The Artifact List


The Artifact List is a list of artifacts that reward interesting books, titles and items other than those Caches that contain healing/mana pots and some stat scrolls.

Want to know what artifact set to go after for a particular title? Which artifact sets have teleport items? Check out the Artifact List below:



  • Each Artifact Set has a Comment that includes all the Artifacts in that set.
  • Select and Highlight an Artifact name in the Set you are interested in, CTRL+C to copy and then CTRL+P into your Artifact window in-game.
  • Access the Artifacts page via Character Window (Default key “C“) and select the Artifacts tab.

Would love to hear about any artifact sets not on the list with interesting rewards. Just throw a comment below with the Artifact Set name and/or at least one of the names of the artifacts in the set!

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