RIFT Terminology


Rift has a plethora of terminology, both common amongst MMORPGs and other online games as well as those unique to Rift itself. Getting lost in the terminology can be frustrating, especially when you end up in a channel like crossevents@faeblight where almost every post is filled with acronyms.

Below is a list of acronyms categorised into General, Commerce, Open-World, Dungeon, Raids and PvP.

You may also be interested in the various Reference-based Lists on RiftGrate for information on stat caps, currency caps and other such information.


There’s quite a few general terminology used by a lot of online games and even recognised in messenger-based chatrooms. You may recognise a lot of them although some may be new due to their specific uses.

General Chat Terms:

IMO = In My Opinion
Generally added to a sentence to place emphasis on the fact that it is your own opinion and may not be fact/correct/best answer.

OMG = Oh My God
Usually used to express an immense response to something. I.e. Immense shock, immense surprise, immense disappointment/etc.

TL;DR = Too Long; Didn’t Read
Used when someone types a long post. Less often used by responders these days and it’s more used by the original poster themselves to provide an abbreviated/summary version of what they have just posted for those who can’t be bothered to read the entire post.

CBB/CBF = Can’t-Be-Bothered/Can’t-Be-Fucked

ORZ = Failure/Hopelessness/Head-desk
ORZ is a graphical emoticon that looks like a person on their knees, head down, hands on the floor. It represents failure, hopelessness or banging your head on a desk. Usually used when someone fails to understand a discussion, game mechanic or after several wipes/game objective failures.

TTYL = Talk To You Later
Another form of saying goodbye, generally used when you will see the recipient in a short time-span.

B = Back
Often used when someone has to AFK for a while and comes back to quickly inform the group/raid that they are back.

BBL = Be Back Later
Informs people you will be back later.

AFK = Away From Keyboard
Although technically the acronym implies that it is used when you are not at your keyboard, it is generally understood to be a term used when you are not active in-game. i.e., you might still be at your keyboard doing something else, but you are not active in-game.

mt/wc = miss-tell and wrong chat
Often added after someone has accidentally typed a message in the wrong chat channel so that those in the channel realise the message is not meant for them.

General Game-Related Terms:

Exp = Experience
Experience is what you gain from participating in the various activities in Rift in order to level up your character. Each level requires a certain amount of Experience before you can reach the next level.

PA = Planar Attunement
This is an alternate advancement-type system with its own experience and levels. You begin to earn this at Level 50 and will continue to earn Planar Attunement Experience even when you hit the normal Level cap (currently Level 65). Press “U” in-game to access it if you are Level 50 or above.

LFG = Looking For Group
This is used when you are looking for a group/raid to join. This is not used when you are forming your group or trying to find people to join the group you are in. Use LFM for that purpose instead.

LFM = Looking For Members
This is used when you are already in a group and looking to add people to join your group.
At times this term will have a number attached such as LF3Ms which means Looking For 3 Members.

LF = Looking For
This is used when people place specificity into their messages other than for Group or Members. i.e. “Cleric LF CQ” which means “I’m a Cleric looking for a Conquest group”.

PST = Please Send Tell
Usually when people ask for members for a group activity they will include PST. This means you should whisper them. Syntax for whispers is /w playername message. I.e., if I’m whispering Bob and want to say Hi!, it’ll be /w Bob Hi!

TB = Tempest Bay
This is the central hub city for the Storm Legion continents and is still used even at Level 65 for players who don’t like to afk in Margle Palace (the Level 65 city hub).

SL = Storm Legion
When people refer to Storm Legion, they refer to the content introduced after the 2.0 Storm Legion Expansion.

NT = Nightmare Tide
When people refer to Nightmare Tide, they refer to the content introduced after the 3.0 Nightmare Tide Expansion.

Pre-SL = Mathosia zone/before-Storm Legion content
This means content prior to Storm Legion. If it is in the context of zones, it’ll mean the main Mathosia continent (Silverwood, Stillmoor/etc). Otherwise it means Level 50 or under content.

Pre-NT = Mathosia zone/Storm Legion zone content
This means content prior to Nightmare Tide. If it is in the context of zones, it’ll mean the main Mathosia, Brevane and Dusken continents. Otherwise it means Level 60 or under content.

