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Livestream Summary 9th May 2014 Feature Image

Livestream Summary: 9th May 2014

Trion had their 9th May 2014 Friday Livestream Extravaganza where they showed off the Bindings of Blood: Laethys encounter (mechanics and some loot) coming to Live shards next week! Raiders mainly from Trinity@Grebriar and Addiction@Greybriar assisted in showing off the new boss.

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Runic Athenaeum Guide Feature Image

Guide: The Runic Athenaeum

The Runic Athenaeum houses a large amount of Soul-based questchains, the entrances to the Tier 3 Raids, Hero’s Unrest Rift Lures and more! Check out our guide and walkthrough to all the quests involved with the Runic Athenaeum here!

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QA With Daglar Feature Image

Q&A with RIFT Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher

We recently asked RIFT Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher a few questions relating to the upcoming Patch 2.7 and 3.0 content. Daglar was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few of those questions for us.

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Some Updates

Just some updates: Added -Vendetta-‘s BoB: Akylios Kill Vid to the Akylios Kill Vids page. Added Trinity’s Irauga World First Kill Vid (Mini-Boss prior to BoB: Akylios) to the Akylios Kill Vids page. Dead Simon has stated that catching thieves should be a lot more reliable, even in water now. Next fix will be to […]

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Bindings of Blood: Akylios Kill Videos

Congratulations to Trinity on the Greybriar (NA) shard for getting World First Tier 3 Raid – Bindings of Blood: Akylios! Also congrats to Choo Choo (Brutwacht, EU) for World 2nd (EU first) and -Vendetta- (Greybriar, NA) for 3rd place (NA 2nd). Also grats to <Crayons> (Faeblight, NA) for getting BoB: Akylios down. Congratulations also to […]

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News Tidbits: PvP Healing composition, Unstable Nets + Itemization

A few news tidbits: Dead Simon is aware of certain issues with Unstable Artifact Thieves appearing under rocks, ice and in other locations unreachable by nets. Also aware that nets are not working properly in places like over water. Changes will be made. [r] PvP: Daglar will re-open task to try to better balance healers […]

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Bindings of Blood: Greenscale Kill Videos

Congratulations to -Vendetta- on the Greybriar (NA) shard for getting World First Tier 3 Raid – Bindings of Blood: Greenscale! Also congrats to <Crayons> (Faeblight, NA), Trinity (Greybriar, NA) and Addiction (Greybriar, NA) for getting Greenscale down as well. Congratulations to Nefarious (Laethys, NA) for getting Oceanic first kill on BoB: Greenscale! World 1st: -Vendetta- […]

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Runic Athenaeum – How to access + Tier 3 Raids

So RIFT 2.6 Hotfix #14 is out. But you’re wondering – how do you access the Tier 3 raids? Below is full map and info on accessing the raids and the Runic Athenaeum containing: Runic Athenaeum location and porticulum. Where the Bindings of Blood Tier 3 Raids are located.

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Livestream Summary 11th April 2014 Feature Image

Livestream Summary: 11th April 2014

The livestream showed off the Tier 3 Raid Encounter – Bindings of Blood: Greenscale encounter. A few questions were also answered in regards to 2.7 release date, souls, reaver changes and Unstable Artifact Thieves.

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New PTS Update + Datamining

A new ~120mb update has hit the Public Test Shard. There’s some achievements added, new ’tiles’ and promo images. The rest is likely Tier 3 raid refurbishments and soul changes. Summary: Further Bindings of Blood achievements added. Refurbished Hammerknell Fortress textures for Bindings of Blood: Akylios. Bindings of Blood: Greenscale loading screens. New White Squirrel […]

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