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Conquest Power Feedback

Daglar has posted on the PvP Forums looking for feedback on whether players want to keep Conquest Power or remove it entirely. Check out the thread here and give Trion your opinion/vote on why it should go away or stay! Note: It’s either a ‘Keep CQ Power’ or ‘Remove CQ Power’, no middle-ground or any […]

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RIFT News Tidbits 21st January 2016

This Friday’s RIFT Livestream about Tech and Engineering; Budgie Madness Promo Week is back with new Spooky the Nightmare Budgie; A Look Back: The Planes of Heroes of Telara; weapon vfx bug to be fixed in next patch so you can use weapon wardrobe vfx on off-hand slot; and Mind of Madness Progression with new Dark Genesis kills. Zither over at The Fires of Heaven guild has also posted up raid guides for Lady Justice and Dark Genesis.

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RIFT News Tidbits 19th March 2015

Trion has brought back Budgie Madness Promo Week with Frosty, Umbral and Ashen budgie mounts; RIFT has new ‘Tales of the Deep’ lore on Valeri and Vladmal Prime; A look back at HK models; Anti-cheating measures and group scaling info for IAs in 3.2; Apotheosys gets World First Mechanical Tyrant Hard Mode; Twinmoon discovers Planetouched Wilds location; PTS/Live updates information and more!

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RIFT News Tidbits 24th December 2015

Phase 3 of Fae Yule has begun; Temporal Flux Promo Week is back with the Black Empyreal Walker Mount; Phase 3 Fae Yule has a reward bug for Guardians; Free 7 days of Patron time for those who log in between 24th-27th Dec; and congrats to Khalim’na on World 3rd Lady Justice! The Fires of Heaven also have also uploaded a kill video for their world first Lady Justice kill! Be sure to check out Kiwi’s “Rift Community Discord 5th Year Celebration!” – 5 contests taking place in January to kick-start the year! Don’t miss out!

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RIFT Live Datamining for 13th May 2015

Datamining for RIFT 3.2 Hotfix #6 show Nightmare Squirrel Mount, Fairy Costume, Backpack models and a Western Hat skin. Some possibly slated for Summerfest whilst I suspect the Nightmare Squirrel Mount might be introduced with a new artifact type.

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RIFT Live Datamining for 25th March 2015

Datamining for the latest Live update shows some interesting files: more Crossbows; a possible new race, mob or disguise, ‘Sylph’; more Wings and an ‘Air Horse’.

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RIFT News Tidbits 22nd-23rd March 2015

Small tidbits of information with recent datamining. Twitch compromised so be sure to reset your password. There’s also dimensions, a sculpture and PvP videos from the Rift community!

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RIFT Live Datamining for 10th December 2014

Datamining of the Live client for RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #9 shows a new hoverbike mount skin, rig and icon! There’s also a new Fire Thresher Mount skin.

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RIFT News Tidbits 9th October 2014

Three Promo Events; PTS Update with new models; Livestream tomorrow; Another hotfix (#13) tomorrow; Cleric Inquisitor changes; Warrior Liberator changes; further Minions info + more as part of the RIFT News Tidbits for 9th Oct 2014!

Patch Highlights

Listed below is a Patch Highlights Archive: Patch 3.2: Echoes of Madness Patch 3.2 Release Notes T2 20-man: Return to Hammerknell Tier 1 Nerfs. Most bosses either 10-15% hp or damage dealt drop. Some mechanics tweaked. Nightmare Rift VIs Added. Also two new Nightmare Seal tiers. Major Wardrobe Overhaul. New collections system, dye buckets and […]