Guide: Daily Raid Rifts

Daily Raid Rifts (“DRR”) refer to the Level 60 Daily for Raid Rifts. There are currently 3 Level 60 Raid Rifts – Crucia’s Chosen, Undying Hunger and Mutant Progeny. Each day the daily quest will randomly pick one of the Raid Rifts to complete.

Ensure you have the quest by speaking to Gemma Arforan <Raid Rifts> NPC at Tempest Bay at [13133, 11514] upstairs via the left staircase.


450 Infinity Stones
119,070 XP
140,100 PA XP
1 plat 4 gold 11 silver
700 Torvan Hunters Notoriety

2x Chests with one item each from a loot table.
Each Raid Rift has its own loot table and will drop either gear or raid-quality Lesser Essences of that element type. I.e. a Death Raid Rift will drop Death Lesser Essences.

Group Makeup:

15+ Players
1 Tank
1 ST Healer
1 AoE Healer
1/2 Support
Rest DPS

Of course you can change it up, add healers/etc if you are having trouble. The more gear you have and the better your players, the less people you’ll need.

How to Join:

Post a “LFG DRR class roles”, replacing ‘class’ with your class and ‘roles’ with your roles.
i.e. “LFG DRR Cleric Heals/DPS/Tank” on your CrossEvents channel.

How to Create:

Ensure you have the lure for the current Daily Raid Rift. To make sure you have the correct quest, Abandon your current Daily Raid Rift quest and accept the quest again from Gemma Arforan in Tempest Bay at [13133, 11514].

Post a “LFM DRR” on your CrossEvents channel. You can add qualifiers or more information such as what roles you need, the number of people in your raid (if you are posting multiple times) and/or your loot rules.

i.e. “LFM DRR 1 res 1 roll 13/20 LF 2xHeals/1xTank/DPS” would mean that you are looking for members for a DRR and you will reserve one of the chest loot (there are 2) for yourself and the other will be rolled on by the raid. There’s currently 13 people out of a total of 20 in your raid and you are looking for 2 Healers, 1 Tank and rest DPS.

raidrifttear Once you have your raid, head towards a Raid Rift tear in the specific zone that the Lure is attached to. The Raid Rift tears look like skinny Orange portals (as opposed to the normal Rift tears which are Blue) on the main map.

Crucia’s Chosen can only be opened in Steppes of Infinity and Mutant Progeny and Undying Hunger are opened in Ashora.

Pop your Raid Rift Lure by right-clicking it in your inventory whilst you are near the Raid Rift Tear. Once that’s done, move out and use a PA Summon ability associated with the element of the lure to summon everyone over there. If you don’t have the Summon or your Summon is on CD, ask if anyone else in the raid has it. Otherwise your raid will need to manually get to you (you can use a guild summon banner for guildmates).

Important: Make sure you Convert your group to Raid by pressing “Y” and clicking Convert to Raid. Also, make sure your raid is set to Private and that you make yourself Master Looter (if the loot is not going to be all free rolls).

Completing the Raid Rifts:

Below are guides on the specific Raid Rifts themselves.

Crucia’s Chosen [will update with link once guide created]

Undying Hunger [will update with link once guide created]

Mutant Progeny [will update with link once guide created]

The Loot:

Just going to remind you again – make sure you are absolutely clear when forming the raid what your loot rules are. Do not change them at any point unless all party members agree or you may end up losing players. If the Raid Rift is completed and you change the loot, you are likely to be ‘blacklisted’ and accused of fraud in public channels. You don’t want to make a bad name for yourself as it will be a lot harder to find players willing to join your future group activities.

Make sure you have Master Looter on you before starting on the Raid Rift and proceed one at a time with the loot. Link the loot in raid chat so people can see it (some people might have autoloot on by default and therefore may not be able to see the loot without changing their settings back and forth).

“[linked item] Roll” is a good way of asking for people to roll on a specific loot. You may wish to qualify this with “Class-only Roll” or other.

“[linked item] Auction min. bid 100p GO!” would be used if you said it would go up for auction. Make sure to keep true to whatever min. bid you mentioned. If you don’t mention a min. bid it is usually implied there is none so be careful again when recruiting players.

“[linked item] Reserved.” would be used when you’ve mentioned you are reserving an item.

If someone wins a rolled-on/auctioned item, make sure to mention who won in raid chat.

As always, thank those who have come along to help out.

For everyone, make sure to collect your Quest Item from one of the 2 Chests before you leave or else you will not be able to complete your quest.


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