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Realm of Twisted Dreams: Twisted Lord Twyl

Mini-Event Prior to Twisted Lord Twyl

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Twisted Lord Twyl 1

Prior to Twisted Lord Twyl you will have a very short fight with Lord Twyl. He uses a select few of his old Realm of the Fae dungeon mechanics – some AoEs that are largely ignorable.

He has relatively few hp and when you take him down to low hp he will run away through a portal behind him. This fight should take ~5 seconds.

Run after him into the portal to be teleported to where the Twisted Lord Twyl boss encounter is located.

Twisted Lord Twyl

The Twisted Lord Twyl encounter begins when you attack or are in range of Twisted Lord Twyl after the mini-event is over.

General Abilities

The below abilities prior to the Phase 1 and Phase 2 sections are abilities that Twisted Lord Twyl uses throughout the entire encounter.

Auto Attack

Twisted Lord Twyl’s auto attack does approx 14-17k Physical damage per hit to the tank. Relatively hard-hitting.

Pool of Horrors

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Twisted Lord Twyl 2

Twisted Lord Twyl casts Pool of Horrors at the last location of a random player every now and then. This leaves a purple/black AoE on the ground. This deals approximately 7k damage per second to anyone inside.

Pay close attention to this AoE as it can be quite hard to see due to the color scheme of the encounter. It’s especially hard to see – unless you’re looking for it – if it ends up being placed on top of a Pentagram.

Nightmare Cloud

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Twisted Lord Twyl 3

Twisted Lord Twyl casts a frontal cone ‘breath’ AoE attack at a random player. This AoE follows the targeted player and does approx 4.5k damage per second.

To minimize damage, make sure to spread out and either stay still if you are the targeted player or run back as far away from Twyl as possible if you are already far away from him so that other players can run out and avoid the AoE. This makes it easier to heal you since the healer will only have to worry about healing one player.

If you choose to run away though, you will have to make sure you are not out-of-range of the healer.

(too often the targeted player tries to run away from this mechanic by running around in circles, ending up with Twyl breathing on all the players. Don’t be that guy.).

Fel Faerie Fire

Twisted Lord Twyl casts Fel Faerie Fire at a random player, unleashing a fast-moving, giant orange orb that travels to the last location of the targeted player. Anyone who gets hit by the orb takes 10k damage. Spreading out helps lessen the overall damage for the healer to deal with.

Phase 1: 100% to 50% HP

During Phase 1, Twisted Lord Twyl has a buff called Twisted Dream which reduces the damage he takes by 90%. In order to deal normal damage to him, you need to drag him to a Pentagram AoE where he will gain a Dread Prison debuff for 15secs. This debuff stuns him and allows you to deal normal damage to him whilst under the effects of the “Enter Nightmare” ability that becomes available during the duration of his Dread Prison debuff.

Dread Prison/Pentagram AoE

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Twisted Lord Twyl 4

Twisted Lord Twyl gains a 15sec debuff called Dread Prison when he enters a Pentagram AoE. He is stunned and you are able to deal normal damage to him if you are under the effects of the “Enter Nightmare” reactive ability.

Each time the Dread Prison debuff drops from Lord Twyl, run to the next Pentagram to re-stun him.

Enter Nightmare Ability

You will gain the “Enter Nightmare” reactive ability when Twisted Lord Twyl is under the effects of Dread Prison whilst in a Pentagram AoE. This ability allows you to deal normal damage to Twisted Lord Twyl.

However, every 10s that you have the “Enter Nightmare” buff, a new Nightmarish Fae add will spawn. This buff lasts 30 seconds.

When you use the “Enter Nightmare” reactive ability you will gain a new reactive ability called “Awaken”.

Nightmarish Fae (Add)

Spawns every 10 seconds that a player has “Enter Nightmare” buff up. Tank should pick them up.

Awaken Ability

The “Awaken” Ability is gained after using the “Enter Nightmare” reactive ability which allows you to awaken from the nightmare before the “Enter Nightmare” buff ends.

In general you want to use the Awaken ability right after Twisted Lord Twyl’s “Dread Prison” debuff ends. There’s no point (other than for achievements) to keeping the Enter Nightmare buff after Twisted Lord Twyl’s debuff ends since you will no longer have the ability to damage Twyl normally until the next time he is stunned by the next Pentagram.

Accursed Dreams/Nightmare Mode

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Twisted Lord Twyl 5

Twisted Lord Twyl will emote “[Playername] is thrust into nightmare!” and you will end up in ‘Nightmare Mode’. Whilst you are in ‘Nightmare Mode’ you will take ticks of Accursed Dreams that hit for about 800 damage every 3 seconds for 20 seconds.

‘Nightmare Mode’ is different from the ‘Enter Nightmare’ buff.

To go back to ‘Awakened Mode’ (normal mode) whilst in ‘Nightmare Mode’, you can either wait out the 20 seconds of Accursed Dreams or run over a white wisp that is in a white AoE and use the ‘Go into the Light’ reactive ability that will appear shortly after you run over the white wisp’s AoE.

During the ‘Nightmare Mode’ there will be red twisters that can knock you back as well as Nightstalker adds that only those who are in ‘Nightmare Mode’ can see.

Nightstalker (Add)

The Nightstalker adds spawn in ‘Nightmare Mode’ and can only be seen by players in ‘Nightmare Mode’. They hit harder than the Nightmarish Fae adds that spawn via the ‘Enter Nightmare’ buff and they cannot be killed/threat pulled.