DPS = Damage Per Second
It is the damage you do per second. People may often ask for a minimum DPS value when looking for players to join their group/raid. Parses to determine your DPS should be in the range of 5-6 minutes long against a Raid Dummy appropriate for your level.

HPS = Healing Per Second
It is the healing you do per second.

ST = Single Target
Targeting a single opponent. It usually refers to specs whose soul combination and point distribution makes them ideal for single-target DPS or HPS. i.e. “Inquisitor is a good ranged ST soul for Clerics”. Sometimes it also refers to targeting a single opponent. i.e. “Stop AoEing the adds, ST the boss!!”

AoE = Area of Effect
It refers to abilities that deal damage to more than one target. When attached to DPS or HPS (“AoE DPS”) it refers to specs whose soul combination and point distribution makes them ideal for Area-of-Effect fighting. For healers, it refers to those whose spec is appropriate for healing the group/raid (often also referred to as ‘raid healers’).

For dungeon/raid mechanics, it can also refer to areas where the enemy is dealing AoE damage. i.e. “Stay out of AoE”.

MT = Main-Tank
The primary tank in a group/raid. In a multi-tank boss encounter, they will usually be the one primarily on the boss if there are other adds.

Note: mt can also mean miss-tell which means someone has typed a message in the wrong chat channel.

OT = Off-Tank
Usually referred to someone who is the secondary or third tank in a group/raid. They are usually on any adds that spawn and will swap out with the Main Tank if a boss has a tank-swap mechanic.

LOS = Line of Sight
Refers to Line of Sight which means whether someone is visible to your character. There’s two ways that people use this term. Some refer to “LOS” as not being in line of sight, such as “Stop LOSing me so I can heal you!!!”. Others refer to “LOS” as being in line of sight such as “You need to be in LOS or else I can’t heal you!”. Either way, the ‘general idea’ is what is relevant – some abilities require that you be in range and not have objects blocking the path between your character and your target to work and that is LOS.

Sometimes you need to hide from a boss mechanic, and that is also when ‘LOS’ is used.

In Rift ‘Class’ refers to the 4 classes: Cleric, Mage, Warrior and Rogue.

In Rift ‘Soul’ refers to the many individual Souls that each Class possesses. Each Class in Rift currently has 10 Souls each. I.e. Clerics have Inquisitor, Shaman, Druid, Cabalist, Purifier, Sentinel, Warden, Defiler, Oracle and Justicar.

Spec = Specialisation
In Rift ‘Spec’ refers to the combination of 3 Souls to make an active build. The game refers to this as ‘Roles’ although generally the player base does not. You can have a maximum of 20 roles and can freely switch between them at any time when you are outside of combat.

In Rift ‘Roles’ refer to an actual role/job. This is generally considered to be Tanks, Healers, DPS and Support. This can further be branched out for specific duties like ST DPS, AOE DPS, Raid Heals/etc. The game refers to ‘Roles’ as ‘Specs’ but this is generally not the term used by the player base.


MMORPGs are generally filled with people buying and selling items, especially where there is a crafting system implemented into the game like that of Rift.

Silver is the lowest currency denomination in the game.

Gold is the second currency denomination in the game. 100 Silver will be converted into 1 Gold automatically.

Platinum is the highest currency denomination in the game. 100 Gold will be converted into 1 Platinum automatically.

K = 1,000 units of a currency or measurement
As in, “1k plat” which means 1,000 Platinum.

Mil = 1,000,000 units of a currency or measurement
As in, “This quest gives 3.8mil exp” which means “This quest gives 3,800,000 experience”.

B> = Buying
Term used when you are seeking to buy something. Players may also use ‘WTB>’ which is ‘Want-To-Buy’.
i.e. “B> A Level 60 weapon for up to 1,000plat.

S> = Selling
Term used when you are seeking to sell something. Players may also use ‘WTS>’ which is ‘Want-To-Sell’.

T> = Trading
Term used when you are seeking to trade something for something else. Players may also use ‘WTT>’ which is ‘Want-To-Trade’.

COD = Cash On Delivery
This term relates to the Cash On Delivery feature in Rift’s Mailing system. If you click on the “Send” tab in Rift’s Mail window at the bottom-right you should see two radio buttons “Send Money” and “C.O.D.”. If you select Send Money, any amount you type into the “Amount to Send” field will be sent to the recipient of the Mail. However, if you select C.O.D., the amount you type into the “Amount to Send” field will be the amount that the Recipient will have to pay you.

