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PTS Update Currency Conversion Feature Image

PTS Update: Currency Conversion

Latest PTS Updates (3 in last 3 days): Storm Legion currency converted to plat; Old world gear/rewards now Void Stones; Rogue Riftstalker Rift Guard reverted to old %-mitigation; Jolt Mount added; Pet Skin: Khadlig; Underwater Mount Training plat option; 3 new 155% Crabnarok mounts (plat-only); New Regulos and Usukhel Warfront Announcers; Credit Pack Patron Bonus Sale; The Wilds NPCs re-population program successful; Ice Zerker Proc adjusted; 9th Bank Vault; Primal Leather wardrobe set.

PTS Update Cleric Shaman Changes Feature Image

PTS Update: Cleric Shaman Changes

Cleric Shaman soul got a few damage buffs to various abilities, a shield buff to Glacial Shield as well as across-the-board mana cost reductions on the PTS. Check out the full list of changes here, and be sure to send feedback to Red Hawk!

PTS Update + Datmaining for 30th Sept 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update + Datamining for 30th Sept 2015

PTS Update and Datamining for past three days includes an update to the Welcome Window with info on next Livestream; Primalist Calling Pack on PTS; 6 Primalist Cape skins; variety of icons in data files including a new snake-themed 2-handed staff; Fire Budgie and Ash Strider-type mount icons; Cyclone and Tiger mounts now have swimming animation files; Warrior Tempest soul buffs; Primalist Typhoon soul up on PTS; Boase previews ‘Crystalline Scale’ item; New Planetouched Wilds Quests; Mind of Madness Raid Testing on-going; Crafting Rift Lures BoA.

Warrior Tempest PTS 3.4 Changes Feature Image

PTS Update: Warrior Tempest Changes

Warrior Tempest soul gets a few damage and a shield buff whilst turning Focus Fire from raid to personal buff on the PTS. Check out the full list of changes and start parsing!

PTS Update Crafting Changes Feature Image

PTS Update + Datamining: Crafting Changes

Latest PTS Update adds Improved Dream Orbs recipes from trainer; crafted gear upgrade cost reduction and mid-tier removed; Rogue Bladedancer changes; On Planetouched Wilds: Shal Korva repopulated and quartermaster relocated, new dailies, and architecture updated; new Welcome Screen when you log in; Fire Budgie Mount skin found; more Planetouched Wilds BGMs; Boosts compacted.

PTS Update + Datamining Warfront Announcers Feature Image

PTS Update + Datamining: Warfront Announcers

New warfront announcer sound files with 60+ lines each for Regulos and Usukhel; Crafting Achievement additions for the Lucky Fortune Bundles as well as new ‘Crystalline Scale’ reward for “The Wild Hunt”; Patron’s Artifact Tracking tooltip now adds the new artifact types; Wardrobe Dye tooltip up; Artifact Set Linking in Achievements; Primalist ‘Energy’ Bar updated; Primalist Berserker abilities and damage numbers updated; Wilds banner skins overhauled; two new wardrobe sets; possible new dimension underneath Harrow Crypt.

PTS Update + Datamining: Discs

Disc-based building blocks for dimensioneers are now available under RIFT Store -> Dimensions -> Building Blocks on the PTS. There’s also new achieves; REX as own AH category; possible extension of Crystalline Lifters; Planetouched Wilds flag skins; a 5th PTW wardrobe discovered, and a few other tidbits.

PTS Update Wilds Wardrobe Feature Image

PTS Update: Wilds Wardrobe

Latest PTS Updates reveals 4 new wardrobe sets; a ‘Random’ Wardrobe button; Act II Planetouched Wilds quests now available for testing; Dimension tiles preview; Minion Card: Spirit Kite updated; Essence upgrade tooltip; PTW Carnage quests now give Shal Korva rep; and Rhaza’de Canyons back on LFG.

PTS Update Rune Stat Changes Feature Image

PTS Update: Rune Stat Changes

New tier of runes have had their stats adjusted down; Tooltip adjustments; Dancing Yeti; Primalist’s Maul wardrobe item and Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials for Poison, Burning and Nightmare artifacts available on PTS RIFT Store.

PTS Update for 4th Sept 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update for 4th Sept 2015

Latest 1.46GB PTS Update makes shielding abilities only absorb 85% of incoming damage; Mage Harbinger changes; Primalist crafted weapons, Rune Amender cost adjustment; New set of weapon models; Planetouched Wilds achievements expanded, Rhaza’de Canyon achievements up; Planetouched Wilds artifact set rewards added; and further UI improvements.