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Livestream Summary: Multithreading

Latest RIFT Livestream showed off the multicore support addon as well as in-game performance differences between it and normal mode. Red Hawk also teased some upcoming soul changes (some potentially hitting PTS as soon as next Monday); Call to Arms event happening again next weekend with some adjustments; Gingers mentioned Patron UI changes coming to PTS soon; and next RIFT Livestream will be next week with info on 3.6 content.

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Livestream Summary: RIFT in 2016

Trion held their latest Friday RIFT Livestream on 5th February 2016, talking about RIFT 3.6: Celebration of the Ascended, some further tech talk, about recent additions/changes to the game as well as other additional content tidbits. Click here for a replay of the 5th February 2016 RIFT Livestream video on Legend: Black/Normal Text = […]

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Livestream Summary 22nd Jan 2016 Tech Talk Feature Image

Livestream Summary: Tech Talk

Latest RIFT Livestream talks all about engineering and tech in the game. Stream goes over roles, bug & code testing processes as well as info on big engineering projects in 2015 and 2016.

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Livestream Summary: Puzzles, Quests and Lore

Trion holds their first RIFT Livestream for 2016! Captain Cursor, Dead Simon and CM Ocho briefly went over some info about lore, puzzles and quests. Some tidbits to speculate on, including a ‘possible’ journey to Ghar Station Prime. Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman makes a guest appearance as the company celebrates their 10th Anniversary!

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Livestream Summary: Fae Yule 2015

Final RIFT Livestream for the year was held showing off Fae Yule Instant Adventures with tidbits about various other parts of the game. The Trove stream earlier also revealed more info about the upcoming Trove/RIFT cross-promo and how to obtain the Dimension Key: Peaceful Hills. Tacitus also reminded players that there’s a special dimension vendor in the Fae Yule Village who exchanges dimension items for Unique Snowflakes event currency.

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Livestream Summary: Mind of Madness Arisen Arak

Trion had an early Wednesday livestream due to Thanksgiving where they showed off the last four bosses to the Mind of Madness raid: Enigma, Lady Justice, Dark Genesis and The Arisen Arak. Check out a sneak peak at these final bosses and what it will take to down them.

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Livestream Summary 13th Nov 2015 RIFT 3.5 Info Feature Image

Livestream Summary: Patch 3.5 Overview

RIFT 3.5 Info in latest Livestream: Fae Yule 2015 with new wardrobe, mounts, Fae Yule IAs and Sparkle quest with T3 gear!; new Affinity System with previously lockbox-only mount rewards – for Patron logins and hourly play-time; PvP updated with new Tier 2-level gear (+Hit), T1 store weapons, Weekly & Conquest requirement reductions; and some crafting UI, wardrobe weapon vfx and large Planetouched Wilds dimension items. Also other info including Thanksgiving sales (Lovely Budgie Mount); all mounts to be able to become Amphibious; and more!

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Livestream Summary: Extra Life 2015

Trion held a kick-ass 24hr Livestream for Extra Life! On the RIFT end there was dino-hunting, a Q&A session and the traditional final hour Corgi Run! Check out a summary here, as well as tidbits about upcoming features and content!

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Extra Life 2015 Livestream Schedule Feature Image

Extra Life 24hr Livestream Schedule

Extra Life has begun! Trion has posted up the schedule for their 24hr Livestream. Tune in for events and giveaways throughout!

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Livestream Summary Autumn Harvest Feature Image

Livestream Summary: Autumn Harvest

Light livestream today: some Autumn Harvest info (7x Signets/etc); Tacitus working on Fae Yule IAs/gift-box-artifact zone events; Patch 3.5 teaser + more info in next livestream; Extra Life details up; The Mind of Madness article; 5th Anniversary Carnival of the Ascended facelift and another Conquest test to remove premade raids.

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