This feature allows you to sell items via the mail system by sending items through the mail that somebody wants with a C.O.D. price attached. If the recipient wants the item/s, they will need to pay the C.O.D. price to receive the items – otherwise it will be sent back to the sender after the mail expires.

You’ll sometimes see people typing something along the lines of “B> Lucidflowers @ 1p each. COD.”. This means they are buying lucidflowers at 1 platinum each and that you should send as many as you want to them via Mail, with a C.O.D. price of 1 plat per Lucidflower you send to them. They will then be able to accept the mail, pay for the items and you will have your platinum in the mail waiting for you.

It is however best to first send a person a tell/whisper if they are asking for COD to confirm if they’ve already got a seller, or perhaps can only afford a specific max. quantity.

Credit Sellers/Gifting

You might hear the term ‘Credit Seller’ or ‘Gifter’. These are usually referring to legitimate players who basically using the ‘gifting’ feature on the RIFT Store to give you the item you want from the RIFT Store in return to plat.

You might see players advertise their gifting service in level or crossevents chat channels. They will usually add their price “0.8p/c” or something similar. This means that you will need to pay them 0.8 platinum for every credit that an item you want costs. Say an item costs 100 Credits. You can pay them 80 platinum and they’ll send the item to you.

“Patron price”. You might hear this term as well – “Patron Price”. Patrons basically get a 10% discount on the Credit price for anything on the RIFT Store. This basically means that the gifter will ask for the discounted price. Say you want an item that is normally 100 Credits and the gifter offers “0.8p/c. patron price”. This means it costs them 90 Credits and they want 0.8p per credit from the discounted price. That means you pay them 72 platinum.


Open-World Currencies
The main currency gained from participating in open-world content involving planar mobs (planar invasions, footholds, rifts, strongholds and zone events). It is used throughout Rift content to purchase world gear, lures and a variety of Planar-based items.

Corrupted Sourcestone
Planar currency used to purchase level 5+ epic quality goods from Rare Planar Merchants scattered across the pre-Storm Legion zones.

Cursed Sourcestone
Planar currency used to purchase level 20+ epic quality goods from Rare Planar Merchants scattered across the pre-Storm Legion zones.

Vile Sourcestone
Planar currency used to purchase level 30+ epic quality goods from Rare Planar Merchants scattered across the pre-Storm Legion zones.

ISS = Inscribed Sourcestone
Planar currency used to purchase level 40+ epic quality goods from Rare Planar Merchants scattered across the pre-Storm Legion zones.

Note: Pre-51+ Sourcestones are generally considered ‘useless’ as you will generally outlevel the gear before you have enough Sourcestones to purchase the gear. ISS used to be useful but has since been replaced by Storm Legion Sourcestones.

ESS = Empyreal Sourcestone
ESS isn’t a commonly used term. Empyreal Sourcestone is the Level 51-59 Sourcestone. It is used to purchase gear from the Adventure Dealer at Plaza Aurentine in Tempest Bay. A lot of people tend to skip on this currency because the gear is replaced pretty quickly. Only gives gear that can be upgraded to Level 54 gear at best.

Empyreal Sourcestone has become obsolete and removed from the game. All quests that gave ESS now give IS. All vendors that sold items requiring ESS now require IS. All those who held ESS had their ESS converted to IS at a ratio of 35 to 10. [r]

IS = Infinity Stones
This is the main currency obtained from open world activities such as questing, Hunt Rifts, Strongholds and Zone Events at Level 60. It is used to purchase pre-Tier 1 Level 60 Raid-level armor and weapon pieces as well as NPC-bought Lesser Essences. There’s also certain high-tier craft materials that require IS.

VS = Void Stones
This is the main currency obtained from open world activities such as questing, carnages, Nightmare Rifts and Zone Events at Level 65. It is used to purchase open world gear, lesser essences, synergy crystals and lures.

Open-World Content:

These mean the Daily Quests and the Weekly Quests you can obtain at the various quest hubs. Daily Reset of quests is 4AM PST/PDT (server time) for North American shards and 4AM GMT (also server time) for European shards. You can enter “/time” without the quotation marks into chat to see both your local time and server time. Weekly Reset of quests is at 4AM Server Time on Wednesday.

