Frozen Terror

The Frozen Terror encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Frozen Terror after the mini-event is over.

Blizzard Winds/Bonfire AoE

As per the Mini-Event prior to Frozen Terror, the Blizzard Winds and Bonfire AoE mechanics also exist for the Frozen Terror encounter, with the addition that you need to have Frozen Terror inside a Bonfire AoE otherwise you will deal minimal damage to him.

Permafrost (Buff)/Bonfire’s Heat (Debuff)

Frozen Terror has a permanent buff called Permafrost that makes him take vastly less damage from your attacks. To temporarily overwrite this buff, you need to drag Frozen Terror inside a Bonfire AoE. As long as he is in the Bonfire AoE he will constantly receive a debuff called “Bonfire’s Heat” that weakens his defenses so you can do normal damage to him.

Auto Attack

Frozen Terror deals approximately 9k Physical damage each time he uses his auto attack.

Cold Snap

Frozen Terror casts Cold Snap every now and then. It is an interruptable cast, so interrupt it. If you fail to interrupt this cast, he knocks everyone back and deals a ton of damage (some players may die). The knockback can be deadly (and annoying) if it ends up knocking you off the ledge of the encounter.

Flash Freeze

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Terror 3

Frozen Terror emotes “The Frozen Terror covers [playername] in ice!” and casts Flash Freeze on a random player (never seen it cast on the tank though). That player gets frozen in an ice pillar called Frozen Prison. Target the player and DPS them out.

Hoary Blast

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Terror 4

Frozen Terror emotes “Frozen Terror faces [playername] and takes a deep breath.” and channels a frost breath, frontal cone AoE attack aimed at the last location of the targeted player. Move out of the way. This ticks for 6-7k damage.

Frozen Rain

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Terror 5

Frozen Terror occasionally casts this ability which causes a ton of small red AoEs to randomly appear in random locations of the encounter. The AoEs deal 5-6k damage each but given their small size and random nature they are pretty easy to avoid.

Thermal Dissipation

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Terror 6

Thermal Dissipation is a very large, blue AoE that Frozen Terror casts. When his cast is complete, any Bonfires that are inside the AoE will be destroyed. If the Bonfire AoE you are in disappears, you’ll need to move to an active Bonfire AoE otherwise you will take increased damage from Blizzard Winds and the boss will take minimal damage.

Strategy – Frozen Terror

Interrupt is Required
Cleansing Not Required

  • Stay inside the orange AoE of a Bonfire to avoid taking damage from Blizzard Winds. You will also need to have Frozen Terror inside the orange AoE to lower his incoming damage-reduction buff, otherwise he takes hardly any damage.
  • When Frozen Terror casts Cold Snap, make sure to interrupt it or else you will be knocked back and take considerable damage.
  • Flash Freeze is cast on a random player who gets imprisoned in a Frozen Prison and is unable to move or use any abilities. DPS them down to break them out.
  • Hoary Blast is a frontal cone-like ‘breath’ attack that Frozen Terror aims at a random player’s last location. Get away from it.
  • When Frozen Rain is cast, avoid red AoEs.
  • When Thermal Dissipation is cast, run out of the large blue AoE.


  • An interrupt is required. Make sure to interrupt Frozen Terror’s Cold Snap cast.
  • Make sure that Frozen Terror is inside the orange AoE of an active Bonfire, otherwise he takes minimal damage.

If you want an achieve, “The Cold Shoulder” as well as a smoother fight, as the Tank you will need to pay particular attention to Thermal Dissipation, which is cast by Frozen Terror  in the following pattern:

  1. Casts Cold Snap (interruptable cast)
  2. Casts Flash Freeze (freeze random player)
  3. Casts Hoary Blast (ice breath on random player’s location)
  4. Casts Cold Snap.
  5. Approx 10 seconds later, casts Thermal Dissipation.
  6. Casts Cold Snap
  7. Casts Flash Freeze
  8. Casts Hoary Blast
  9. Casts Cold Snap
  10. Casts Flash Freeze
  11. Casts Cold Snap
  12. Casts Thermal Dissipation immediately after Cold Snap.

What you want to do as the Tank is move Frozen Terror well away from the Bonfire (move him almost out of range of Ranged DPS) from 0-5 seconds after Cold Snap happens at #4. The longer you wait the more DPS your party will be able to do to the boss, but the closer to him casting Thermal Dissipation.

Once the Flash Freeze occurs at #10 you want the Tank to move Frozen Terror away from the Bonfire – but make sure to have an interrupt ready for Cold Snap (so your raid doesn’t die). Thermal Dissipation will occur right after Cold Snap.

To be 100% safe, you can move Frozen Terror out earlier once he finishes Cold Snap at #9.

By preventing Frozen Terror’s Thermal Dissipation from hitting a Bonfire, you will not have to run out to the next Bonfire (because Thermal Dissipation destroys any Bonfires it touches).

(Each time Thermal Dissipation ends, move Frozen Terror back into the Bonfire’s AoE).


  • Cleansing is not required.
  • Only real thing to look out for is if players stand inside the Hoary Blast AoE cone ‘breath’ attack since they can take considerable damage per tick.


  • An interrupt is required. Make sure to interrupt Frozen Terror’s Cold Snap cast.
  • DPS down whoever gets frozen by Flash Freeze.

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Achievements Guide – Realm of Twisted Dreams

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