Liberator (Warrior Healing) Soul

3.0 Soul Liberator Warrior Healing

IMG Source: Trion Worlds

The Liberator is the Patch 2.7 Soul for Warriors. It is an AoE healing soul with mainly Earth-based abilities to do with magnets and leylines.

Obtained: “Dream Soul Pack” from Rift Store -> Services for 5,000 Credits (4,500 for Patrons). The Dream Soul Pack provides you with the Liberator, Physician, Arbiter and Oracle souls, applied account-wide.


The Liberator comes from an alternate timeline as a Nightfall Ascended where the dragons have been defeated but the various Ascended have turned to fighting amongst themselves over what to do next.

Ganzorig the Liberator uses magnets and metal to bend auras to heal his comrades.

More information can be found on the Rift website’s Liberator post here as well as during the Runic Athenaeum Soul Quest Chain.

Soul Abilities

The Liberator soul is an AoE soul with “high sustained HPS and group/AoE heals” [r] that uses magnetic fields to heal.

  • Unlike what the lore may suggest – the Liberator is not combat-oriented and does not do healing through damage. Healing is via casting using Power resource. [r]
  • Magelo has a Soul tree builder for the Liberator soul (and other 2.7 souls) here.
  • A list of Soul Abilities can be found at Magelo.


There are guides available that may assist you in playing the Liberator spec, listed below:


Also check out the other Patch 2.7 souls:

Liberator SoulOracle Soulphysiciansoularbitersoul_button

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