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Tower of the Shattered: Kronox

Jump Pads

TOTS Jump Pad

First up, the Tower of the Shattered has some Jump Pads both prior to the first boss and after the 3rd boss. Simply stand on a jump pad and then face the next jump pad (you’ll be guided with yellow arrows) and press jump (default key ‘spacebar‘) to move to the next jump pad.

TOTS Jump Pad Portal

The other way to move through this if you are having trouble (or just lazy) is to wait for another party member to get to the other end of the jump pads. Once they are at the other end a portal will appear near the first jump pad that will take you to the next area.

Mini-Event Prior to Kronox

TOTS Kronox Mini Event

Just before the first boss of the Tower of the Shattered, Kronox, you will encounter a mini-event involving some neutral (yellow) adds.

  • Standing behind an add will give you a reactive called ‘Execute’. Use this ability on the add to instantly kill it. You will get a 3sec debuff red AoE pulse on you afterwards. Make sure this red AoE doesn’t hit any of the other adds or else they’ll aggro.
  • Standing in front of an add will aggro them and cause all the adds to become aggressive. You generally don’t want this as it usually takes longer.
  • If the adds do aggro, you will have to kill them all. Note that when the adds are at low hp they will start a Self-Destruct count-down. If you do not kill an add by the time its self-destruct has ended, it will deal immense damage to anyone inside the white AoE that they pulse.

Once you Execute or DPS down all the adds, you will finish this mini-event.


TOTS Kronox Encounter

The Kronox encounter begins when you attack or are within range of Kronox who is in the middle of the room. He is stationary and never moves from his position.


Kronox has a short cleave so the tank will need to tank him away from the party.

Keeper’s Gaze

Shortly after the fight begins he will cast ‘Keeper’s Gaze’. When the cast completes, 4 adds will spawn in the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions (as per the above image) and begin to walk clockwise. Do not be in front of the adds!

To kill them, go behind them and you will get the Execute reactive. Click on the reactive whilst targeting an add (and being in melee range of them). Once they die they will drop a small blue AoE called ‘Blind Spot’. Standing in this blue AoE will increase your dps and protect you against Kronox’s ‘Purge’ ability that he uses in a later phase.

If you happen to be in front of an Add, it will stun everyone close to her and pulse a large red AoE. After a few seconds it will self-destruct, dealing a large amount of damage (enough to one-shot some players). You can break out of the stun and run away with your Break Free ability.

Arc Blast

TOTS Kronox Green AoE

A large green AoE appears that covers the inner circle around Kronox. Kronox will also knockback anyone who is in melee range. This is Arc Blast – once his cast ends, anyone who is not inside the green AoE will die.

He does this twice before he uses his laser ability.

Laser Ability

TOTS Kronox Laser

Kronox casts a laser at all players. He emotes “Kronox prepares to obliterate anyone who is not behind cover.” Run behind one of the four pillars at the corners of the room before his channel ends or else you will die.

Adds will appear after the channel ends which will run around their respective pillars before running through the boss’ location. Make sure to either kill the adds prior to them reaching the middle or stay out until they’ve run away from the boss.

TOTS Kronox Laser Add Movement Image

Kronox will also cast an electric field over one of the pillars. This acts as a soft enrage as standing on the electric field will deal damage to you and there are only 4 pillars to hide from his laser ability.


Kronox will cast Purge after the laser ability. It does AoE damage to all players unless you are standing in a blue AoE that is dropped when you Execute an add. This can be healed through without issue.

Strategy – Kronox

No Interrupt Required
No Cleansing Required

  • When he casts Keeper’s Gaze, adds will spawn. Either kill them by going behind them and using the Execute reactive ability you receive or avoid them so they don’t see you.
  • Keep Break Free handy because it allows you to escape from the adds’ stun.
  • When he does Arctic Blast he will knock you back – run back into the green AoE before his cast ends.
  • After 2x Arctic Blast, hide behind a pillar until his laser ability ends, then run back in.
  • Pay attention to the adds when you run back in because they will run around the pillars and then run right through Kronox. As such it is best to stay at range after the laser phase until after the adds pass through Kronox and they have their backs on you.
  • After the lasers, go into any blue AoE that drops when an Add is killed to prevent yourself from getting damaged by his encounter-wide Purge AoE ticks. (Tanks can ignore this).


  • There’s no interrupt required.
  • Make sure Kronox is faced away from other players due to his short-range cleave.
  • Stay in melee range of Kronox.

Tip: If you can manage to maintain threat and the healer isn’t having any trouble, you can look into helping out the party by killing off adds after Kronox summons them with Keeper’s Gaze. Just make sure not to face Kronox towards any party members – especially melee.


  • There’s no cleansing required.
  • If you aren’t struggling to heal the tank, consider helping out with killing adds.
  • If a player happens to accidentally trigger an add and it is about to self-destruct, put a shield or any other abilities that would help prevent the player from dying. (Purifier’s Shields, Sentinel’s Vigilance/etc)
  • Don’t be in front of Kronox.


  • There’s no interrupt required.
  • Don’t be in front of Kronox.
  • Stand inside the blue AoE that spawns after an add dies to get a DPS boost.

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