These are the main open-world dynamic content. They come in all element varieties and Minor and Major versions.

NMs/RMRs = Nightmare Rifts
Nightmare Rifts can appear in any zone and is a new type of Rift introduced with the RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide expansion. They are referred to as ‘NMs’ or ‘NMRs’ and usually also have a specific number attached which tells you what rank the Nightmare Rift is.

Nightmare Rifts appear from Rank 1 to 5 so you will usually see something like “NMR4” or “NMR IV” for instance to represent a Nightmare Rift Rank 4.

HRs/GHRs = Hunt Rifts/Great Hunt Rifts
The Hunt Rifts are special Rifts summoned via Hunt Rift Lures you obtain from Level 51+. Great Hunt Rifts are generally aimed at larger groups than Hunt Rifts and reward you with a chest item on completion (as well as a random chance at loot for all participants). There’s currently 5 levels of Great Hunt Rifts. Thus, you’ll sometimes see people looking for members for a specific level of Great Hunt Rifts. I.e. “LFG GHVs” or “LFG GHR 4/5s”.

Note: Hunt Rifts are obsolete since the Nightmare Tide expansion as they are no available for Level 61+ and only drop Level 60 gear.

xRR = Expert Raid Rifts
Expert Raid Rifts were intended for 5+ players and require an Expert Raid Rift Lure. They were Level 50 content that provided lesser essences of the same element as the Rift. There are currently no Level 60+ versions of these rifts and as such the term is rarely used now.

DRR = Daily Raid Rift
There is a daily at both Level 50, Level 60 and Level 65 to open and successfully complete one of the Raid Rifts. There is also a weekly at Level 65 at Flargle Plaza in Draumheim. Raid Rifts are intended for 10+ players and require a Raid Rift Lure and a Raid Tear to open. They provide a chest to the lure opener’s group/raid that gives the raid 2 loot items from the raid rift’s loot table. They drop raid-quality lesser essences and other gear. Generally when players use the term ‘DRR’, they are referring to today’s Level 65 Daily Raid Rift quest.

Click here for a Guide on holding Daily Raid Rifts.
Click here for a Guide on the Bloodfire Incursion and Hell’s Insurgents Raid Rifts.

SHs = Strongholds
Strongholds are a multi-level dynamic content in the Level 60 zone, Dendrome. There are no Strongholds in the Plane of Water and as such this content has become obsolete as of the Nightmare Tide expansion.

Bloodfire Stronghold
These are not Strongholds in the Dendrome. Instead, they are part of the Air Saga. The Bloodfire Stronghold is its own instance with summonable bosses. There’s 3 level areas you can fight the bosses at – Level 15, Level 30 and Level 60. Each boss rewards currency, essences and a chance at an Ember Core used to upgrade a Torrid Ember item. The Torrid Ember eventually upgrades into a Magma Walker Mount.

Click here for a Guide on the Bloodfire Stronghold.

Dendrome Weeklies
Dendrome Weeklies, or sometimes referred to simply as ‘Weeklies’ or ‘DD Weeklies’ refers to the 3 open-world raid bosses in the Level 60 Zone, The Dendrome, and the 3 weekly quests to kill each one. Click here for a Guide on Dendrome Weeklies.

Note: These are obsolete since Nightmare Tide and you will rarely hear anyone refer to them anymore.

General Open World Terms:
Res = Reserved
This is often used when a person announces that they are looking for members for a DRR (Daily Raid Rift). i.e. “LFM DRR 1 res 1 roll” which means that 1 of the items from the Chest gained after completing the DRR will be reserved (kept by the lure opener) and one of them will be rolled on by the raid.

Anchor was an old term that involved someone from a specific shard being used by the requester to jump to that person’s shard. Think of them as a ‘link’ that allowed a person to go from Shard A to Shard B. It is now obsolete because you can hop to a different shard on your own by right-clicking your portrait and choosing “Teleport to Shard”.

Tagging involves contributing to something so that you are eligible for the rewards from that something. I.e., tagging zone events involves contributing to the zone event’s objectives in order to be eligible for the rewards you gain when the zone event is completed successfully.

