Commissar Typhiria

Tower of the Shattered Commissar Typhiria

Tower of the Shattered: Commissar Typhiria

Commissar Typhiria

Commissar Typhiria is the 5th and final boss of the Tower of the Shattered dungeon. Spread out and stay away from other players.

Violent Energy

Commissar Typhiria will use Violent Energy quite often throughout the encounter. These are 4 large orbs that spawn on top of Typhiria in diagonal directions and expands out to the edges of the encounter.

Heroic Boon

Heroic Boon is a buff that causes anyone who is in melee range of Typhiria to not take damage from Violent Energy. This allows melee players to fight her without dying to the constant Violent Energy.

Pain Lash

Dot placed on each player. Deals about 2k damage per 1sec tick. Looks like an electric AoE that pulses from each player. Stay away from other players since if two players are close enough to each other they will deal damage to each other on top of the damage that they are already taking.

Agony Torrent

Commissar Typhiria targets a random player and casts a large yellow electric ball that moves towards the targeted player’s last location when the Agony Torrent cast ends. Does 5-8k damage to anyone that touches it.

Storm of Torment

A melee-based red AoE cast. Move away before the cast ends.

Storm Blast

Commissar Typhiria targets a random player and casts a rectangular AoE in the direction of the player. When the cast ends anyone in the AoE takes considerable damage (may even one-shot some players).

Bug: Sometimes the Storm Blast’s AoE will look like it is aimed at the tank instead of the player it was initially targeting. Make sure to move away anyway.

Searing Gaze

General Typhiria will cast ‘Dragon Form’ and turn into a dragon if she reaches 100 energy. She gains energy from Pain Lash ticks and Agony Torrent.

Once in her Dragon Form, General Typhiria will have a red laser attached to her target (usually the tank). If she manages to get close to her target, the target will take damage and be knocked back.

Her Dragon Form lasts 30secs.

Broken Will

A debuff on all players. Every time you fail a mechanic (by taking damage from it) you will gain stacks of Broken Will. At 10 stacks you become mind controlled for a while where you cannot control your character and your character will start using random abilities on your party members.

Strategy – Commissar Typhiria

No Interrupt Required
No Cleansing Required

  • Stay in the boss’ 3, 6, 9 and 12 o-clock locations to avoid Violent Energy (4 orbs that spread out diagonally from her). Melee (as long as you stay in melee) don’t have to worry about this mechanic.
  • When she casts a red AoE on her, run out.
  • Stay away from her Dragon form and give the tank space to kite her around the room.
  • Spread out from other players to avoid taking additional damage from Pain Lash.
  • Move away from the current location of the target of Agony Torrent and Storm Blast.


  • There’s no interrupt required.
  • Run out of her red AoE even if it doesn’t do that much damage. Each time you take damage from some of her abilities you gain Broken Will debuff stacks – at 10 you become mind-controlled.
  • Stay in melee range outside of her red AoE cast and when she is a Dragon. You will be immune to Violent Energy damage as long as you are in melee range.
  • When she turns into her dragon form, kite her around the room but keep your distance from her. If she is close to you during this phase she’ll deal damage to you and knock you back.


  • Some healers tend to target the tank rather than the boss. For this fight, target the boss and heal through target-of-target. The reason for doing this is so you can be alerted whenever the boss targets you so you can avoid Agony Torrent and Storm Blast.
  • Pay attention to the other players – if they have Agony Torrent or Storm Blast targeted at them and they aren’t moving away – throw a shield or other CD that prevents them from dying. Low-hp players tend to get one-shot from Storm Blast.


  • There’s no interrupt required.
  • If you are in melee you are immune from Violent Energy (4 orbs that spread out from the boss) if you remain in melee range.
  • Give the tank plenty of space during Dragon phase.

That’s the Tower of the Shattered dungeon! Hope this guide has been of help to you!

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