Upcoming Rift Events

RIFT has a constant variety of events, contests and other notable additions to the game coming in. Here at RiftGrate we have added and will continue to update an unofficial RIFT Calendar of all the major Rift-related events, contests and additions below. Events are shown in PST/PDT (North American Server Time).


Start Time Event Name End Time
Jan 25th 2016 Wardrobe Wednesday’s Ultimate Wardrobe Challenge* 12pm PST Feb 21st 2016
Jan 8th 2016 Cozy Cottages 2 Dimension Contest 12pm PDT Mar 18th 2016

Contests are sorted by end time.

*Note: Entries in Wardrobe Wednesday’s Ultimate Wardrobe Challenge are judged on a weekly basis on Wednesdays, with entries closing for each week on the previous Sunday. Please refer here for full details.

Got an upcoming contest or event? We want to know!


Start Time Event Name End Time
Dec 9th 2015 RIFT 3.5 Launch: Patch Notes + More Info N/A
12:01AM ST Feb 12th 2016 Call to Arms Event + 3-day Free Patron 11:59PM ST Feb 14th 2016

Events are sorted by start time.

CD = Countdown Timer
TC = Time Converter
NA = North American Shards
EU = European Shards
ST = Server Time (PST/PDT for NA; GMT for EU)

Recurring Events

The calendar excludes the following which may interest you:

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