Banner = Guild Rally Banner. You need a Rally Banner bought from pressing ] -> Services or from a Guild Quartermaster NPC in the various cities. Rally = using a Rally Scroll to teleport to a placed Banner.

Shard Abbreviations
When looking for anchors or if there is a cross-shard event/group activity you’ll often find people use abbreviations for the shards.

Seastone (also referred to as the PvP shard)
DW = Deepwood
GB = Greybriar
Laethys (also referred to as the Oceanic shard)
WB = Wolfsbane


Dungeon Currencies
Plaques of Achievement
These used to be referred to as dungeon marks back when Level 50 was the level cap. The Level 50 dungeon gear they provide are now useless other than for cosmetic purposes as Level 51 quest gear is often better.

Slayer’s Marks = Empyreal Slayer’s Marks
These are the dungeon marks for Level 60 Expert Dungeons and Level 60 Expert Gear. They are also used for Tier 1 Level 60 Raid gear as well as for Coruscating Ethereal Shards (craft material) used in high-end recipes.

ACMs = Abyssal Crusader’s Marks
These are the dungeon marks for Level 65 Expert Dungeons and Level 65 Expert Gear. They are also used to purchase Abyssal Crusader Accelerators used to upgrade a lot of Level 65 gear.

Classic RIFT Dungeons:
AP = Abyssal Precipice
UCR/LCR/CR = Upper/Lower Caduceus Rise
CC = Charmer’s Caldera
DD = Darkening Deeps
DSM = The Deepstrike Mines
IT = The Iron Tomb (Generally when players refer to Iron Tomb, they are referring to Return to Iron Tomb, the Level 65 Expert Dungeon)
LH = The Fall of Lantern Hook
RotF = The Realm of the Fae
RD = Runic Descent
FC = Foul Cascade
KB = King’s Breach

x = Expert Mode
Some people will include an “x” in front of a dungeon’s acronym to differentiate between Normal, Expert and Master Modes which are levels of difficulty. i.e. “LFG xKB”. However, it is generally assumed that you are referring to the Expert version of a dungeon unless you state otherwise.

MM = Master Mode
Master Mode was a level of dungeon difficulty briefly introduced during pre-Storm Legion that was harder than Expert Mode and contained more bosses and greater loot. To date there has only been a Master Mode for Darkening Deeps and Caduceus Rise.

MMDD/MDD = Master Mode Darkening Deeps
The Master Mode version of the dungeon Darkening Deeps.

MMCR/MCR = Master Mode Caduceus Rise
A Master Mode version of Caduceus Rise that combines both Upper Caduceus Rise and Lower Caduceus Rise dungeons.

Storm Legion Dungeons:
= Archive of Flesh
GF/Foundry = Golem Foundry
EC/Emp Core = Empyrean Core (Generally when players refer to Empyrean Core, they are referring to Return to Empyrean Core, the Level 65 Expert Dungeon)
Exodus/Storm Queen = Exodus of the Storm Queen
SBP = Storm Breaker Protocol
ToS/Tower/Shattered = Tower of the Shattered
UB/Boneforge = Unhallowed Boneforge
RotD = Realm of Twisted Dreams
RtD/RtDM/RD/RDM = Return to Deepstrike Mine

Note: You may have heard the term ‘Dummy Foundry‘ which is not actually Golem Foundry, but a copy of the instance on the Public Test Shard that contains a whole bunch of sophisticated Dummies for parsing. Click here for a guide to access the Dummy Foundry on the PTS.

SLE/SLED = Expert Storm Legion Dungeons

There’s various terms used to describe Expert Storm Legion Dungeons (Level 60 Expert dungeons). SLE, SLED/sled.

Nightmare Tide Dungeons:
Citadel = Citadel of Insanity
GM/Glacial Maw = Glacial Maw
GF/Gyel = Gyel Fortress
NC = Nightmare Coast
EC = Return to Empyrean Core
IT = Return to Iron Tomb

NTE/Experts/Randoms = Expert Nightmare Tide Dungeons

There’s various terms used to describe Expert Nightmare Tide Dungeons (Level 65 Expert dungeons). NTE, Experts or Randoms are general terms used for them.

