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Tower of the Shattered: Psychophage Primakov

Mini-Event before Psychophage Primakov

RIFT Tower of the Shattered Psychophage Primakov 1

There is a mini-event before the 2nd boss of the Tower of the Shattered, Psychophage Primakov. This involves the same thing as the pre-Kronox Mini-Event. Just go behind the neutral (yellow) adds and use the reactive to kill them. If you go in front of any of them they will become hostile.

Be aware of their pathing and especially pay attention to the adds with ‘skirts’ as players not paying attention can end up thinking their front is their back.

Psychophage Primakov

RIFT Tower of the Shattered Psychophage Primakov 2

Psychophage Primakov is the second boss of the Tower of the Shattered dungeon. He alternates between his Active Phase and Add Phase based on his energy level.

  • When his energy (the yellow bar below his HP) reaches 100 he will switch to his Add Phase.
  • Once you kill off all the adds he switches back to his Active Phase with his energy back to 0.
  • His energy increases whenever he uses Chemical Spray or Caustic Concoction.

Active Phase

During Primakov’s Active Phase he will continuously cast Chemical Spray or Caustic Concoction.

Chemical Spray

Primakov targets a random player and casts Chemical Spray, a small red AoE that lands where the player is and deals damage to anyone inside. Chemical Spray disappears shortly after being cast.

Caustic Concoction

Primakov targets a random player and casts Caustic Concoction. It produces a large purple AoE at the location of the player. Staying inside will deal damage to you. This AoE lasts for a decent amount of time.

Forced Conversion

Tower of the Shattered Psychophage Primakov 3

Primakov targets a random player, emotes “You don’t look so well, [playername]. This injection will fix you up!” and casts Forced Conversion. The target player gains a speed buff and Primakov will chase after this player for a few seconds.

If Primakov reaches the player, the player becomes mind-controlled. The player will be unable to control his character for a few seconds and will start randomly using abilities on the party. The other players are able to deal damage to the player whilst he is mind-controlled.

Tip: If a player becomes mind-controlled you should stop using AoE abilities and make sure you don’t attack him. Make sure none of your pets are on him either.

Hypno Snipe

You may notice there are NPCs called ‘Captive’ held prisoner behind the walls of the encounter. Every now and then one will break free from their cage and Primakov will cast Hypno Snipe.

It is an interruptible cast. If his cast succeeds the Captive will turn into an enemy and start attacking. The tank should pick it up. It is usually no real threat and can be largely ignored.

Add Phase – Lethal Hallucination

RIFT Tower of the Shattered Psychophage Primakov 4

When Primakov reaches 100 Energy he will become inactive (sometimes he will stay there, other times he will disappear) and a whole bunch of melee and ranged adds will appear. Each add is called “Lethal Hallucination”.

DPS them down and Primakov will become attackable again and revert to his Active Phase, starting with 0 Energy.

Bug: Sometimes Primakov won’t immediately appear. Just wait a few seconds and he should appear again.

Strategy – Psychophage Primakov

Interrupt Not Necessary
Cleansing Not Necessary

  • Avoid AoE. Spreading out helps because the AoE’s are targeted at player locations – if everyone spreads out only one person will need to move with each AoE cast.
  • When he emotes “You don’t look so well, [playername]. This injection will fix you up!” and does Forced Conversion, the targetted player should run away until the channel ends.
  • DPS Adds when they spawn.


  • There’s no interrupt required.
  • Throw a taunt out right after Forced Conversion ends to ensure you pick up the boss.
  • Use a defensive CD right after Psychophage Primakov hits 100 Energy as the adds will spawn right after. Not necessary, but can help the healer.


  • There’s no important cleanses required – just minor dots from adds.
  • If you have a run-speed buff that you can put on a player like Sentinel’s Urgency, you can help out the target of Forced Conversion to give them an extra bit of runspeed to run away from Psychophage Primakov.
  • If you are low on gear, save up some CDs for when Psychophage Primakov hits 100 Energy (max) as the adds that spawn tend to deal more damage overall than the boss himself.


  • There’s no important interrupt required.
  • Spread out to minimize dps down-time from running away from someone else’s Chemical Spray or Caustic Concoction AoE.

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