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Achievements Guide

Realm of Twisted Dreams: Twisted Lord Greenscale

Mini-Event Prior to Twisted Lord Greenscale –

To summon Twisted Lord Greenscale you first need to feed Lord Greenscale (the fleshy version) a few Lil’ Luggo (shambler) mobs.

These mobs will face the person who has current threat on them and when you approach them, they will be knocked back to the opposite direction from where they are facing.

Realm of Twisted Dreams Twisted Lord Greenscale

Your task is to knock them back until they reach Lord Greenscale who is to the right of the encounter area. Whilst knocking Lil’ Luggos to Greenscale, you need to make sure they don’t go near the Bugsplat Sprouts (plants). These Plants will kill the Lil’ Luggos if there are any close to them. There’s a nice alley in the middle you can use to kick the Lil’ Luggos safely to Greenscale.

Once he eats enough Lil’ Luggos, Greenscale will fly over to the center of the encounter area, land, and then turn into a skeletal dragon.

Twisted Lord Greenscale

The Twisted Lord Greenscale encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Twisted Lord Greenscale after the mini-event is over.

Twisted Lord Greenscale (“Twisted Greenscale”) usually follows a fixed pattern as you would see in general cooking:

  • Tenderize -> Seasoned -> Roast -> Feast

All other times he is auto-attacking the tank.

Auto Attack

Twisted Greenscale has a very powerful auto-attack that gets worse if the Tank has the Roast debuff from Twisted Greenscale’s Roast ability that reduces their incoming healing by 15%. Deals 14-18k damage per hit.


When he is not auto-attacking, Tenderize is the first ability Twisted Greenscale does which hits anyone who is in a cone behind him (it’s a ‘tail whip’ attack). Deals approx 10k damage every 2 seconds during the 3-4 second channel. Also knocks the player back.

Puts a debuff on players who get hit that makes them take more damage.

Spicy Cloud/Seasoned (DoT)

Realm of Twisted Dreams Twisted Lord Greenscale 2

Twisted Greenscale emotes “Now we add in the spice!” and cast Spicy Cloud after Tenderize on a random player, throwing an AoE on the ground that has yellow/orange ‘sparkles’ rising from it as a graphical indicator. Anyone who stands in the AoE will get a DoT on them called “Seasoned” that deals approx 2-3k damage every 4 seconds.

This DoT is cleansable. The healer should cleanse this to avoid other issues with other mechanics facing non-tanks.


Realm of Twisted Dreams Twisted Lord Greenscale 3

Twisted Greenscale emotes “Time for the roast!” and casts Roast after Spicy Cloud – usually on the tank unless someone has the Tenderize or Spicy Cloud debuff/DoT in which case the boss may face them instead.

This is a frontal cone AoE (‘dragon breath’) that causes anyone who gets hit by the ability to take 3-6k damage per second that you are inside the AoE. You will also gain a 20sec debuff that reduces healing received by 15%. Not cleansable.


Realm of Twisted Dreams Twisted Lord Greenscale 4

Twisted Greenscale emotes “You look so delicious!” and casts Feast after casting Roast – usually on the tank. This is a near 180 degree frontal AoE that deals approx. 24k damage per tick. When he casts this the tank must quickly get to his side and not be anywhere in front of him.

Note: The small yellow AoE cone graphic indicator is wrong. His AoE is much, much larger and wider.

Strategy – Twisted Lord Greenscale

Interrupt Not Required
Cleansing Is Required

Boss Rotation

Twisted Lord Greenscale (“Twisted Greenscale”) usually follows a fixed pattern as you would see in general cooking:

  • Tenderize -> Seasoned -> Roast -> Feast

All other times he is auto-attacking the tank.

Party Positioning

Realm of Twisted Dreams Twisted Lord Greenscale 5

  • The main part of this fight is positioning and avoiding Spicy Cloud AoE. Tank also needs to avoid Feast and Roast, but all other mechanics you can avoid by proper positioning.
  • You want to be behind Greenscale, but not directly behind him. In other words, stay at his sides.
  • The Tank needs to run to the Safe Area on Greenscale’s sides when Feast is being cast and then return to their original position.


  • Interrupt not required.
  • Make sure to tank Twisted Greenscale so nobody is on his tail. Check with the party that they know what to do. Just tell them to stick to his sides because you probably won’t have time to tell anyone who is standing behind Twisted Greenscale to get out of the way before he does his first Tenderize and likely kills them.
  • When Twisted Greenscale casts Roast, move to the side. When Twisted Greenscale casts Feast, move well behind Greenscale’s head to around the Safe Area before returning to your original position just as Twisted Greenscale finishes his Feast cast.
  • Time CDs for the first tick of Feast that you may end up clipping as it does significant damage (20k+). His Auto-attack hits pretty hard as well, so be aware of your healer’s capacity to heal you through auto-attack + first tick of Feast.


  • Cleansing is required. Cleanse the Seasoned DoT from players when they get hit by Spicy Cloud. Don’t forget to do this even after the encounter ends. (I’ve seen numerous times where the boss dies and players just stand there dying to the Spicy Cloud DoT because the healer isn’t healing or cleansing it off them).
  • A lot of healing is required on the tank, even for auto-attacks and you should be aware that the tank is likely to take a tick of Feast before moving to safety.
  • If the Tank doesn’t move from Feast or Roast, significant healing and CDs will need to be blown to keep them alive.
  • Be aware of other party members who may end up behind Twisted Lord Greenscale. If they get hit by Tenderize you’ll probably want to place CDs on them so they don’t die to a second hit.


  • Interrupt not required.
  • Stay in the ‘safe areas’ to the sides of Twisted Greenscale and avoid Spicy Cloud AoE. The rest is just DPS for you.

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