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Tales of the Deep The Runebound Feature Image

RIFT: Tales of the Deep – The Runebound Article

Trion reveals some lore on one of the bosses of Hammerknell Fortress – Vladmal Prime, and links it up with Valeri Prime (which you meet in the chronicle) as we draw closer to Tier 2.

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Citadel of Insanity Article Preview Feature Image

New Lore: Citadel of Insanity Dungeon Preview

Trion adds a new article on their RIFT site about the upcoming Citadel of Insanity 5-man dungeon!

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Tales of the Deep Picnic in Draumheim Feature Image

RIFT: Tales of the Deep – Picnic in Draumheim Article

Trion posts a new Tales of the Deep lore piece “Picnic in Draumheim” exploring the ability that progenitors have to create and even re-shape what exists in the Plane of Water. The lore also seems to suggest that the nightmares are endless – you can ‘kill’ them, but as long as a progenitor dreams the nightmare up again, it will be reborn. Follow Max the bogling with a mallard mask and Oliver, the mallard with a bogling mask on their brief adventure at the Landquarium in Draumheim!

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Lady Glasya Feature Image

RIFT Posts More Lore + Part 2 of Exploring Goboro Reef

Trion has posted two articles taking a look at the lore behind the Tree of Gyel and its subsequent conversion into the metal-laced Gyel Fortress. A quick peek of Gyel Fortress’ inhabitants is also shown off as well as brief mentions of some of the new NPC factions/races in Nightmare Tide.

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Goboro Reef Feature Image

New Lore: Goboro Reef Preview + Akvan Tiroyogo

New lore and preview posts added to the RIFT website: One introducing parts of Goboro Reef and the other on lore surrounding Grenk and Akvan Tiroyogo.

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General Feature Image

News Tidbits: Reaver, Alert Tabs and further 3.0 Lore

News tidbits for 9th July 2014 – Summerfest Capture Them All re-enabled (but Friendship Bracelet issues); a potential Toggle-able ‘Alert’ Tab as a future milestone; Warrior Reaver changes with details next Monday (some teasers for now); and a few more RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide lore tidbits.

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RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Feature Image 2

New #TideLore + Further 3.0 Lore Tidbits

With some of the latest tweets by Trion, it seems as though they may be using a new hashtag for lore-related posts: #TideLore. There’s also information about the Akvan as well as different moons in the sky of the Plane of Water.

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Tales of the Deep Feature Image

RIFT Lore: Tales of the Deep: Imaginary Threats

Trion has posted a lore piece for RIFT’s 3.0: Nightmare Tide expansion called “Tales of the Deep: Imaginary Threats” in the form of a report by Empyreal Alliance’s Naval Defense Force Commander Blaith.

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Captain Cursor Feature Image

Trion posts RIFT Behind the Scenes: “Underlord of Lore Captain Cursor” Article

Trion Worlds has posted a “RIFT Behind the Scenes: Underlord of Lore Captain Cursor” Article going over Captain Cursor’s role in RIFT and what it is like writing for a game and shaping the world of Telara.

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Runic Athenaeum Guide Feature Image

Guide: The Runic Athenaeum

The Runic Athenaeum houses a large amount of Soul-based questchains, the entrances to the Tier 3 Raids, Hero’s Unrest Rift Lures and more! Check out our guide and walkthrough to all the quests involved with the Runic Athenaeum here!

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