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General Nightmare Rift Feature Image

Nightmare Rift Changes Incoming

MikeD posts information on a number of changes to Nightmare Rifts. Read them here and prepare for them before the hotfix this week.

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PTS Update 1st Oct 2014 Feature Image

PTS Update for 1st October 2014

Full-detailed, high-res maps. Lots of model and placeholder changes; a ton of new NPCs in Draumheim city; Octus Monastery can now be entered; Old dailies Exp removed; New Level 65 Relic Weapons, Earrings, Synergy Crystals and Notoriety gear; Cobalt Crabnarok Supply Crates; Deathbound Steel Bundle; New Achieves; Savant Dream Orbs and more! A ton in this 1.74GB PTS Update!

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PTS Update 30th Sept 2014 Feature Image

PTS Update for 30th September 2014

New achieves, models, Planewalker: Water Attunement item restrictions with latest PTS update. Dream Walker also gets new upgrade to Level 65 dungeon gear.

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PTS Update 26th Sept 2014 Feature Image

PTS Update for 26th September 2014

More Masteries changes, Minions UI updates, Nightmare Rift additions and two new Raid Rifts.

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General Nightmare Tide Feature Image

MikeD teases Nightmare Rifts – ‘Behind the Scene’ look

MikeD posts a screenshot of what the devs see for a Nightmare Rift. Tons of mobs, and it looks like Nightmare Rifts will have quite a few objects (interactable upgrade nodes and the like). I spy a Lord Alrak.

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General Feature Image

News Tidbits 9th August 2014

Reaver on PTS next week; Auction House Listing %/Duration changes + ‘default price settings drop-down’ + Loyalty item that includes Buy Order Slot Extensions “under consideration”; Great Hunt Rift drop rates for greater essences have not been changed.

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QA With Daglar Feature Image

Q&A with RIFT Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher

We recently asked RIFT Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher a few questions relating to the upcoming Patch 2.7 and 3.0 content. Daglar was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few of those questions for us.

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PTS Update – New PvP gear/mounts, Bindings of Maelforge + other stuff

PTS has been updated with a whole bunch of new PvP gear related to the release of Conquest: Steppes of Infinity. Estimated ETA on the new Conquest is next week (12th March 2014), dependent on the QA team giving the OK. Summary: New PvP Gear: Conquest Capes with CP – upgradeable to Relic; Warlord’s Conquest […]

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News: Patch 2.6 is here!

Patch 2.6 is here on Live shards! (8am ST 12th February for NA, 2am GMT 13th February for EU.) Rift 2.6: Dream Weaver Patch Notes. Here’s a quick summary of major additions: Dream Weaver Craft Profession. Check out the Guide: Dream Weaver. Unstable Artifacts. Check out the Guide: Unstable Artifacts. Bounty System. Air Saga Storyline. […]

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PTS News: New Essences from Bloodfire Raid Rifts

There are new essences up on the PTS. They are dropped from the new Fire-based Raid Rifts “Bloodfire Incursion” and “Hell’s Insurgents” coming to Patch 2.6. 2 upgrade paths costing a Coruscating Ethereal Shard for the first upgrade and a Radiant Infinity Cell for the second upgrade. Final upgrade creates Relic essences that are better […]

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