Phase 2: 50% HP and under

Phase 2 begins when Twisted Lord Twyl is at 50% HP or under. He will also start off in Phase 2 if your party wipes after he has dropped below 50% HP.

During this phase, he does not have the “Twisted Dream” buff from Phase 1. As such he doesn’t have the 90% damage reduction buff and you don’t have to run him over Pentagrams.

Instead, Twisted Lord Twyl gains an “Eclipse of Terror” buff indicating that he no longer takes reduced damage, but he is able to summon more powerful adds.

Also, he continues to use the following abilities:

  • Auto Attack
  • Pool of Horrors
  • Nightmare Cloud
  • Fel Faerie Fire

Conjure Nightmare

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Twisted Lord Twyl 6

During Phase 2 Twisted Lord Twyl will occasionally channel Conjure nightmare, turning 3 quadrants of the room red (with only the area behind him ‘safe’). He gains a small shield.

When his channel is about 2/3rd done, three Nightmare Drake adds will spawn above him.

Nightmare Drake (Add)/Fel Fire

Realm of Twisted Dreams Frozen Twisted Lord Twyl 7

The Nightmare Drake adds will spawn after Twisted Lord Twyl is 2/3rd of the way done with his “Conjure Nightmare” channel. There’s three of them. They have a large fire breath ability that hits anyone in a large area in front of them and deals ~5k damage per second to anyone in the 3 red quadrants. This can be quite deadly if you get hit by all 3 as you will end up taking about 15k damage per second.

Strategy – Twisted Lord Twyl

Interrupt Not Required
Cleansing Not Required

In General Throughout The Fight

  • Spread out to reduce number of players getting hit by Nightmare Cloud or Fel Faerie Fire at any one time. Whoever has been randomly chosen to be the target of Nightmare Cloud should simply stay put so other players can run away. Let healer take care of keeping you up.
  • Run out of the purple/black AoE, Pool of Horrors that is cast on a random player and pay attention to where it is (since it can be quite hard to see due to the color scheme of the encounter).

Phase 1 (100% to 50% HP)

  • During Phase 1 Twisted Lord Twyl has a buff that reduces incoming damage by 90%. In order to deal normal damage to him you need to pull him to a Pentagram where he will be stunned, then use an ‘Enter Nightmare’ reactive ability that you get that will allow you to deal normal damage until his stun ends.
  • Tank pulls Twisted Lord Twyl on top of Pentagrams during Phase 1. Twyl gets stunned for 15secs and takes normal damage if you have the ‘Enter Nightmare’ buff.
  • When Twisted Lord Twyl is on top of a Pentagram, you will gain a reactive called ‘Enter Nightmare’. Use it to gain a buff that allows you to deal normal damage to Twyl whilst he is stunned. However, whilst you have the buff up, an add will spawn every 10sec. You will also get an ‘Awaken’ reactive ability. Click it to remove the buff (do this after Twyl breaks out of stun).
  • A random player will be forced into ‘Nightmare Mode’ (different from ‘Enter Nightmare’) where they will be able to see additional mobs that cannot be attacked or tanked. Only players who are in ‘Nightmare Mode’ can see and take damage from these adds. Either wait for the 20sec buff to end or go on top of a white Wisp’s AoE to recieve a ‘Go into the Light’ reactive ability to go back to normal mode. Get back to normal/awakened mode as soon as possible since the tank can’t tank the Nightmare adds and you will have to rely heavily on the healer to stay alive.

Phase 2 (50% HP and under)

  • During Phase 2 Twisted Lord Twyl no longer has the incoming damage reduction buff so you deal normal damage to him without having to stun him at a Pentagram. There’s no need to run to a Pentagram and it’s actually better not to do so.
  • For this phase, he will channel Conjure Nightmare, making 3 of the 4 quadrants of the room red. Go into the area that isn’t red (usually the area behind him). After he is channeled Conjure Nightmare for a while, 3 Nightmare Drake adds will spawn. Don’t be in front of them or you take considerable damage per second.
  • During this Phase – besides Conjure Nightmare – he also uses Auto Attack, Pool of Horrors, Fel Faerie Fire and Nightmare Cloud.

Note: If your party wipes to Twisted Lord Twyl when you’ve already pushed him to 50% hp or under; when you respawn, make sure to check his buffs. If he has the “Eclipse of Terror” buff up it means that he will start the encounter with Phase 2 mechanics.


  • Interrupt not required.
  • During Phase 1, drag Twisted Lord Twyl on top of Pentagrams to stun him. When he breaks free of the stun, find the next Pentagram.
  • Pick up all Nightmarish Fae adds that spawn every 10secs that someone has the ‘Enter Nightmare’ buff up.


  • Cleansing is not required.
  • Healing can be quite intense in this fight depending on how many mechanics players don’t understand/fail at. This is quite common given the large number of mechanics involved in this fight (compared to other Storm Legion Expert Dungeon bosses).
  • Make sure to heal a lot during Nightmare Cloud. If players don’t spread out properly you’ll probably need to be able to heal large amounts for multiple players at the same time. Be aware though that this doesn’t mean that a pure AoE heal spec would be good for this fight – Twisted Lord Twyl does decent single target damage to the Tank as well.


  • Interrupt not required.
  • Hold off on blowing CDs until Twyl is stunned and you use the Enter Nightmare ability during Phase 1, otherwise you do hardly any damage.

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