General Dungeon Terms:
Randoms = Random Dungeon Experts
When someone says “lets do some randoms” they usually mean queuing up via the LFG window (“i” hotkey) and selecting to join an Expert dungeon via the ‘Join’ button as opposed to selecting which dungeon you wish to queue up for (which doesn’t give you the Random daily bonus).

The Support role for dungeons is different from the Support role for raids. In a dungeon the Support role generally will be filled by someone who has a dps spec but also has a heal spec. Generally the ‘support’ will be in a full DPS spec by default. If the Healer requires help with healing, the Support player will then either go full Heals or a Heal/DPS hybrid to help them out. i.e. The Support role in Dungeons is generally not an actual Support spec like Bard, Archon, Oracle or Beastmaster.


Obsolete Raid Currencies
MoA = Marks of Ascension
Old Level 50 Tier 1 Raid currency used to purchase Pre-Storm Legion Tier 1 Raid mark gear. Rarely used anymore as pre-60 SL gear is better. This currency has been removed from the game; those who had this currency had it converted 1000:1 into platinum.

GMoA = Greater Marks of Ascension
Old Level 50 Tier 2 Raid currency used to purchase Pre-Storm Legion Tier 2 Raid mark gear. Rarely used anymore as pre-60 SL gear is better. This currency has been removed from the game; those who had this currency had it converted 1000:1 into platinum.

Infernal Marks = Infernal Marks of Ascension
Old Level 50 Tier 3 Raid currency used to purchase Pre-Storm Legion Tier 3 Raid mark gear. Rarely used anymore as pre-60 SL gear is better. This currency has been removed from the game; those who had this currency had it converted 1000:1 into platinum.

Slayer’s Marks/Dungeon Marks = Empyreal Slayer’s Marks
Old Level 60 Dungeon and Tier 1 Raid currency used to purchase Level 60 Dungeon and Level 60 Tier 1 Raid gear.

FES = Frozen Eclipse Stones
Current Level 60 Tier 2 Raid currency used to purchase Storm Legion Tier 2 Raid mark gear.

FotW = Fragments of the Ward
Current Level 60 Tier 3 Raid currency used to purchase Storm Legion Tier 3 Raid mark gear.

RICs = Radiant Infinity Cells
Not exactly a currency as much as a Relic upgrade component. The Radiant Infinity Cell is often a required upgrade component to upgrade Level 60 PvE and PvP gear into Relics. Gained in Hard-Mode Tier 1 SL Raid boss encounters; Crucia in Frozen Tempest; Regulos in Endless Eclipse; random chance from Conquest Chest; random chance from lockboxes.

Current Raid Currencies

Frags = Fragments of Horror
Current Level 65 Tier 1 Raid currency used to purchase Level 65 Tier 1 Raid mark gear.

Classic RIFT Raids:
GP = Gilded Prophecy; Tier 1 10-man Raid; Earth Sliver
DH = Drowned Halls; Tier 1 10-man Raid; Water Sliver (this abbrev. is now generally used to refer to the Level 60 version of this Sliver.)
GSB = Greenscale’s Blight; Tier 1 20-man Raid; Life
ROS = River of Souls; Tier 1 20-man Raid; Death

ROTP = Rise of the Phoenix; Tier 2 10-man Raid; Fire Sliver
HK = Hammerknell Fortress; Tier 2 20-man Raid; Water/Death (Lower HK = every boss prior to the last 3. Upper HK = Inquisitor Garau, Inwar Darktide and Akylios)

PF = Primeval Feast; Tier 3 10-man Raid; Life Sliver
ID = Infernal Dawn; Tier 3 20-man Raid; Fire/Earth

Note: Slivers are the 10-man raids. They represent an alternate reality/timeline/dimension where the element in question has succeeded/’won’. I.e., Drowned Halls involves a situation where the Plane of Water has won and taken over King’s Hall.

