Swindler Maelow

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Realm of Twisted Dreams: Swindler Maelow

Swindler Maelow

The Swindler Maelow encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Swindler Maelow.

Auto Attack

Swindler Maelow’s main attack is his auto attack when he isn’t doing anything else. Does approx 9-13k Physical damage to the tank with each hit.

Flash Bomb

Realm of Twisted Dreams Swindler Maelow 1

Swindler Maelow will emote one of the following:

  • “Look at what I’ve got for you!”
  • “Look into my eyes!”
  • “Don’t turn your back on me!”

(these are not ‘instance’ announcements so they only appear as /chat messages. However, he does literally say the above emotes so if you have your sound up you shouldn’t miss it!)

When he does so he will cast “Flash Bomb”. When the cast ends, anyone who is staring at him will take 7-8k damage and get a debuff that you can cleanse.

Ricochet Axe

Realm of Twisted Dreams Swindler Maelow 2

Swindler Maelow casts Ricochet Axe every now and then. Interruptible cast. Failing to interrupt will cause players to take 5-6k damage from Ricochet Axe.

Lifeward Brae (Add)/Reckless Fury (Buff)

Realm of Twisted Dreams Swindler Maelow 3

Lifeward Brae is the ground-based add that spawns every now and then near the middle-left wall. A laser will channel between Lifeward Brae and Swindler Maelow which will cause Swindler Maelow to gain stacks of the Reckless Fury buff that lasts 15secs.

Each stack of the Reckless Fury buff makes Swindler Maelow take 2% more damage from players but allows him to deal 3% more damage to players.

Brae’s Rage

Brae’s Rage is an ability that hits all players for approximately 2k damage every 2 seconds until Lifeward Brae is dead.

Lifeward Celoah (Add)/Nightmare Ring

Realm of Twisted Dreams Swindler Maelow 4

Lifeward Celoah is the air-based add that spawns every now and then at the location of Swindler Maelow. She doesn’t move from that position and begins to cast a blue ring. Once the blue ring completes she despawns.

Getting hit by the ring deals approx 6.5k damage but being inside the ring when Lifeward Celoah completes the circle will deal more damage on top.

The Tank can move Swindler Maelow well away from the ring once Lifeward Celoah spawns.

Lifeward Celoah cannot be damaged.

Poisonous Plant/Poisonous Pollen

Realm of Twisted Dreams Swindler Maelow 5

Multiple Poisonous Plants spawn all throughout the encounter at random locations in the encounter. When they spawn, a white ring will start to expand from them. The expanding AoE will deal 2.1k damage per tick. After a while the plant will ‘die’ and the AoE will disappear.

Strategy – Swindler Maelow

Interrupt is Required
Cleansing is Required

  • Look away from Swindler Maelow when he casts Flash Bomb (he will usually tell you to look at him).
  • DPS down Lifeward Brae when she spawns unless your healer and tank can handle the damage since the stacks of Reckless Fury that she puts on Swindler Maelow will not only increase his damage against players but will also increase the damage players deal to him (leading to a faster kill if you can handle increased healing).
  • Move away from the blue ring cast by Lifeward Celoah when she spawns. If you are inside, run out whilst trying to avoid the ring – however, it’s more important to run out of the ring before Lifeward Celoah completes her circle or else you take extra damage.
  • Avoid Poisonous Plants and their expanding AoE. The AoE is rather faint due to the color scheme of the encounter so just pay extra attention that you aren’t standing in one.


  • An interrupt is required. Interrupt Ricochet Axe that is cast by the boss, Swindler Maelow.
  • An optional method to maximizing party DPS is to make it so that melee DPS is in-between Swindler Maelow and the spawn location of Lifeward Brae. That way when Swindler Maelow does his Flash Bomb look-away mechanic, melee DPS who are looking away can still DPS Lifeward Brae (because they’ll now be facing her).


  • Cleansing is required. There’s a variety of debuffs that appear when you fail to look away from Flash Bomb or get hit by some of the other abilities. Just keep cleansing when you aren’t doing anything else and prepare an AoE cleanse for right after Flash Bomb (since usually some of the players ignore the mechanic or don’t know to look away).


  • An interrupt is required. Interrupt Ricochet Axe that is cast by the boss, Swindler Maelow.
  • Switch to Lifeward Brae when she spawns and DPS her down unless your party’s healer is overgeared and you have high DPS.

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