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RIFT Fae Yule Guide 2015 2 Feature Image

Guide: Fae Yule 2015

Fae Yule 2015 starts 3:30PM server on Thursday, 10th Dec 2015. Learn all about the event including quests, store items, farming event currency, minion chain adventure patterns and how to obtain all the achievements. Activities abound this holiday season!

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Arclight Ascendancy Promo Week Golden Arclight Rider Feature Image

Arclight Ascendancy Week is back!

Arclight Ascendancy Promo Week is back with the new Golden Arclight Rider. Pick it up as a rare chance drop from the new lockbox or participate in daily quests to earn currency towards an Arclight or Crimson Arclight Rider mount!

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RIFT Promo Celestial Unicorn Feature Image

Unicornalia Promo Week is back!

Unicornalia Promo Week is back with a brand new Celestial Unicorn mount. No, not a flying mount, but it has large steel wings! Unicornalia lasts from 3:30PM ST 12th Nov until 3:30PM ST 19th Nov!

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Autumn Harvest 2015 Guide Feature Image

Guide: Autumn Harvest 2015

Autumn Harvest 2015 is upon us, bringing forth new masks, animated backpacks, a Spinderella mount, new wardrobe items and more! Over the three weeks of the event there’s special rifts, Gloamwood Instant Adventures, a new minion chain and daily quests in a special Realm of the Autumn Harvest! Check out the guide with all you need to know about Autumn Harvest!

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Guide Planetouched Wilds Weekly Quests Feature Image

Guide: Reaching Planetouched Wilds Weekly Quests

Having trouble getting to the Planetouched Wilds Weekly Quests? Try going back to your home shard or relogging in order to get the Shalistiri’s Gift buff. After that, it’s easy!

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Guide Crafting Feature Image

Guide: RIFT 3.4 Crafting

RIFT 3.4: Into the Wilds introduces a whole heap of new crafting recipes. Check out a comprehensive list of what’s being added, where to obtain the recipes, their various costs and stats here! Start planning amongst your guild’s crafters as to which recipes they’ll be purchasing so your guild can craft everything day 1 of 3.4 launch!

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RIFT Mount List by Seshatar Feature Image

RIFT Mount List by Seshatar

Are you a mount enthusiastic? Just want to know where to get the Brambletail? Check out Seshatar’s RIFT Mount List spreadsheet! Everything you need to know about each mount in RIFT at a glance!

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Arclight Ascendency Promo Week 2 Feature Image

Arclight Ascendancy Week is back!

Get your Viridian Arclight Rider Mount in the latest Arclight Ascendancy Promo Week! Either that, or check out the normal Arclight Rider and Crimson Arclight Rider Mount available for event currency from doing dailies! Ends 27th August at 3:30PM Server Time.

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Notice General Feature Image

Notice: Nightmare Act III Starting Quest Location

Notice: Missing Nightmare Saga Act III quest? You can pick it up from the satchel in Stillmoor from the end of Act II!

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Summerfest 2015 Minion Guide Feature Image

Summerfest 2015 Minion Card Chain

Summerfest 2015 has introduced 6 new minion cards to obtain with a variety of attributes. The sequence has been recorded; learn how to get these new cards!

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