Storm Legion Raids:
TDQ = Triumph of the Dragon Queen; Tier 1 10-man Raid; Air Sliver
DH/iDH = Intrepid Drowned Halls; Tier 1 10-man Raid; Water Sliver
FT = Frozen Tempest; Tier 1 20-man Raid; Air
EE = Endless Eclipse; Tier 1 20-man Raid; Death

GA = Grim Awakening; Tier 2 10-man Raid; Fire Sliver
IG = Infinity Gate; Tier 2 20-man Raid; Multi-Plane
PB = Planebreaker Bastion; Tier 2 20-man Raid; Earth

BoB: Greenscale = Binding of Blood: Greenscale; Tier 3 20-man Raid; Life
BoB: Akylios = Binding of Blood: Akylios; Tier 3 20-man Raid; Water
BoB: Laethys = Binding of Blood: Laethys; Tier 3 20-man Raid; Earth
BoB: Maelforge = Binding of Blood: Maelforge; Tier 3 20-man Raid; Fire

Nightmare Tide Raids:
Rhen/RoF = Rhen of Fate; Tier 1 10-man Raid; Water Sliver
MS = Mount Sharax; Tier 1 20-man Raid; Water
TF = Tyrant’s Forge; Tier 1 20-man Raid; unknown (coming with RIFT 3.1; not out yet)

General Raiding Terms:
Parsing = Using a program or addon to record your DPS or HPS. Used to test specs and rotations. Parses are generally 5-6mins long to smooth out burst specs.

Feast = Feast of the Ghar
This is a consumable item that you place on the ground and everyone who is out of combat can eat it up till a certain time before it disappears. When someone announces “Feast Down” or “Feast Up” you should check around for a Feast on the ground. This is generally placed before a boss fight in PvE and at your team’s base during count-down timer pre-match for PvP.

Poo = Damaging AoE
You’ll hear it a lot over mumble/teamspeak/ventrilo. “Get out of poo.” Basically means get out of damaging AoE.

PP = Planar Protection
When someone says “PP up” it doesn’t mean…yea. It means the guild perk ability “Planar Protection” that increases all resistances by 30 for the entire raid.

Medic up = Medic has been summoned
When a person uses the “Summon Rescue Medic” ability, they will usually call out “Medic up” or “heal up”. Find the Rescue Medic to heal your soul.


CQ = Conquest
Conquest is a Level 65 3-faction PvP instance played out over a large map (currently Stillmoor or Steppes of Infinity). Anyone at Level 65 can join via the PvP window’s Conquest tab (press ‘k‘) and the game revolves around maintaining and capturing Extractors scattered across the map.

CQ SOI = Conquest: Steppes of Infinity
Referred to the alternate Conquest map: Steppes of Infinity. This map has different rules to CQ: Stillmoor.

Timer = Conquest 5min Timer
People will often announce Timer both in CQ and in premade channels, guild chat and sometimes in 65s chat and crossevents channels. This means that one of the objectives in Conquest has been achieved and there is now only 5min left until Conquest ends. Once Conquest ends, the participants will be rewarded with prestige, favor, experience and Conquest Marks (40 marks for losing, 50 for tie, 60 for win).

3min 66/11/15
This means there are 3min left on Conquest Timer and that Dominion has 66% of extractors, Nightfall has 11% and Oathsworn has 15%. This is relevant for Conquest: Stillmoor.

NF = Nightfall
One of the factions in Conquest represented by a Raven insignia.

Dom = Dominion
One of the factions in Conquest represented by a Ram insignia.

Oath = Oathsworn
One of the factions in Conquest represented by a Lion insignia.

Conquest Map Abbreviations:

There’s quite a lot of conquest map abbreviations. People will use abbreviations because directions by the faction leader/s have to be made fast and often.

For CQ: SOI there’s only two main abbreviations – Fort A = Fort Antapo (the Fort on the left side of the map); Fort B = Fort Brevo (the Fort on the right of the map).

The below abbreviations are for CQ: Stillmoor:

West portion of the map:
CM = Caer Mathos (left-most extractor and a teleporter. Hold this extractor and you get a teleport to CM from your base.)
SA = Southern Approach
KG = Kingsgate

North-East portion of the map:
GOS = Garden of Solace
RW = Ravenna Woods
Burl = Burlingham

South-East portion of the map:
HC = Hillcrest (This is also a teleporter. Hold this extractor and you get a teleport to HC from your base.)
BW = Briarcliff Woods
GO = Grave Outlook

North portion of the map:
TH = Twisted Hollow
TT = Thalin Tor

South portion of the map:
DE = Death’s Edge
DF = Desolate Field
CH = Crown Hill

Center portion of the map:
DP = Dark Passage
EN = Edgewood North
DC = Defiled Crater
Eye = Eye of Regulos (center extractor of the map; this is also a teleporter. Hold this extractor and you get a teleport to Eye from your base.)

