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Tower of the Shattered: Overseer Cowel

Mini-Event prior to Overseer Cowel

Prior to the 3rd boss of the Tower of the Shattered, Overseer Cowel, there is another mini-event. This one involves clicking on Levers to disable the defense system in the room and give you access to the next room. There’s 2 rooms for this mini-event, each with 2 Levers.

You will need to avoid moving AoE and lasers that both deal damage. The lasers don’t deal much damage as long as you move through them fast enough – but the moving AoE will deal considerable damage per tick.

Overseer Cowel

Overseer Cowel is the third boss of the Tower of the Shattered dungeon. Overseer Cowel has 3 phases – ‘Shield’ Phase, Active Phase (100-51%) and Under-50% Phase

‘Shield’ Phase

Tower of the Shattered Overseer Cowel 2

During the ‘Shield’ Phase, Overseer Cowel will be Inactive and have a buff on him called ‘Statis Field’ that makes him immune to damage. There’s 3 stacks of this buff. To destroy the stacks you will need to make use of his melee adds’ self-destruct mechanic.

Melee Adds

Stormwatch Militis and Stormwatch Sicari (melee adds) will spawn from either the bottom-left or top-right door throughout the encounter. When they are at low hp, they will start casting a self-destruct ability. This is a large yellow AoE. At the end of the cast they self-destruct, dealing considerable damage to players.

This self-destruct ability is also the only way to destroy Overseer Cowel’s ‘Statis Field’ immunity buff stacks.

  • The Tank will need to hold the melee adds near Overseer Cowel so that the yellow self-destruct AoE hits him.
  • DPS will need to drop the melee adds to low hp (30% is fine) and make sure not to kill them during this phase.

Ranged Adds

Stormwatch Excubitors are ranged DPS that appears in either the bottom-left or top-right door in the encounter. They generally attack the closest player to them. DPS them down so they their damage does not become overwhelming to your healer. These adds do not self-destruct.

Positronic Decay

Throughout the encounter Overseer Cowel will cast ‘Positronic Decay’ which is a laser that hits a random target for 2 ticks of 1k damage each. Unavoidable so just heal through it.

Active Phase (100-51%)

Once all 3 stacks of ‘Statis Field’ have been removed from the boss, Overseer Cowel will now start moving around and attacking the tank (or whoever has aggro).

Tower of the Shattered Overseer Cowel 3

Defense Cannon/Wave of Distortion

The Defense Cannon positioned at the top-left of the encounter once the Active Phase begins. It cannot be attacked and all it does is continuously cast Wave of Distortion at the position of a random player. It is an expanding AoE – its range/limit is represented by a red AoE that initially appears when it lands.

Avoid it or you will take ticks of damage.


Overseer Cowel casts Whiplash which is a small white whirlwind on the ground at a random player. Stay well away from it because after a few seconds it will ‘disable’ anyone (including adds) that are near it preventing you from moving or using any abilities for a few seconds. This leaves you vulnerable to the other AoE abilities in this encounter.

Painful Command

Overseer Cowel will cast Painful Command on a random player. That player gets a small pulsing AoE that is attached to them. Anyone within 4m of the affected player will take damage. Spreading out helps with this.

Under-50% Phase

At under 50% Overseer Cowel goes back to his initial starting position and changes into a giant mech. All the various mechanics/abilities of the Active Phase still exists, but he now has two new abilities.

Cacophonic Crescendo

Tower of the Shattered Overseer Cowel 4

He casts this every now and then. He will emote “Overseer Cowel prepares to unleash a blast of sound!” At the end of the cast everyone loses about 70 of their current hp (if you have low hp you won’t lose much, but if you have, say, max hp, you will lose a lot). You will also be snared. The healer will need to pay extra attention so they can heal everyone back up quickly. All players need to make sure they aren’t caught in any AoE.

You can hide behind one of the pillars if the tank positions Overseer Cowel properly so you won’t be affected by this ability.

Crushing Stomp

Overseer Cowel begins casting this ability immediately after Cacophonic Crescendo. Anyone in melee range of Overseer Cowel must run away as far as possible because he does massive damage to anyone within melee range of him.

Strategy – Overseer Cowel

No Interrupt Required
No Cleansing Required

  • Phase 1: Inactive Phase
    • During the first phase when he is inactive, Tank moves melee adds in range of Overseer Cowel. DPS down to low hp (around 30%) but don’t kill the adds. They will self-destruct, removing one of his 3 stacks of immunity shield. Do this 3 times to begin Phase 2.
    • Make sure you are well away from the self-destruct yellow AoE as its damage is slightly larger than what the graphic indicates.
  • Phase 2: 100%-50%
    • Boss becomes active.
    • Avoid all AoE and try to spread out. If you get a small red AoE pulsing around your body, move away from other players.
  • Phase 3: 50%-0%
    • Boss now uses an AoE ability that drops your HP by around 70%. Heal through, pre-shield or try to hide behind a pillar
    • Right after the AoE ability he will use a Stomp attack – all melee run out.


  • Try to not run into other players whilst dodging mechanics and add self-destructs. This lets DPS/Heals have one less thing to worry about. This is especially important for Phase 3 when he uses his Stomp attack – some ranged players may not realise you need to run away from him.


  • There’s no cleansing required.
  • Throughout the fight, pay attention to self-destruct AoEs. If you see a player staying inside a self-destruct AoE that is about to go off, throw a shield or some other CD on them.
  • During Phase 3, try to pre-shield players before Overseer Cowel finishes casting Cacophonic Crescendo. You can also use other CDs as well. Try to have an AoE heal ready right afterwards.
  • You can throw a speed buff like Sentinel’s Urgency on the tank right after Cacophonic Crescendo so it makes it easier for them to escape from Crushing Stomp.


  • There’s no interrupt required.
  • Make sure during Phase 1 that you don’t kill off the melee adds – just DPS them down to around 30% and let the tank do the rest to activate self-destruct. It’s a good idea not to use damage-over-time abilities on the adds as they can often end up killing the add even if you stop dps on them.
  • Keep killing off the Ranged adds to make the healer’s job easier. These adds can eventually overwhelm a healer who isn’t heavily overgeared for the fight.


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