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PTS Update + Datamining 22nd-23rd Jan 2015 Feature Image

PTS Update + Datamining 22nd-23rd January 2015

Further Rogue Marksman changes are in, including the removal of Decoy. A few Warrior Reaver changes have also popped up. Are you fighting The Yrlwalach? Fail-based achievements are becoming Legacy. Transcendent Chests have had stat adjustments (improved from previous version) and Ghar Essences get an upgrade cost reduction. A whole bunch of other stuff as well.

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Guide: Arclight Ascendancy Promo Week

The Arclight Ascendency Promo Week has begun! Learn all about this Promo Week and how to obtain that Arclight Rider Mount! (It can swim!)

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Farseer Locations Feature Image

Farseer Locations

Farseer locations have been posted up by TehJohnny. Check them out!

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Tempypants McGee Feature Image

PTS Update for 18th August 2014 – Achieves, 65 Pot, ‘Atragarian’ notoriety

~1.3GB PTS Update for 18th August 2014: New achievements; Achievement grouping changed; Glacial Maw & Gyel Fortress in LFG; a Level 65 Pot (alpha-restricted); and a new quest in Tempest Bay supposedly linking up to the Plane of Water.

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3.0 Achieves Feature Image

PTS Update for 7th August 2014 – HP Inflation + 3.0 Achieves

A large ~1.8GB update hit RIFT’s Public Test Shard on 7th August 2014 with a major change to everyone’s HP, a new GUARD ability, the removal of TOUGHNESS and new 3.0 Achievements revealed.

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PTS Update 17th July 2014 Feature Image

PTS Update 17th July 2014

New 1.1GB PTS Update: New achieves, new Auction House UI up, prelude 3.0 quests, new Rift Store sections. Also, new Patron Abilities – Experience Bonus Suppression and Bonus Charges.

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PTS Update General Feature Image

PTS Update 19th July 2014 + Datamining

The PTS has been updated with a few changes + TehFrank datamining: More Nightmare rift achievements added; aquatic-based UI.

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PTS Update General Feature Image

PTS Update 10th June 2014

The PTS was updated today with a 142mb update. Not much visible to normal players except some 3.0 achievement point increases (achieves not visible), a Nightmare I: Stage 125 achieve and Hellnest Rifts. Lake Monster re-model.

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Squirrel Feature Image

Planar Squirrel Rancher Achieved in NA and EU!

It has happened. The Planar Squirrel Rancher Achievement has been achieved by both a player in the North American region and a player in the European region of RIFT. They got the achievement less than an hour apart from each other as well! (EU was ahead by 52min 8secs).

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PTS: Nightmare Coast Dungeon Achieves (3.0)

A new 265MB update has arrived on the Public Test Shard (“PTS”) for 22nd May 2014. The main new change is the addition of some Nightmare Coast Dungeon achieves. This is likely a 3.0 dungeon. It is found on the PTS under Achievements -> Dungeon. This doesn’t seem to be all the quests and some […]

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