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Q&A with RIFT Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher

We recently asked RIFT Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher a few questions relating to the upcoming Patch 2.7 and 3.0 content. Daglar was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few of those questions for us.

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Last minute 2.7 Soul Changes

Class devs Vladd and Kervik have posted a few last-minute 2.7 soul changes prior to their release on May 7th next week. These will go out with the next PTS update. There’s a large amount of Liberator changes included.

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Intim’s 2.7 Soul Bundle Giveaway

Rift Livestreamer and Youtuber Intim has a 2.7 Soul Bundle Giveaway on his youtube channel currently underway. There is a 2.7 Soul Bundle for NA and one for EU – so two bundles are being given away. Update 05.02.14 – Intim will add a 3rd 2.7 Soul Bundle to the giveaway if his Youtube Channel […]

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Locked in – May 7th for Patch 2.7

We’ve been getting teasers by Daglar over the past few weeks – first that a June prediction was way off, then that it would hit in the ‘early May’ and finally that it would hit in the first week of May – but not set in stone. Now with an official front page announcement on […]

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Daglar announces 2.7 Soul Pack Cost!

Daglar has announced the 2.7 Soul Pack Cost in a thread on the Rift Forums. 2.7 Soul Pack Cost 4500 credits patron. 5000 credits non patron. Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 30th APRIL 2014 REX (Rift Exchange) provides you with 1,250 Credits. So that’s effectively 4x REX for those looking to buy the soul packs […]

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Speculation: Mage Tank Gear

It’s speculation time! Topic at hand: Patch 2.7 launch and the effect of the new Mage Tank soul, Arbiter to the Rift economy via crafting. Potential profit stocking up craft mats that Mage Tank crafted gear would require (if they become available). If you’re planning on selling Coruscating Ethereal Shards, Infinity Cauldrons or Dreaming Stars […]

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3.3GB PTS Update (April 2014)

A huge 3.3GB update was put on the PTS today, although most are inaccessible 3.0 Content data. However, a few things of note: Some 3.0 Teasers. Lots of UI Improvements slated for 2.7 are up on the PTS now. New Referral Rewards + Ascend-a-Friend. New Runic Athenaeum quests.

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Livestream Summary 25thApril2014 Feature Image

Livestream Summary: 25th April 2014

Trion had their 25th April 2014 Friday Livestream Extravaganza where they showed off some new dimension items, the Obsidian Ki Rin mount, talked about lore and shared some information on 2.7 and briefly, 3.0. Click here for a replay of the 25th April Friday Livestream Extravaganza video on twitch.tv. Summary: 3.0 Information 2.7 Information New […]

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Reminder: 1 day left The Lost Nug Contest

Just a reminder that there’s just a little over a day left to submit your entry for ‘The Lost Nug Contest  – Final”s 2nd Prize draw. Entries close 1PM PDT on 26th April 2014 [Countdown]. 2nd Prize Draw for screenshotting yourself next to all 3 correct NPCs is a random draw of eligible entries in […]

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More News Tidbits – Arbiter changes + others

Some more news tidbits: Daglar reaffirmed that 3.0 is slated for this year. [r] Arbiter Changes: Deadly Shards now affects all Air & Water abilities; bonus from Raging Flood to affect all abilities; Charge drains will proc Arcane Shielding and Shielding Ward at or below 25 Charge. [r] PvP temporary enchants to work for both […]

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