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Rift Reforged Anniversary Livestream Feature Image

Rift Reforged Anniversary Livestream This Thursday

Rift Reforged Anniversary Livestream on Thurs 3rd Sept at 7:30PM EST. They will be joined by Trion Guests Captain Cursor, Darkmoon, Gingers and CM Ocho! Also various giveaways including Patron Passes, 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider Mounts and The Wilds Pack! Be sure to tune in!

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Livestream Summary: Testing and Planetouched Preview

Trion talks about testing in RIFT and provides sneak peek at the Planetouched Wilds. Check out Callweddi Village and the numerous dimension/puzzle/artifact vendors and Pentomino Puzzle in this special area of the upcoming zone!

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Livestream Summary for 14th August 2015 Feature Image

Livestream Summary: 14th August 2015

Trion holds a Primalist Livestream revealing a whole bunch of new information about the upcoming 5th Calling. There’s a broad range of tooltips compiled and additional information on how various souls work.

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Livestream Summary: 31st July 2015

Latest RIFT Livestream has devs and players testing out the Assault on Bronze Tomb warfront on the PTS. There’s also some additional information on upcoming conventions and other tidbits. Keep an eye out for announcements during Gamescom next week (August 6th)!

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Livestream Summary 24th July 2015 Feature Image

Livestream Summary: 24th July 2015

Trion held their latest livestream, showcasing the Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront. Check out what the new Assault Mode is like, a preview of each room and the various traps, jump pads and cannons you can use to your advantage!

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Livestream Summary for 10th July 2015 Feature Image

Livestream Summary: 10th July 2015

Trion takes a look at Intrepid: Gilded Prophecy, explains Easy/Hard Mode, shows off some sweet loot (including Eyes!) and talks about upcoming Conventions and future content. Primalist announcement some time around GamesCom!

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Livestream Summary 26th June 2015 Feature Image

Livestream Summary: 26th June 2015

Trion shows off the Planar Crafting sub-system in their latest Rift Livestream, revealing some extra information including the kind of loot that will drop and crafting station dimension items!!!

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Livestream Summary: 12th June 2015

Latest RIFT Livestream reveals lots of 3.3 info: Nightmare Saga questchain; Intrepid: Gilded Prophecy; Account Banks; Silver-tier Loyalty; Tarken Glacier IAs; Planar Crafting Rifts and more! New Easy Mode option, and new gear!

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Livestream Summary 22nd May 2015 Feature Image

Livestream Summary: 22nd May 2015

CM Ocho joins CaptainCursor, Sound Designer Jason Clark and Environment Artist Anthony Reis to talk about Sound and Voice Acting in RIFT! They also reveal some upcoming Warfront Announcers!

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Livestream Summary 24th April 2015 Feature Image

Livestream Summary: 24th April 2015

Latest RIFT Livestream adds tidbits of information without much details: ‘dinosaur’; ‘skywhale’; new PvP additions; new 5-man dungeon/s; more items to buy with Lucky Coins; Wardrobe additions including Favorites; new profession and more!

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