General Thunderscar

Tower of the Shattered General Thunderscar

Tower of the Shattered: General Thunderscar

Mini-Event prior to General Thunderscar

Before the 4th boss of the Tower of the Shattered, General Thunderscar is another mini-event. This one involves destroying fans on either side of the room and destroying the machines found past the fans.

You may need to use the Execute reactive on the yellow adds to the side for safer passage to the mini-rooms with the machines.

If you go in front of the adds you will fail this mini-event and everyone will be teleported to the center of the room. All the adds in the room will then start attacking your party in waves. Only when they are all killed will General Thunderscar become active.

However, if you successful destroy the two machines without being detected you will not have to kill any of the other adds.

General Thunderscar

General Thunderscar is the 4th boss of the Tower of the Shattered dungeon. He remains in the center of the room throughout the fight.

Electric Bolt

General Thunderscar’s primary attack. Usually on the tank. It does significant damage (7-12k per hit on the tank) so it may cause issues for an undergeared tank or healer. Having your Support party member go for a hybrid heal spec may help out if both the tank and healer are undergeared/inexperienced.

Wild Lightning

General Thunderscar will randomly target a player, dealing approx. 5-8k damage to them.

Clinging Force

The small balls of lightning that appear throughout the encounter and move about at random.

Suppressed Winds – Snare

General Thunderscar puts a snare on a random player called Suppressed Winds. That player will get a cleansable debuff that makes them move slower. If you cleanse the debuff or wait long enough, the snare becomes a whirlwind-like AoE that gets dropped at the location of the player.

Anyone who touches the whirlwind also gets the snare debuff.

It is vital to cleanse this and stay away from it because General Thunderscar will cast Fury of the Thunder shortly after and you are unlikely to live if you are snared.

Fury of the Thunder

Tower of the Shattered General Thunderscar 2

General Thunderscar emotes “Get ready for the thunder!” and pulls everyone into melee range. You must run out of the circle and up on the ledge (outer, upper ring) before his cast finishes or else you take considerable damage – likely to kill you off. The ability is indicated by a ring of blue rapidly rushing towards the boss as you are pulled in.


  • If you have a Crowd-Control Immunity ability (like Cleric Inquisitor’s Perseverence), you can cast that on yourself and you will not be pulled in (as long as you don’t use up the buff on the snare).
  • Staying in melee range prior to the pull can be useful as you don’t use up time getting pulled in, increasing the chance of you safely running out.

Lesser Shockwall/Greater Shockwall

Tower of the Shattered General Thunderscar 3

Right after Fury of the Thunder has finished casting, lasers will appear on either side of the room (the entrance and exit sides) and will move in towards the middle and then out again. If you stay at the 12 and 6 o-clock positions as shown in the image below under “Strategy – General Thunderscar”, you will avoid hitting the shockwall.

Strategy – General Thunderscar

No Interrupt Required
Cleansing Required

  • Stay on the sides of the encounter that aren’t facing the entrance or exit to the room to completely avoid lasers.
  • Staying in melee will make the run-out mechanic – Fury of the Thunder – easier but isn’t required.
  • If you get the snare debuff on you, run out of the group so that when the healer cleanses the buff, the snare debuff will drop in an area without any players. Make sure not to have the debuff drop in the run-out path.

Tower of the Shattered General Thunderscar 1

As per the above image, the ‘safe areas’ when General Thunderscar pulls you end and casts Fury of the Thunder are the blue areas. You need to be in the outer ring to survive the ability, and then to avoid taking damage from the laser walls (‘Lesser Shockwall’), you need to be in the areas indicated.

If you have the snare debuff, run to the locations indicated so that you aren’t in the run-out path of any player (and thus they won’t get the snare debuff).


  • There’s no interrupt required.
  • Face General Thunderscar away from the players. This makes it easier for you to run out as well since you can just run forward rather than having to turn. (if you run to the other side of the room you may end up being out-of-range of the healer).
  • You will need to run-out as well.


  • There’s cleansing required. A random player will get a snare debuff just before General Thunderscar uses Fury of the Thunder and pulls everyone in. Wait for the player to get into a good position away from other players before cleansing them. If they don’t move, move away from them instead as the AoE Snare will drop at their location after a few seconds even without cleansing it off them.
  • If someone isn’t going to make it out of the inner ring before Fury of the Thunder ends, use a shield or death-prevention ability like Sentinel’s Vigilance on them.


  • There’s no interrupt required.
  • When Fury of the Thunder is cast, concentrate on running out asap. Stopping to finish off a cast could end up killing you.
  • If you have an ability that protects you against Crowd-Control, you can use before General Thunderscar does his Fury of the Thunder so you avoid getting pulled in. Cleric Inquisitors can use Perseverence on themselves prior to the fight starting and – as long as it doesn’t get used up by the snare – will prevent you from getting pulled in. This will allow you to keep DPSing on the outer ring without having to worry about the run-out mechanic.

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