WFs = Warfronts
Warfronts are the main objective-based PvP instances in Rift. You can access them via the PvP window (default key “k“).

Specific Warfront Terms:

Some Warfronts will have specific terms related to their objectives.

Dex = Codex
The primary flag that provides the most points to your team.

Dex+1 = Codex + One other flag
You’ll see this often, “We need Dex+1”. Basically if you hold Codex, you need one other Flag if you want to gain points at a faster rate than the other team. If you only hold Dex and the other team has the other 3 flags, you will earn less points per tick.

Black Garden = The Black Garden
Fang/Stone = The Fang of Regulos
This is the item at the center of Black Garden. The person holding the fang will provide points per tick to their team; the closer they are to the Prison, the more points they gain. However, they also take increasing ticks of damage until the Fang deals more than your Max HP (you can still survive one or two ticks with shielding and certain abilities that keep you alive even after you take 100%+ damage).

Note: Generally speaking any objective you need to carry on your person is often referred to collectively as “Stone”. I.e. the Fang might be referred to as “Stone” and the Runes in Library of the Runemasters may also be referred to as “Stones”.

The ‘Prison’ is the center area of Black Garden with all the death tendrils.

Black Garden: Domination
An alternate objective Black Garden WF with flags.
GP = Guardian’s Point
This is the point that earns the least points for those on the Guardian team, but the most points per tick for the Defiant team.

DP = Defiant’s Point
Flag that earns least points for the Defiant team, most points for Guardian team.

Library = Library of the Runemasters
Stones = Runes
The Runes that appear on the map are your objective. Hold them to gain points for your team. They are often referred to as Stones because the items from all the other warfronts that have similar hold-stone objectives are referred to as stones. You will see “grab stones” “stones stones stones” a lot because people often forget to grab them whilst being distracted by the other team or hope somebody else will grab it.

Note: Stones is also used to refer to the pick-up objectives in Karthan Ridge, Whitefall Steppes, The Battle for Port Scion and Ghar Station Eyn.

Port Scion = The Battle for Port Scion
Bridge is the middle section of the map that has a flag for respawning. It earns no points but maintaining control over the Bridge will allow your team’s respawners to respawn at the bridge which is in the center of the map instead of respawning at your base. This usually allows your respawners to get back into the action faster.

Church Boss
At the top floor of the Church across the Bridge there’s a Church Boss that rewards 100 points when killed. The Knights on the top floor also respawn and are worth 10 points each.

When players say ‘Boss’ they are referring to your team’s boss NPC found in the top-left (red team) or top-right (blue team)’s base. In Port Scion you have two ways to win – either be the first team to reach 1,000 points by doing various objectives, or, kill the enemy Boss. Killing the enemy Boss is an auto-win even if the enemy team is at 999 points and yours is at 0 points prior to killing the enemy’s Boss.

Whitefall = Whitefall Steppes
Basically someone is about to take or has taken a stone that your team has captured. They are likely either heading to your base to grab your stone, or heading away from your base with your stone.


Hope this helps out with your deciphering-of-Rift trials. Don’t worry though, you’ll pick up on it all really fast and don’t be afraid to ask people what certain terms mean if you aren’t sure.

Have any terms not listed above that you are unsure of? Please post it in the comments and I’ll try to help out (plus potentially add it to the this list!).

3 Comments on “RIFT Terminology”

  1. John
    December 6, 2014 at 3:13 pm #

    Appreciate the information. Some I had figured out and some was new. So I learned something new. Good day then.

    • December 6, 2014 at 10:50 pm #

      Glad you found it helpful! Your comment has reminded me to update the page with Nightmare Tide additions!

  2. December 12, 2014 at 6:08 pm #

    Just started the game 2 days ago, got a level 10 Rogue and a level 27 Pyro – managed to make myself about 28 Plat so far and figured I’d look up a couple guides on how to make as much as I can without messing up my leveling routine – found this site (and this guide) – have to say, this was the most useful thing I’ve read today 😛 Answered my questions before I had a chance to ask.

    Thanks, man! Keep up the useful posts, you’ve got a few.

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