Grandmaster Atrophinius

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Realm of Twisted Dreams: Grandmaster Atrophinius

Grandmaster Atrophinius

The Grandmaster Atrophinius encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Grandmaster Atrophinius.

Auto Attack

Grandmaster Atrophinius does a relatively hard-hitting 12k Physical Damage auto attack on the tank.

On The House/Dreamshine Brew (Buff)

Realm of Twisted Dreams Grandmaster Atrophinius 1

Atrophinius casts “On the House” and shortly after a whole bunch of red drinks appear all over the encounter with a blue AoE. Run over the blue AoE to pick up the drink which gives you stacks of Dreamshine Brew buff.

  • The Dreamshine Brew buff provides you with increased damage and healing done per stack that lasts 15 secs.
  • You can safely reach 4 stacks of Dreamshine Brew at any one time without consequence.
  • Once you reach 5 stacks, you become stunned (drunk) for a few seconds. Once you are out of the stun, all your stacks disappear.

Binge Drinking/Drinking Solution (Buff)

Atrophinius will generally cast Binge Drinking right after On The House. The Binge Drinking cast heals him for 60,120 hp every 2 seconds. It also adds a stack of “Drinking Solution” buff that increases his out-going damage per tick of Binge Drinking. This is an interruptible cast.

Last Call/Last Call (DoT)/Keg

Realm of Twisted Dreams Grandmaster Atrophinius 2

Atrophinius will cast Last Call by emoting “Grandmaster Atrophinius glowers at [playername], ready to charge. Hide behind a keg!” and targeting a random player. That player will have a red ‘target’ graphic on them. At the end of his “Last Call” cast, Atrophinius will charge at the targeted player.

  • If the targeted player hides behind a Keg (so that it is in-between themselves and Atrophinius), Atrophinius will charge at the Keg, get stunned for a few seconds and kill the “Twisted Rabblerouser” add that is on top of the Keg.
  • If the targeted player does not hide behind a Keg by the time Atrophinius’ “Last Call” cast ends, Atrophinius will charge at them and deal a large amount of damage to all players. Every player will receive a non-cleansable DoT called “Last Call” that deals 3-4k damage per second for 8 seconds.

Realm of Twisted Dreams Grandmaster Atrophinius 3

Make sure to hide behind one of the 3 Kegs in the encounter when Atrophinius targets you with Last Call. It is best to pay attention to which Kegs have a Twisted Rabblerouser add on top so you can reduce the amount of adds alive at any one time, reducing the number of ground-targeted AoEs “Flask of Dreamshine” that are up at any one time during the fight.

Twisted Rabblerousers (Add)

Twisted Rabblerousers are the Satyr adds that stand on top of Kegs and throw ‘Flask of Dreamshine’ AoE at the location of random players.

Players targeted with Last Call should hide behind a Keg with an add on top to kill it. The adds cannot die any other way.

Flask of Dreamshine (AoE/DoT)

Realm of Twisted Dreams Grandmaster Atrophinius 4

The ground-targeted Purple AoE that Twisted Rabblerouser adds drop on random players’ locations throughout the fight. If you get hit by the AoE you will gain a cleansable DoT called “Flask of Dreamshine” that deals approx. 5k damage every 2 seconds for 15 seconds. Cleansable.

Strategy – Grandmaster Atrophinius

Interrupt is Required
Cleansing is Required

  • Position yourself close to a Keg with a Satyr on top, but still within the ‘middle’ area of the encounter in-between all three Kegs. When you are targeted with “Last Call” (indicated by a red ‘target’ icon on your character) you should run behind a Keg.
  • When On The House is cast and red drinks (with blue AoEs) start appearing in the encounter, run over maximum of 4 of them to gain DPS and Healing buff. Make sure not to have more than 4 stacks or else you will be stunned and lose all stacks.
  • Interrupt Atrophinius’ “Binge Drinking” cast asap. Longer it takes to interrupt, the more he’ll heal and gain out-going DPS buff stacks.
  • Avoid the purple AoE that gets thrown by the adds (Flask of Dreamshine). If someone gets hit by it, the healer needs to cleanse it off asap since the damage can really add up.


  • An interrupt is required. Interrupt “Binge Drinking” asap or else Atrophinius heals and his attacks will hit harder.
  • Tank him in-between the three Kegs. If there’s Melee DPS, try tanking closer to a Keg so that the melee DPS has more time to run behind one if they are targeted.


  • Cleansing is required. Cleanse the Flask of Dreamshine DoT that gets put on players when they touch the large purple AoE (also called Flash of Dreamshine) that the Twisted Rabblerouser adds throw.
  • The boss’ auto-attack hits for a decent amount of damage so pay attention to the Tank’s hp.


  • An interrupt is required. Interrupt “Binge Drinking” asap or else Atrophinius heals and his attacks will hit harder.

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Achievements Guide – Realm of Twisted Dreams

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